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  1. still in beta :(

    you have to relaunch steam
  2. On first impression, very impressed with the new ME, only played a match versus resevres to test out one or two things but first impression is it looks far more robust and realistic. Also very happy that split screen now doesnt resize! Good work SI!
  3. anything? either way, would be good to know...
  4. Tv View?

    Still wondering why this has changed, no real answer yet unfortunately. To me the fact that the highlights play behind a new and improved Overview screen that we want to use is a bug.
  5. Is it possible this is a bug? Not sure why else they would provide the new Overview screen layout when the highlights play behind it rather than automatically appearing on top?
  6. Couldnt agree more, dont see the logic behind taking this away, I've been using this setup for years. This will be a massive turn off if I have to manually keep clicking the pitch tab or have a stats bar cover the actual action. Any feedback on the thinking behind this change?
  7. I'm having real problems with setting this up, have checked the in game options and also preferences. The options seem to be: - watch in overview mode and manually click pitch when a highlight appears behind the widgets - watch in pitch mode and have match stats box cover a section of the highlights screen - watch in split mode and sacrifice highlight space Is there no solution here? Is there really no way to watch the stats and then the highlights as and when they appear without some sort of sacrifice?
  8. On the Overview screen during a match is there any way to remove some of the default boxes, and say have only 2 or 3?
  9. I have played this for a good few hours now and although I initially wanted to play FMC, I've found myself back and playing FM. No bugs to report that have not been noted here but some constructive feedback: - Match Engine (-ve) - the only major irritation for me is the new "Overview" screen where you no longer have an overview, more you are bombarded with information. In an effort to play like I have previously, I changed to split screen (forcing me to sacrifice some screen space for highlights) but after making a sub / change, the resized window defaults and I have to resize once more. Really hate the new in match overview / highlights setup - the players look like they are floating / ice skating across the pitch - crosses into the box seem to float and swerve wickedly (regardless of weather) - tackles are few and far between and when they do occur, its more like a collision - players often seem to stop and trip over the ball before continuing on - most of the goals I have seen so far come from a wicked floated cross to the far post and an extremely tight far post finish - Match Engine (+ ve) - bursts of pace / acceleration looks good - long shots look more realistic - User Interface (-ve) - it can be difficult to select on a player / club, you have to really be precise, it seems like the clickable area is extremely small - the same as above for the 'i' beside a players name - User Interface (+ve) - found it difficult at first to navigate around, but after changing most defaults from Hover to Click, find it much easier and cleaner to use - like the new search box which helps you to auto-complete - addition of pop-up box when you click a player on the tactics screen is welcome - I like the shaded squad screen
  10. My Critique of FM10 (long post)

    Totally agree about the perfect crosses, this happens far too much! The winger / full back drills a wicked curved cross right across ther 6 yeard box for the waiting striker to tap it into an empty goal!
  11. tactics screen?

    yep I am having the same problem- I can make changes when the 3d engine is on showing a highlight, however during the game (split view) the tactics tab is greyed out
  12. FM10 with Windows 7

    Checked this out the other day and am ready to go! I've heard it can be difficult to upgrade an OS, does any1 know exactely what is involved? Do I need to backup everything I currently have on my laptop? Does the new OS completely overwrite?
  13. Had a feeling it might be, thats why I wanted to quickly check here once I came across it! Cheers
  14. Just come across this on youtube <snip> and wondered if anyone had seen it and given it a go? Wouldnt mind doing it myself!