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  1. So I started a brand new game (TBL Rosters). I am in 2030. Here are the star/superb/very good players in the 15 years I've simmed for the FIRST round: 4 2015 3 2016 2 2017 0 2018 0 2019 0 2020 0 2021 (1 in 2nd round) 0 2022 0 2023 (1 in 7th round) 0 2024 0 2025 0 2026 0 2027 0 2028 0 2029 0 2030 I don't know the solution, but this is crazy. It's not the fact there are no good players in the first couple picks, but there are NO good players ANYWHERE. I still love this game and I will still continue to play this (1,200 hours counting!)
  2. Does anyone have an idea why I am getting this error message when trying to import a shortlist that i have previously saved?
  3. Dude, calm down. Your wishlist idea made no sense, he was asking you to clarify what your incoherent sentences were asking.
  4. Is there a way to loan prospects back to European leagues after we sign them like in real life? If not, this HAS to be a feature.
  5. That is not true, you have to be cap compliant at the start of every game.
  6. Will EHM:EA work on Windows 10, or should I hold off installing Windows 10?
  7. I started a new game and now I'm one of the people that are unable to sign some (1/3rd) of their prospects. I uploaded the file under "konnan511cantsignprospects". I thought this was fixed? P.S. The unhappy Board bug is still in. From the same save file, can you also look into how to please the board? Won the cup the first year, making tons of money, in the second round of the playoffs in second year and the board is extremely unhappy. Please fix this...
  8. I've noticed it also signs staff for you. I took a two month break and came back to 7 new Scouts on my team.
  9. Update: All leagues enhanced and max database size: 1.) No star players. 2.) Everyone is a great leader. 3.) It's super easy to get in the HHOF. I've included the Mental Attributes of the top three pages of players in my game. I've also included the top 3 draft picks of this upcoming draft. Lastly, I've included the HHOF players with lowest point totals.
  10. Board confidence is way off. I won the Stanley Cup and finished the second season in 2nd. After I was knocked out of the playoffs in the SCF, I was sacked.
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