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  1. Great job. Could you post your team? Have you used the same tactic every season?
  2. Thanks for both of your hard work. @solounamigo would you now recommend your home tweak for home games and Nuernberg away tactic for away games? Or would you go with one tactic? Thanks!
  3. Hey TFF, any chance you could give us a couple of player traits which you think really help/hinder players. For example, both my IWBs have 'get forward whenever possible' and I'm wondering if this is bad for Gladiator V1. Thanks!
  4. Does this mean the filter used for both CMs should be the same now?
  5. I would also love some preferred moves, felt they really made a difference in last year's and I see certain moves my players have that I sense work against the tactic Edit: updated filters too if possible! One of my favourite parts of the game is finding players using your filters TFF!
  6. Would you mind posting the links of those two here? New to the site and struggling to keep up with the location of all your great tactics!
  7. Hey Knap am I right in thinking strikerless is still best performing of all your tactics to date for 19.3 or are you working on an update? Haven't seen any more work on the strikerless
  8. Well done with the latest tactic, can you just confirm it has the latest exploits?
  9. Great stuff! Can you let us know media prediction for your team when you show the final result.
  10. A tactic with the most updated exploits would personally be great, looking to destroy the competition by any means necessary!!
  11. Great work! I guess you would have mentioned if you changed anything from the two formations posted but I'm just so surprised that your away tactic is so attacking (only RCM has different role compared to home tactic I believe) but so solid defensively! Did you tweak mentality or anything?
  12. What's your latest thoughts on this formation Knap? Is it the highest points scoring you've had so far?
  13. Looks impressive. Do you think you could do a test with the projected last place team?
  14. Would love to see more of the strikerless test, looks very promising! Also, what does p106/107 mean? Thanks!
  15. Just trying your tactic now, won my first game in what feels like forever using your home tactic against the 3rd place team 2-0...then lost 4-1 away to the 17th place team!
  16. 6 losses in a row...if these tactics are working for anyone else please do let me know but TFF I think an update needs to be made (if you can be bothered of course!). Also pointless if people post that they won the league with man utd because almost any tactic with a top team will work.
  17. So before the patch I came 5th in my first season in the bundesliga with SC Paderborn. I made a few upgrades over the offseason and began the new season with the latest conqueror and shield wall tactics after 19.3 and it's been a disaster. After 18 games I'm in 15th with only 3 wins, no matter whether I switch up the mentality or even try the new Avenger my team just either doesn't score or scores but then concedes a tonne. My main striker has gone from top 18 goals in 29 games last season to 1 goal in 15 this season. The new throw in exploit doesn't seem anywhere near as effective as before. These patches just frustrate the heck out of me, takes all the fun out of the game when one minute your team is rock solid then you can't buy a win no matter what you do,
  18. Hi everyone, was hoping someone could explain month to month contracts to me. Specifically, I don't understand...1) why some player (and staff) contracts expire then they leave the club with immediate effect while some stay on month to month contracts, is there a way to see on the players' contract screen whether they will stay or leave?? and 2) what is the benefit or incentive to re-sign players to usually more expensive contracts when they'll stay on a month to month contract on their current wage? Hope someone can help because I've not come across this month to month contract in other leagues so am quite confused!
  19. Hi everyone, I'm looking to add new playable leagues from a league megapack but I don't want to start a new save game. Is it possible to load in new leagues (outside of the ones FM already allows you to play) without starting a new career? Thanks!
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