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  1. Installed latest update and it appears that injuries are not reported in news anymore. News filter is set to club. Playing in vanarama national. I can provide save game if needed.
  2. After starting new season (after winning MLS), I have now been drawn for the 1st round of NACL. So not sure if no NACL in 1st season was a bug or by design.
  3. So I finished season with FC Dallas, and haven't played any NACL games, even though when I started the game the team selection screen showed that FC Dallas are competing in NACL. In fact the competition was not played at all. I've re-attached a save file I used to report MLS supporter's shield bug. If you holiday for a day to skip the crash and then finish the season, you'll see that NACL appears on season competition summary scree along with a winner, but if you go into NACL it will come up with a message "this competition hasn't started yet". Cheers Simke_FC_Dallas_Game_Crash_fm
  4. Some further info: - Holidaying for 1 day got past the crash. - My team still won while I was holidaying, and as a result we won MLS supporter's shield. Going to a news item about winning the shield and tapping the details button (where you see the new graphics / screen for important news items) crashed the game. - Since this new news screen would have shown after I won the match, I suspect that is what crashes the game.
  5. Hi, I've got to a match where the game keeps crashing at the end of the match. After the match is finished, selecting to continue crashes the game - I can see results of couple of international matches being calculated, and then the game just crashes and drops back to iOS. In all instances my team won the match. Running on iPad Air 2 with latest iOS. Save game is attached. Cheers Simke_FC_Dallas_Game_Crash_fm_save1.dat.zip
  6. When you say for future games only, does that mean new save has to be started, or future seasons in existing save?
  7. Transfers and finances are green, others are yellow, hovering around or just below 50%. Few unhappy players due to training regime, but I don't see why they are not happy with matches and competitions given that I'm exceeding expectations set at the start of the season.
  8. Playing in Poland, won the cup and got promoted at the end of last season. Expectation for this season is mid table finish. Half way through current season I'm in 1st place, semifinal of the cup, and also qualified for europa league 1st knockout round by winning the group. Yet the board confidence is "the board feel that you should be performing slightly better in your role as a manager". Am I missing something or is this a kind of a bug? Last 10 games performance is WWWWDWDLWD, so not a bad run at all. Confidence bar hasn't gone green during the first half of the season at all.
  9. Sorry if the OP was confusing - Player announced he is going to retire from playing football at the end of the season. Offered staff role to player, he accepted and retired from playing immediately and became scout - as expected. When the season finished, I got a message saying that the player retired from playing football, even though he was not a player anymore but a scout. Scout gone from my staff and from the game. Hope this clears the confusion
  10. Ok I've uploaded a save to FTP just before I finished another season. Its just after the last season game. Once I progressed to new season the issue persisted (although its correctly showing cup results). Uploaded under fm/game-save/Simke_Manager_History_Bug_fm_save2.dat
  11. Yes it does, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about my scout retiring at the end of the season, as if he was still a player.
  12. Done. Uploaded to fm/game-save/Simke_Scout_Report_Sorting_fm_save1.dat Behaviour is slightly different this season. Going to player details screen and then going back to list page won't change the order, but the Age sort is not right - sorting by age will now not sort by age, just seems like a random sort. Check sorting by other columns as well. You can also use the save I uploaded to investigate loan history bug that I raised here - I have two players that are loaned out at the moment, but loan club is not showing in their player history.
  13. Unfortunately no save. You can try to reproduce it by offering staff role to retiring player.
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