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  1. I'm playing with Forest Green Rovers ,my u18 was not invited just like yours but on 3rd season on premier league my youth level became 1st and they finally invited.
  2. Thanks for quick respond.After winning first two games I thought that it would be a pushover to promote but here is the result "shame table" Mods can close the topic,sorry for posting such a redundant topic.
  3. Can you take a look at these screenshots guys ? Is there any mistake about sorting rules of European Championship ? I won the first game against Holland (2-1),won agaisnt Norway (2-0) but lost the last game against Sweden (0-2).According to rules I need to be at 2nd place.What do you guys think about this ? Did I miss something important ?
  4. Thanks for your respond mate.As you said I always take consider the level of facilities of the club that loan my player and squad status of the player for the regular first team player.Despite all,sometimes they train my promising or wonderkid player in a poisiton that is not his position.As you know training a player in a new position that he is not accomplished results attributes to drop.
  5. Some clubs that we send our promising players on loan to gain match experience and develop themselves rarely train them on their natural position in training.I mean even though those clubs have better training facilities and the player I send on loan is Wonderkid, after a while his attributes start decreasing.When the player come back to the club I realise that he is being forced to train on a position that he is irrelevant.I hate this, do u guys know any solution for this ? Is it better to keep him at the club instead of sending him on loan to gain match experience ?
  6. Is it a disadvantage to loan out a player to an non-activated league ?( e.g. to make someone eu citizen to gain workpermit for England- by sending him spain)( I unlocked everyplayer in the world with large database and including around 310.000 player)
  7. Can you give more details that you know about loaning out a player to a non-active league? Because this is what I generally do for South American players,I send them to Liga Santander to gain EU citizenship in 2 years.I only activated English leagues but playing db with 330.000 players.
  8. After a couple of days later,it has shown up in information tab now.Mods can lock this thread the issue has been solved by itself.
  9. I have a player from Argentina and sent him loan to gain EU citizenship for 2 years to Spain R.Valladolid.But as you can see there is no tab called "days to gain nationality" on his information tab below "Languages Spoken" sentece.Do you guys have any idea about this?
  10. Is it better to train players on a role that covers more attributes than focusing fewer ones.I mean, I always set my strikers training as "Complete Forward" role so that he develops all those attributes even thouh I use him as "Advanced Forward" in my tactic.I always do this to all my players(Goalkeepers are set to Sweeper Keeper,Midfielders are set to BBM,Forwards are set to CF etc.).Some disagree with this and the less attributes players are focused the more becomes his development quicker.So, what are your opinions about this ?
  11. Do we see Nothern African,South European and Mexican players like Asian in this pack ?
  12. Thanks for your answer,Turkish is my native language and I always compare phrases in the game with English and it has more or less the same meaning.To your presume about risks on mentalities,I can say that I disaragree with you.It's not just about risk in my opinion and the definition on mentalities are correct through my experience.The Best part of the game that I like most is it enables and leaves some parts unclear and this lead us to discuss for years If everything was totally clear I wouldn't be addict and Love this game that much
  13. what if we choose team shape as fluid whereas creative freedom was choosen as more disciplined ( this option also disallows roam from position option) ?
  14. Does it cost ca decrease to train a player for a position where he is accomplished? Isn't it a bad feature of the game? I have a player whose natural position is attacking midfielder and Best role is ap, I make him play on the midfielder as ap( it shows he is accomplished there-dark green) but when I train him on midfielder position as ap, his all attributes decreases despite he has been performing very well in matches.So my question is, is it better not to train a player for a position where he is already accomplished?
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