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  1. Also, I noticed when I do actually try and answer the questions, I subsequently end up being labelled as "media friendly" boss Mason. Which puts me in the same league as someone like Harry Rednapp!!
  2. Thanks wkd. I've got the ds8 ballpack, am using the yellow/blue one, but still it find it hard to follow
  3. I think this whole area of the game is a bit crap really. I've noticed they have re-worded some of the standard replies this year but in general, it doesn't add much to gameplay You're right to highlight the "additional text" box. How does this make any difference. If i typed in "I think stoke are a big bunch of bananas and they need unzipping" or some other such nonsense, would this effect my players morale. I don't think so
  4. The graphics capability on my laptop is fairly low and as such when I'm watching the highlights in game, I find it difficult to follow the match ball sometimes. Is there any mods out there that can enhance this.
  5. Ah ok, I didn't realise this was a bug others have picked up on too. I play the "control" mentality, with a high tempo. Will have a read through the bugs forum
  6. In my game, I'm managing Accrington in League 2, I consistently dominate possession with around 55-65 percent, and am averaging 20-25 shots per game. Yet after each match, when I check the board confidence, it says the fans are concerned that despite good results the football is less than exciting. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Am a veteran of the FM series, and recently bought FM2015 which have downloaded and installed. However, I cant seem to get any of my downloads to work, stuff like "cut out faces megapack" and "TCM logos" just won't show up. I install them into the usual folders as per instructions and as I've always done in the past but they don't work. Has something drastically changed in the new FM? Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?
  8. I'd like to add in some banners for my team (Crewe Alexandra), I've found some suitable .png images I can use, but am unsure how to set them up properly so they show up at Crewe. Can anybody give me an idiot's guide on how I might do this
  9. In FM 2014, despite the fact this was trumpeted as new and improved, it didn't work, and wasn't good enough Backroom advice - ass man suggests dropping player x as player y would be a better alternative - when I let ass man pick the team for next game he picks player x Ass man suggests offering a new contract to player x - 3 weeks after player has just signed a new contract Ass Man suggests coach x would be a great addition - coaching staff is full, and coach x is no better than existing coaches in-match advice 26 mins - ass man suggests "we should put more crosses in" In match advice 31
  10. Thanks for reply Robbo, I was hoping this would be the case, so will carry on with game
  11. I've just started a new career game with a different database set-up, and I notice my "recommended player count" exceeds the recommended limit of 75,000. Does anyone know what effect this might have on my game, apart from causing it to run slow. If its just a case of running slow, I can live with that, but I don't want to get right into a new season if it might cause crashes or errors. If anyone has advice, would be very grateful
  12. Yeah, I start if off in control mode too. I took the steam workshop advice originally because its the most popular one on there, but you know, you've all given me food for thought and I'm really gratefeful for replies
  13. Thanks dave, i will give this a go forthwith. Thus far, I've stuck to the SCT (Scholes can't tackle) advice on the steam workshop, which is switch mentality to attack, drop deeper, run at defence, pass into space, run at defence, be more disciplined. Which sometimes leads to a goal, which obviously is great, often doesn't, sometimes leads to conceding which obviously is *****!
  14. I'd like to know if anyone can recommend a good combination of shouts/mentality (i.e counter/defend) etc when you are into the last 10 or 15 mins of a match and clinging on to a one goal lead. Let's face it, the AI shots on target per goal ratio is damn near always superior to the human player, I can have 25 or 30 shots on goal and score 2, the AI will have 5 shots and score 3, etc, and I've seen this over and over over again, different levels, different tactics, it doesn't matter, I'm imclined to believe this is to keep the game challenging...I don't know for sure, it doesn't seem entirely fa
  15. Having read all the replies, in summary, you have to say, the backroom advice feature doesn't really work properly. it also makes me wonder how accurate the assistant managers in-match advice is, is this something else thats not that great. Are SI planning to improve the backroom advice for FM2015 or is the answer just going to be "well, there is no pressure to accept the recommendations of your staff"
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