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  1. You have a lot of TIs effecting passing. What type of passing game are you looking to create?
  2. I got some great advice suggesting only a team mentality change to Defensive. Almost instantly the results have been amazing. Almost won the league from midtable at halfway point. Previously my midfield seemed to play piggy in the middle. Instead of the campy high press i intended to set up it was more open,too open. They would lose the ball high up the pitch too often and be on the wrong end of a fast breaking counters in the early transition. Looked like piggy in the middle. Thats the reason i created this thread, i thought my midfield was set up as fault. *This will be super obvious to those already aware of the in game consequences that mentality effects offensively and defensively but i had a lightbulb moment* Switching to "defensive" encourages my team to promote the ball to midfield quickly then take a much more probing campy offence. Quickly up, slowly and more patient once there. More attacking moves the ball slower up field and more risky faster passes when there. As a result my defensive record has improved hugely, conceded much less and key highlights wise there's less frantic rushing back to defend break aways. Offence has vastly improved and my league leading possession rate has increased 4+%. One hand washing the other. Kept the midfield base on stock TIs as LCMs - CMd - RCMs .
  3. I play 2 up top. CFs + Treq. Same combo should also work from AMC. If im dominating games against poorer teams but being wastefull I lower tempo, tonne of shots with low shots to target i add work into box.
  4. When your team has the ball the HB will drop back into the defensive line so it looks like this D - HB - D. He will help out in the passing game from here. Think Steven Gerrad in his latter years at Liverpool. Unlike an Anchor a HB will additionally spread your D line wider and also reduce distance between the midfield and defensive lines (closer together). Out of possession he will step up and sit in the DM position and defend from there, d line will pinch in and distance between mid and d lines will increase. Anchor will sit in the DM role at all times and be less expansive in the passing game. Without ball With ball MC - MC MC - MC MC - MC MC - MC HB A CD - HB - CD A CD - CD CD - CD CD - CD
  5. Interesting ideas on having 2 holders in mid. My only concern about that, hence opting for a hybrid RCM, is that if the 3 man base of the tree was a denfensive triangle (like a 41221W) it would be common practice to just have 1 D role with 1 support and a more advanced role (DMd-B2B-AP). Does having 2 AMCs in place of AML/AMR in said 41221W dictate having additional defensive support or is more based on the campy high press system I want to play?
  6. Need help tweaking the midfield in a 4321 xmas tree. I want to play a high press campy system with the 2 AMCs given the job of unlocking defenses and the base of the tree to me provide defensive solidity, maintain/recycle possesion and feed the AMCs. Flanked by attacking FBs giving width and out balls. Fluid, blanced, High line, play wider, close down more, play through middle, prevent GK short dist As its stands its set up CFs Treq - RAMCs LCMs - CMd - RCMs CF Mark tighter. RAMc hold position, More risky passes, shoot less, mark tighter. Thinking pivot creator. Treq - stock PI's LCM - Roam (runner) CMd - stock (holder) RCM - Tackle harder, less risky passes (additional defensive support) Currently doing very well possession wise but have a somewhat blunt attack that cant mitigate my 10th best defense. Conceded 49, scored 51 last season. If it turns into a shooting gallery I opt for work ball into box during game but start games without it. Up to now struggled getting the lone striker going. Tried AF and CFa (with the 2 AMCs both on support duties. 1 as a roaming runner, dribble support and the other as holding Pivot creator) but find he often gets too isolated. has few touches and makes little impact. Since making change to support role and having a Treq behind I have generated a little more goals but i havent played enough of a sample size yet. Do i need 2 holders in mid or is one enough? Should I set both wider CMs as runner supports? Should i set up the RCM to move into channels and give him roam while making the LCM behind the treq the 2nd defensive support? Any suggestions or improvements to the system. Other than shape and high line high press Im open to all ideas. Thanks in advance.
  7. Personally im really drawn to lone wide men formations from a squad building perspective. I have a similar 4132 winger-less set up on a 10+yr save . I play Flex balance, high press high line high tempo with play through middle and play wider. CWBa on both sides with a DMd b2b - AP or CMa - b2b mid set up. Box to box midfielders are great if they have space in front to run into coupled with a defensive lynch pin behind. I wouldnt really use CWB unless you have pretty special fullbacks though. My view is that crosses are both a great asset in attack and the bane of your defensive system. As a result i would caution against sitting deeper and inviting pressure due to your defensively soft wide spots. Personally i think i higher line is essential in such cases. The best way to defend the cross is to stop it before it comes in.
  8. Commentary only with goal replays. Interesting results so far
  9. Spanish clubs always do that in real life too. Just unsettle him first, then you'll get a more realistic price.
  10. Considered exactly that as well as BWMs DLPd BWMs. Do you find the BBMs do enough in all phases of play?
  11. Feature Request - tactical visual feedback In short, I think it would be good for the series if we had some more "out of game" visual feedback on the tactical side of things. No doubt steps towards this are taken each iteration but perhaps a bigger leaps could be made. Obviously the biggest change since back in the day *champ man 96 crew representin' holla* is the 3d match engine. However as someone who never has, likely never will (old dogs new tricks and all that), watch in game action of the match engine I feel at a disadvantage when it comes to setting up and tweaking team tactics. For the last 3-5yrs ive been playing with community tactics but made the decision to reclaim that joy for myself in FM15 onwards. Common advice on tactics forums from experienced players is to watch games to get a visual feel and adjust from there. If you dont its more a case of suck and see until you become more experienced. So for players like me its a slower process of dialing new tactics in. 1. Although i understand why you got rid of with ball/without ball tactics layout, it would be nice to have a purely attacking and defensive visual tab that shows you how your team line up off the ball and how different roles and duties change this. The current system seems somewhat of a hybrid compromise which i feel really limits the visual feedback of the different roles offensive and defensive duites. Maybe keeping the current layout as the default and only editable screen but offering visual feedback tabs for the Off/Def. 2. Stretching things out further perhaps you could use the match engine to render some gifs/mini clips giving visual representation of how certain team/player instructions would translate to in game. Fifa used something similar to what im talking about in there tactics screen. youtube "FIFA How To Make A Custom Tactic" if you need to see a video of what im talking about. Having more visual feedback of what your tactics look and perform like out of game reduces the need to have nuanced knowledge of the ME or spend the time it takes to watch in game action of the matches.
  12. mind blown. For years Ive always ignored regens with low Det for that reason. Can you walk me through making it rise 15+ in a short space of time via tutoring. Is it a specific kind of tutor you look for to do this or will any senior playing with high Det soup-up a youth players Det??
  13. Interesting idea. Would an AM triangle not be overly attacking given we have 2 up top and only 3 in mid. Would playing an AM triangle not lead to even more space in a pretty sparse 3 man mid? Vice versa with the DMC while playing 5 defenders on top of that. Partly the reason i like the idea of lone wide men formations is it mostly requires squad building of just 3 core strata positions Cds, Mcs, Fwd. Not married to the idea though, if a flat 3 isnt ideal then would change it up.
  14. Always saw someone like Baines as a great rl example of an IWB. From my understanding they should look to underlap instead of hugging the line, providing a pivot for your wingers to move more freely down the line or your indside mid players to vacate the space.
  15. As title looking for thoughts and role combinations on how to set up a 3 man midfield in a 532. Just theory crafting it at the moment. Will be looking to play a tough to beat high block/pressing game. GK CDx CDc CDx WBa WBa ?? ?? ?? 9 10 Is it generally advisable to go with a midfield triangle set up of does a flat 3 work just as well? Would you opt for more generic roles vs specialist roles in the 3? I like the idea of going with 2 BWMs so they go ball hunting alot and at times press wider offering WB occasional cover. Not sure if 2 would be provide enough creative spark on the ball and forward runs? ty
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