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  1. I love this skin, looks amazing. Just one question, is there away to get rid of the blurring effect when saving the game etc? The method described in this forum works for the other skins I've used but not this one. Thanks!
  2. I'm sure you are desperate to learn how I got on with Club Brugge! I've just finished season four - first 3 I used same tactic as with Rangers and won league each time. Season four I thought I'd try something a bit different. I was getting bored with playing the same way and Bielsa's arrival at Leeds prompted me to attempt something approaching his 3313 formation. I kept the libero, the same TIs and PIs as before. Here's the tactic : I'm still unsure I've got the right balance down the right but overall I'm very pleased - the libero is a lot more involved and we are dominant domestically. I just need to crack the Champions League! This was the highlight of the season : This was the final league table - we broke the records for wins and goals. I'm still not a fan of the way the Belgian League splits after 30 games and halves your points! Don't think I've had an unbeaten season before - I feel a bit like Jay in Inbetweeners, "Football Manager? Completed it mate!"
  3. The main issue in his attributes I can see is that his dribbling is low at 10.
  4. Thanks Rashidi. I've got to ask - what roles would you use?
  5. Thanks! I was thinking of staying at Rangers but I couldn't resist this : Still going to play the same way!
  6. Thought I'd give you an update on my Rangers save. I'm still using the same formation that I posted earlier. I've only added two players this year, both 19 year olds with an eye on the future. I've been using this since December of the previous season. This is the summary : After the drama in the final minutes of the league season last year, no such drama this time around. I clinched the league with 5 games to spare - the game tried to get me to hold a team meeting for "the biggest game of the season". I declined as I only needed 1 point from 5 games! My original plan with this save was to keep moving clubs to try to get to a big club but I'm quite enjoying being at Rangers!
  7. Thanks for the reply. Watching some of the play back, I don't think the middle is particularly crowded. The cm d tends to hold position whereas the am a pushes into the area. What I'm seeing more is the kind of invisible wall that Cleon describes where the libero just stops, despite having space in front of him. As I mentioned earlier, mine is more of an unselfish libero due to having high team work so he tends to pass rather than bringing the ball forward himself. I am trying to get him to learn some ppms to help though. I wouldn't get too hung up on the goals and assists. He tends to be the pass before the assist, like in this move : This one didn't result in a goal but plenty of times it does. He uses his high vision and passing to pick out someone in space who can then play someone else in. Because he's deeper, he's often in acres of space with time to pick a pass. I'm loath to change things too much because the tactic as a whole is working well. This is the current league table : I'm just frustrated a scrappy goal led to a 1-0 defeat to Hibs and ruined my potential invincible season!
  8. Very excited by this! As you know from me stalking / hassling you on twitter, I like to try to use the libero! This is mine : I've posted the tactic I'm using him in on Herne's tactical challenge thread. I'm in the Scottish Prem so I'm thinking around 14 constitutes a decent level for his attributes. Since I took that screenshot his dribbling has improved to 11 but still low I think. I'm hopeful he can improve it as he still has some potential left. Just for reference this is the tactic : I'm interested in your comment on teamwork - mine has 16 so he definitely falls into the non selfish libero category. This would fit in with how I see him play. He very rarely runs forward with the ball. He usually plays it short into the attacking midfielder or deep lying forward or pings it to the wing for one of the wing backs. I'm not sure whether his reluctance to dribble is due to his low dribbling attribute, his high teamwork which makes him tend to play it to teammates in better positions, his high vision which enables him to see all the options available coupled with his high decision making or just that he usually has a lot of passing options available and doesn't need to run with the ball. I've also not taught him all the PPMs yet either. Since the screenshot he's learnt get forward whenever possible. I've not picked any play making roles to avoid them drawing the ball to them which I've seen you mention in the past. Very interested in the other parts of the article as I've seen both occur. Sometimes he gets just inside the opponent's half and just stops. It doesn't bother me too much as I see it as him deciding it's not safe to venture forward at that moment. I've also given up chances to balls over the top when he has advanced and the centre backs have stayed wide, as if he was still in between them. I saw someone asked you about it on Twitter. I've considered changing duties on the centre backs to maybe cover duties but in fairness it happens maybe once every couple of games so I've decided it's an acceptable risk as the rest of the tactic is working. It is though why I opted for a centre mid on defend duty to try and offer some cover and why I've gone for higher def line rather than much higher def line. Can't wait for the next parts!
  9. Thought I'd share some examples of the libero that I mentioned above. I've deliberately not picked a player in the CDM position to give him room to move up into and included a CM on defend duty to provide some cover when he ventures forward. I've also not picked any playmaker roles, as they tend to attract the ball. This is his passing from the Cup Final : The bulk of them are around the dm area but it's the ones in the opposition half that are interesting. My libero, Dylan Slater, has 17 for vision, 16 for decisions and 15 for passing. My interpretation of this is that his high vision enables him to see all available options, his high decisions lets him choose the best option and his high passing enables him to execute the pass. This is the move that leads to a cross into the box - he receives the ball in space and picks out the wing back : What I'd like to see more of is him picking up the ball and driving forward but what he's doing at the moment is good.
  10. As soon as I got a news item saying we would break a club record if we won the next game I should've known we'd get battered. Same with Mebude - get a news item saying he's going to break the club goal scoring record, next game twisted ankle and out for the season!
  11. Needn't have worried. Back up deep lying forward scores a hat trick!
  12. Just an update to my post above. After a nine match winning streak we were top, 5 points clear with 3 games left and with a superior goal difference over second placed Hibs. I was on the verge of breaking out the brandy and cigars but FM had some shocks in store for me. First, both my first choice strikers picked up injuries and are out for the season. Then, we play Hibs away and with a point enough to clinch the title we get hammered six nil, thereby getting rid of my goal difference advantage. A late penalty in the next game beats Aberdeen and we're left needing a point from the final game, at home to Celtic. 32 mins gone, all going well - we're 2 up and Celtic haven't had a shot. Hibs are drawing 0 - 0 so we're winning the league at a canter. Fast forward to the 79th minute and it's disaster - Celtic score a third and when I check the Hibs game they've gone one nil up. Season done. I resist the urge to go all out attack and change nothing. 93 mins we equalise and Hibs concede a late equaliser! Champions! I'm in bits. Just the cup final to go - not sure my nerves can take it!
  13. I've had a go at this too. I was attracted to it as I tend not to use that many TIs or PIs as a rule anyway. Just to give you a bit of background, I normally play two types of save on FM. I start off as Leeds and try to return them to their rightful place at the pinnacle of world football then I play a lower league long term save. On FM16 I too Almancilense of the Portuguese Championship to the Champions League! This time around, I got bored with my Leeds save after 6 straight league titles and started my long term save. I couldn't decide where to start so I decided to start unemployed as I'd never done that before and see what happened. My aim is to try to get to a big club as fast as possible. Elgin City in the Scottish Second Division took a punt on me and after a couple of promotions, I ditched them and moved to Partick Thistle, then Rangers where I am now. I changed to my current tactic for the Partick game on the 16th December and the improvement has been good - wish I'd used it all year! I'm close to the end of my second season and this is how the table looks. We're predicted to finish 4th. I started off the save with a modified version of Cleon's 532 that he used with Sheffield FC, then changed to a 352 with a regista and then changed again to try to incorporate a libero. I often try to make a libero tactic work but usually only when I've got a really strong squad with world class players, so this is a bit of a departure. This is the tactic : I've only used PIs on the keeper : Nothing Earth shattering with the PIs - he's set to distribute the ball to the libero and the other two are to encourage us to play out from the back. The libero is working reasonably well. I'm not seeing him miles forward but hopefully when he's learnt some PPMs that will change. What I see often that I do like is the libero getting the ball mid way in the opposition half and pinging it first time to one of the wing backs who then crosses into the advanced forward. This is the player I'm using and I can anticipate Cleon looking at his attributes and saying that the dribbling is too low! I agree but he's only young and I'm training him on that so hopefully he'll improve. I'm pleased with the tactic as a whole and we're scoring a lot of goals. My advanced forward is leading the league in goals (and I don't even think he's that good), my left wing back is leading the league in distance run and my right wing back is joint top with assists. Looking towards next season, I reckon I need better defenders and I'll be on the look out for anyone who is better suited as the libero.
  14. I've been using a 352 that is more like the one in Cleon's 352 chronicles thread. I've got : GK Defend All 3 CB on defend although one of them has good attributes for passing and vision so I play him as a BPD D. Both wing backs on support (I found teams were sitting back and having a wing back on attack left me vulnerable to counter and also made the final third a bit too crowded.) MCR - CM A MC - DLP S MCL - RPM S. Originally I had a CM S but I liked the idea of a second playmaker to attract the ball. ST R - CF S ST L - AF A. I have tried CF A but I think it left the attack a bit blunt with occasions where no one was up front because both strikers were roaming too much. Playing standard fluid with higher def line and close down more. It's worked well (I've won back to back prem titles and had a run of 49 games unbeaten as Leeds) but it is difficult sometimes to say whether it's the tactic or just because I've got a really strong squad. I think sometimes you reach a point on a save, particularly in England with the money available in the prem, where you can win with pretty much any sensible formation. I've decided to change next season to having the cm a in the am strata to see if I can really smash teams!
  15. I like the sound of that. Can I just check I've got the basic idea? Ideal players for role are likely to be playmaker types that can be retrained to sweeper position. Works best if there are no playmaker roles below the AM strata so that libero will advance up the pitch.
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