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  1. I was bargin' a contrat to a free agent, and this screen showed up, but the "Finish" button is disabled and i had to close the game because couldn't continue..
  2. I cant change the main tactic on training, the first configured is always the selected.
  3. First i checked the filter to not show the players that are out on loan, then when I move youngsters from 2nd team to first, the filter just vanish and I see again the loaned players on my view, but the check on filter lists keep activated.
  4. Playing the game vs my second team, starting the season, I noticed that the color kits are inverted, on 3D im using home and they away, on 2D the other way.
  5. I use to use this tool to tell a player things like he need to improve his performances to get to the team on FM18, I can't find this on the new one. Isn't no more or is on another place?
  6. I dont like classic mode, i use to play the full expierence and i like it. I love to can insult my players when they play awful and congratulate them when they do it well, but on classic mode i cant event say Hi to them. I really want to play the challenges, but if that is the only way, i just cant.
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