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  1. I play in full screen mode but I’ll give this a try later.
  2. Hi @Abdullah Patel. Yes, it happens at every team talk - pre match, half time and post match. I've had the issue in the beta too but I saw that someone else had posted it so thought it might have been resolved by the full release. I'm using a custom skin now but the screenshot I posted earlier was from the standard fm skin. Thanks
  3. Hi @Abdullah Patel. Just checking you got my file. Thanks
  4. Hi Abdullah. I've uploaded the save game file, the name is "Simon McNally - Leeds.fm". Thanks
  5. Unless I'm being incredibly stupid / blind there appears to be a player missing from the team talk screen. It all looks lovely and symmetrical, but there are only 17 players on that screen and starting 11 plus 7 subs equals 18 players! For me it's the player in the MC position (I'm playing a deep 4231 with a shadow striker as my main striker) who is missing. Thanks
  6. As the title says, I can’t see the images on some posts in the forums on my iPad. Older posts, like the training guide from last year , are fine. Some newer posts, like Rashidi’s recent post, I get a link for some images and a blank space for others. I can view them all on my iPhone. I’ve tried different browsers on my iPad but still have the same issue. My iPad is old (iPad 2) and won’t update beyond iOS 9.3.5. I’m just puzzled why some images are ok but others aren’t! I understand it may be my elderly iPad! It’s just easier to view than on my phone. Th
  7. Thanks for the reply. I don't have a second graphics card. I do have some custom graphics so I'll try without them. Oddly enough it worked fine yesterday!
  8. Hi. I've had this error several times recently. I've updated the graphics drivers manually, deleting the old ones first. I've attached my dxdiag and my crash dump. Thanks DxDiag.txt GPU_info v20.4.4.1442341 (2020.11.01 00.01.04).gpudmp
  9. Good to see you're still around the forums. Hope you're well and thanks for all your help and superb threads over the years!
  10. All the best for the future. I've really enjoyed your articles and threads over the years !
  11. I'm no expert but I don't think identical flanks is necessarily a bad thing, just here they're identical and there's no penetration. I've seen plenty of tactics with both wingers on attack duty that have worked, like anything else it depends on the other roles around them. Using that as an example you would probably end up splitting your team into an attacking unit fairly advanced and a more defensive unit deeper. In that circumstance, a short passing game might not be appropriate as your players would be a fair distance apart. I think the main reason for not making both flanks the s
  12. This is what I do - there may be a more efficient way! In graphics / boxes / dialog / background change blurred val to false in paper xml Change blurred value to false in blurred xml in graphics / yacs / background / overlay
  13. I've done it on mine - can't remember what I did off the top of my head but I made a note on the PC. I'll post later when I'm on it.
  14. I posted this a while back as part of Herne's ti and pi challenge for fm18. Still works - I got Niort promoted to league one in France first season using this with libero in cd position
  15. Was about to post the same thing! I'd maybe even give the right back an attack duty.
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