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  1. I;ve noticed on the original FM 2019 database that virtually all African countries have -1 set for transfer preferences for all regions, apart from Africa. That seems daft to me.....
  2. mattcanary

    Creating Intercontinental Club Competitions

    But of course clubs in such a league would be unplayable for a human manager
  3. mattcanary

    Competition next stage won't be created

  4. mattcanary

    Creating Intercontinental Club Competitions

    So this is a way that you could set up a superleague? Choose specific teams for the intercontinental competition, and then remove their league details under the club section of the database
  5. mattcanary

    Wonderkids from minnow nations

    Wouldn;t think it is that outlandish. Scotland have a huge football heritage. And remember Croatia, (a very small country), got to the World Cup Final this year.
  6. Hello, is there any way you can get the league to programme games for Boxing Day, New Years Day , Easter May and the first bank holiday in May? Tried adding these dates to the fixture dates, (under schedule), but no games get programmed for these dates. Is it because I also completed the match days part of the editor, (adding Saturdays at 3.00pm and Wednesdays at 7.45pm)? Thanks very much.
  7. mattcanary

    FM2018 TV fixtures

    Hello there, Hoping someone can help... How do you set TV dates for the league in a new league system please Thanks very much
  8. mattcanary

    9 games in 1 month?

    That's not extreme at all - 2 games a week. Championship clubs cope with that for much of the season.
  9. Removed info about AVG Anti-virus installed on computer. It hasn't been in fact - just put onto my desktop in readiness for being installed, (I've recently bought the desktop computer so am not totally au-fait with it).
  10. I've also found Football Manager 2011 won;t load. I have downloaded it from steam but when I try to open the game from my Windows 7 desktop, nothing happens. My computer is old - a Dell Optiplex 780 is old but should meet the requirements of the game, according to those advertised by the makers, I believe. What is going on here??!!
  11. Thanks very much. Can I also add the FM2011 editor to my computer through Steam? Only I can;t seem to locate it on Steam!
  12. Inspired by an earlier thread on this part of the forum, I believe that every player should have an entirely random potential ability stat, (except that obviously, it should be at least equal to his current ability). This would mean that it would be less predictable to tell who will be the stars of the future, in the game, (combined with scouts and coaches having far less clue of what a#each player's potential ability level is). SI researchers won;t really know a player's potential ability so this would be entirely realistic. Only a few players in each game should have a really high potential ability level, but there should be a lot that have moderately high level, (but it would be unusual for this to be reached). Additionally, I think two new hidden attributes should be introduced - "love of the game", and "ability to learn". High stats in these levels would mean, (together with other positive factors already in the game), that career progression and high levels of performance in the short-term are more likely A player with a high love of the game would be more likely to eat, sleep and drink football regardless of their level of determination or professionalism levels. They would be more likely to stay in the game at an older age, regardless of their level of pay or career progression,. Conversely a player with a low attribute would be more likely to look for opportunities outside the game when things don;t go that well for him, perhaps be more motivated by money, etc. Certain Mental stats also should be far more volatile for some players than they currently are, perhaps dependant upon how you as a manager, the club's supporters, etc treat the player. I believe determination never changes throughout a player's career? Well, if true I really don;t think that should be the case at all. Furthermore, I believe that determination and teamwork should be hidden stats.
  13. Good morning, I have a copy of Football Manager 2011 on CD, with the Steam Code. Recently bought a new desktop computer that does not have a dvd/cd drive so need to load the game on Steam. However, I cannot locate Football Manager 2011 on Steam. Can anyone tell me where to find it please?@ Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. mattcanary

    *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    Have the option whereby clubs are less likely to appoint a foreign manager and staff, even if the club has a high reputation
  15. mattcanary

    New players

    Hello there, If I wanted to create a new league of 32 teams (2 divisions of 16 teams each) with corresponding reserve and youth leagues, how many players would you recommend I add to the database? This British league would replace the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish leagues. 32 new clubs would be formed to make up the league. No relegation from the second division. There would also be other non-league clubs added to the system so that an FA Cup could be played with a decent number of rounds. The idea would be to remove all real players from the game and make up my own British players and then for the game to generate some fake international players (or perhaps I would need to make up some foreign players for the game as well). I would just be having the new British league as active - with a squad wage limit and a limit of 3 non British players (excluding Irish) in the matchday squad. I'm thinking mybe 4000-5000 British players. Would this be a realistic number. Would the computer be able to generate it's own foreign players in addition to these British players, so that foreign players can be brought in to the league in limited numbers, and so that European and international competitions wouldn;t have too many greyed out players?