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  1. strike partnerships

    I actually use two advanced forwards in my 4-3-1-2 formation and it works a treat. Both have split mentalitites so the AI cannot keep a consistant defensive line and both dovetail with each other.
  2. The OP doesn't prove anything other than the fact that there are somtimes freakish results on the game which we all new already. If this kind of score was a regular occurance you might have a point.
  3. Idea: Give Instructions to a Sub!

    Good call and it should be in the next game, would make a cracking option.
  4. "Holidaying"

    in 10 yrs + of playing FM/CM i've never used it(i'm aware it may not be in earlier versions) its for slackers, not real managers who live and breath football like myself. PS: it is good as a laugh for seeing how a game plays out in the future but i've never tried that.
  5. The Big Interview!

    When you've won a game by such a close margin but have still won it would be best to tell you side in the dressing room that you were not happy with the performance, i wouldn't do it when asked by the press i would simply refuse to answer the question. Most players on the game respond the way you described when criticised in the press following a win, i think they shouldn't but they do.
  6. I'd like to have the option to fine players for this as well as speaking to the press. I'm not saying it would go down well with the player, but fining him should be an option for despot managers like myself.
  7. Is fm this year easier?

    I find it easier in the sense that I can actually get me side to play exactly as i want them to. I've always dreamed of playing my alltime favourite FM/CM formation 4-3-1-2 in the correct way, with forwards who go into the channels in the correct way without me having to instruct them to cross often. Now I can do exactly that with the new wide play instructions. I love the game!!!!!
  8. This could possibly be the best version of FM ever, so I disagree. High scoring strikers aside I think it excellent and there is still far more room for improvement with player interaction.
  9. Away Form - SO ANNOYING

    Who are you playing as?
  10. I've never used them..........sorry...............
  11. Does the Press Hate You?

    Every journalist in Holland hates me and i'm proud as they are all W***ers.
  12. I play have different formations my main one 4-3-1-2 as well as 4-3-3(mourinho style), 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-2-2 I have at least 3 different varieties of each of these formations and Iam looking to perfect a 4-4-2 but haven't managed it quite yet. This for me is how the game should be played, players should be constructing many different formations for many different scenarios and yes should have a prefered one but at the very least you should have a couple of different varieties of your favourite formation that are built to cope with different situations. I also reguarlarly tinker with tactics if I feel they are not working. As for the diablo tactic, sometimes I dispair about the future of FM as a game when I hear things like this. What possible pleasure could somebody derive from a game where their only responsibility was to move players into position on a grid and then sit back on watch as they beat everybody? It just ridiculous!!! Football manager for me is 90% cerebral its a game of tactical as well as organisational thinking and thats why i love it. Yes it sometimes has its tactical faults, and there are times when it feels unfair but this only serves to make the times when you finally fine your tactical rhythm and triumph all the more sweet.