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  1. Just an addition if anyone else has this issue. The "youth team selection info" didn't appear in the drop down for my custom skin (yacs) , I had to change to the default skin, save "youth team selection info" as a custom view so that I could then edit it when I switched back to yacs.
  2. I might be imagining this, but I'm sure that before the recent update I could see appearances / goals / assists etc on the u19 squad view. Now it's just blank. I have checked, and they have played several matches this season. I've also tried it in the default skin. Thanks!
  3. Good to see you're still around the forums. Hope you're well and thanks for all your help and superb threads over the years!
  4. All the best for the future. I've really enjoyed your articles and threads over the years !
  5. I'm no expert but I don't think identical flanks is necessarily a bad thing, just here they're identical and there's no penetration. I've seen plenty of tactics with both wingers on attack duty that have worked, like anything else it depends on the other roles around them. Using that as an example you would probably end up splitting your team into an attacking unit fairly advanced and a more defensive unit deeper. In that circumstance, a short passing game might not be appropriate as your players would be a fair distance apart. I think the main reason for not making both flanks the same is to give a bit of variety, so that your attacks are a bit less predictable. For the OP, I'd change one of the inside forwards to an attack duty,the opposite side full back to an attack duty and the other inside forward to winger on support.
  6. This is what I do - there may be a more efficient way! In graphics / boxes / dialog / background change blurred val to false in paper xml Change blurred value to false in blurred xml in graphics / yacs / background / overlay
  7. I've done it on mine - can't remember what I did off the top of my head but I made a note on the PC. I'll post later when I'm on it.
  8. I posted this a while back as part of Herne's ti and pi challenge for fm18. Still works - I got Niort promoted to league one in France first season using this with libero in cd position
  9. Was about to post the same thing! I'd maybe even give the right back an attack duty.
  10. I don't think there's much wrong with your tactic. A lot is down to personal preference but I'd be tempted to change your inside forward on the right to a winger on support and put the cm a on that side or even change the cm a to a BBM if you want to be a bit more defensive.
  11. I had the same issue, couldn't see the "create your own style" button. Thought I was going mad!
  12. I've got the same issue. The end column increases in width and you can't see what is in it. If you auto size all columns , it shortens the condition / sharpness column so you only see the circles, not the numbers. I notice a suggested work around in the other thread of having those columns separate which I'll try.
  13. I guess the best thing to do is watch a few games on full. If you want your dlp to be a bit more mobile, you could move him to the DM strata and change him to a regista. I think your formation looks good though, I can see how the mezzala would move into space the f9 has left and how the left wing back should have plenty of space to attack.
  14. Thanks for the update! Skin looks amazing
  15. Also, I've never been a fan of a lone striker on attack duty (I know that they can work but I've never managed it!) I'd go dlf (s) or false nine to link with the midfield better and leave space for your inside forwards to attack.
  16. The first thing I'd say is do you really need all those TIs and PIs? General advice is that unless you can give a convincing reason for them being there, don't use them. Watch a few games on full (or first 20 mins at least) and see if what you think should be happening actually is. In terms of your roles, I'd be tempted to go wb(s) on the left and wb(a) on the right and I think you could get away with making your dlp a support duty and the mezzala a cm on attack. If nothing else I'd go with the wing backs - with the inside forwards cutting in there should be space for them to attack.
  17. Tried it again with the default skin -same issue. This is what I see when I choose to give a team talk to any subs I've made.
  18. Yes but I think it was the same on the default skin. I'll check later.
  19. I didn't play 19 but on this version it gives you an option to give a team talk and takes you to a different screen. It's just there's no option to actually give a team talk.
  20. When I make a substitution and choose to give them a team talk, there is no option to actually give them a team talk. I noticed someone else had the issue in the beta but there's no reply to say if it was resolved or not.
  21. How strange. Just checked, still the same . Also, if I choose to give team talk when bringing in subs there's not an option to speak to them - don't know if that's skin related.
  22. Thanks again , brilliant skin. I've noticed a small bug - on the staff summary page, there are two buttons at the bottom that should link to the u19 and u23 staff but actually just link back to staff summary page.
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