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  1. So you can make four substitutions in the Carabao Cup now? Tactic must be good.
  2. Carabao Cup Thriller. Salah scored four before I saved his legs in the 60-ish minute. Here's my tactic, roughly...
  3. Well I played a season when the game was released. Tried to play a Klopp like tactic but Salah got injured (I take blame for that and plus I can't post screenies because computer broke and I'm just installing FM on someone else's now) but then as usual the AI seemed to get used to the tactic toward the latter end of the season. By the time I changed my tactic it was too late to reduce the deficit in the Champion League's quarter final but I won the league with 88 points irrc. The tactic I switched to is just a 4-3-2-1 universal approach with a focus on possession and creative freedom. This is a tactic I plan to use on a new save with Liverpool. A couple of seasons ago Klopp stated that he had said a lot of bull over the years but that 'we actually play possession football' which is my approach. Want to get the transfers right this time. Thinking about signing De Light but that make take a large amount of my transfer budget. First game was just a run through, now going to play more seriously. I signed Paqueta but I noticed he has future transfer. Was there an update I missed? Does anyone else lift weights while they play football manager?? C'mon you Reds!!!!!!! YNWA
  4. Does anyone know how long it takes the board to allow you to request a feeder club after rejecting all their options? They didn't have a U.S team listed out of the four this time because of the Warriors affiliation, which I have now removed. I want to sign Christian Pulisic as my Coutinho replacement but don't want to initiate the transfer before I have a commercial link in the U.S, preferably with L.A Galaxy. Usually in my experience the board do not allow a feeder club to raise profiles in foreign countries but I'm playing with Pro's transfer update. I imagine that that it will be something like six months, although I'm hoping for less. May sign him on a protracted deal.
  5. Salah is banging them in left, right and centre since I switched to my new tactic. Was using an Very Fluid High Creativity tactic before which he was doing okay in. Now switched to flexible attacking.
  6. Only looking to sign bargains. Made an offer for Pepe Reina for £0 + exchange player (Mignolet), Strangely they wanted 3.6mil + Mignolet even though he is only worth under five million, Mignolet is worth 21mil and Pepe is 34 and Mignolet is 29 and Napoli wouldn't budge on the price. After giving up, a message appeared in my inbox saying that Reina faced an uncertain future at Napoli after a row with the manager about a dream move to Liverpool. So intrigued, I bid for him again (£0 + Mignolet) because I was still unwilling to pay an extortionate fee for a 34 year old player. To my surprise, they accepted the offer straight away! I've already assigned my captains for this season but next season Pepe will take over as vice captain. I've had him before on here for about 5-6 mil and in the second season the Brain recommended I set him as my vice captain so I did. The only thing that could prevent this would be if I start integrating Van Dijk as my vice captain as he looks like a more long term leader in the squad. Exchange player transfers are hard to get and £0 + even harder. Doubt I'll sign anyone else this season. Only other possibilities at the moment could be Arthur and that Ajax 17 year old wonderkid centre back both for about 20 million a piece.
  7. 4-2DM-3-1 Control Inspired by the tactic Cleon created in his art of possession article. The roles, duties and formation are different, but the mentality and the team instructions happen to be the same. I thought attacking mentality would be over ambitious for my Liverpool side, so went with Control, like Cleon. In terms of the team instructions, I find leaving out work ball into box and shorting passing to be more logical for the way we want to play. I want my players to shoot, and throughout the season there were quite a good amount of long shots scored by my players as well. My coaching staff tell me that most of our goals have come from crosses, although it’s a little bit misleading, because most of these have been low crosses or even passes, through balls from wide. His how the formation, roles and duties look: No extra individual instructions for players apart from the SK(D), which has: Pass it shorter, take short kicks, distribute to centre backs and fewer risky passes. The way are defence and midfield is set up we have sufficient cover. I only started using this tactic at the Arsenal match, after realising my Attacking/Flexible tactic was no longer working with the new patch update. I lost my first two matches with it, but I was impressed by the side, after hovering around mid-table during the early stages of the season, I ended up finishing third behind Tottenham and Utd. I use a lot of passionate shouts. I try vary my team talks so they don’t become repetitive. I think this tactic can win the league for me, but when I started at the Arsenal match the tactical fluidity was really low. So with a full season who knows? I train Team Cohesion on high all the time, with a least one day before the match dedicated to attacking movement. Possession is highest in the league…hopefully it will improve next season as well, closer to the 60% mark. image url 4-2DM-3-1 Control_03A14FA6-D5A4-415D-A51F-DE5D145A422E.fmf
  8. Origi scored in the first eleven seconds of my match against league leaders Arsenal. I was fully expecting to get a notification about this in my inbox that I had broke some kind of record in the Premier League for fastest goal ever, but to no avail. Robbie Fowler use to have the fastest goal ever, but in real life it was broken this season. By Mane, if I remember correctly? This is a goal by Winaldum, to complete his hattrick. I'd thought I'd upload it because he scored after dribbling from the halfway, after he tackled an opponent. Love it when attackers tackle and break up play against opposition defenders and go on to score. Unfortunately, when I saved the video, it only him showed him running from about half the way. Since I've been using this tactic against the match against Tottenham, I haven't lost a match in the league. Lost one match in the FA after fielding a weakened team, had loads of matches against Watford this season. Reduced the gap between my team and the top of the league from 12 points to just six at the moment, with about twelve games to go. I will be impressed if the team manages to win the league because although this tactic is good, I only created late on in the first part of the season, whilst I was experimenting with other tactics. Here's how the league stands. ^^ Signed Fabregas and Leko so far. It took ages for the High Tempo to be trained to accomplish, about half a season even though I had two days on match training the whole time. Yeah, Origi been playing well for me and improving in training. Is on fairly lower wages compared to the rest, he wanted to talk about wages, so I asked Kenny Dagliesh to talk to him, then after that he just wanted to focus on helping the team. Dalgiesh is set in the staff responsibilities to handle first team contract negotiations.
  9. Old scouser tommy: Thanks for the advice, I know it's early days yet with my latest tactic (IFA & WA) but I feel like I can beat anyone and possibly win the league next season with the right signings and management. Whatever I do, I always get hit at the back, at the moment it's Kevin Keegan antics, just trying to outscore the opposition. I haven't been able to play the same side over and over again with all the whinging and fixtures congestion. This tactic is based on the old Tactical Theorems and framework, accept it's nothing like Arsene or Klopp, it's just I struggle with tactics and look for inspiration wherever I can get it. I'm interested to see if Ozil + 10 does a tactic based on Klopp.
  10. My tactical development at Liverpool this season: Been playing FM since it's "first" release in 2005. Still a n00b. Things are going well though, after rocky start to season where I tried four different tactics to no avail, until finally landing on one that can lead this club to glory. In the back of mind, I was planning on using this FM2017 to find the right tactic then start a fresh a new game when I purchase the full game. However, it's a bit like cheating though ain't it, and I ain't doing so bad so I guess I'm going to stick this save game file out. Let me go through the tactical ideas in my head with some screenshots: images hosting This is a tactic that worked well for me in the previous installment of the game. I basically designed by looking at football manager 2013 and trying to work out how to give a team total creative freedom in a tactic. I only played half a season in FM016 with this but was top of the league by then, just by a few points. This is the tactic I bet for most of pre-season, to no avail, it didn’t work very well in real matches either. In way I’m glad it didn’t work, kind of an annoying tactic. image sharing sites I believe this might have been the tactic earned me a 4-1 victory over Man City. Other than that it wasn’t very good, due to the fact I was using a lot specialist roles in a very fluid formation. free photo upload This is basically the same tactic but with generic roles instead. Did alright, nothing spectacular. Took the general advice of having the CMs dropped to the DM position like people recommend on this forum for defensive reasons. screenshot windows This is when things started to get interesting. This is basically Wffan Barcelona tactic modified for my Liverpool side. No stay on feet, false nine instead, closing down higher. I found this tactic worked really, giving really high possession and even chances to my side, apart from one thing, no one would score. Most of my games at the start of the season were just 1-0, 1-1, 0-1. I tried removing creative freedom to see if that would help but to no avail. Now this is the tactic that is giving me success and goals, moving up third in the league after a terrible start to the season full of tactical confusion. photo hosting sites This is a tactic I used in FM2015 and it worked wonders. In FM2016 it did not work at all. Now FM2017 it looks to be working again. Thanks SI. Additional factors: Every player it set to pass it shorter apart from the CD’s which are blocked for this setting. All the wide players except the Winger are set to play narrower, in conjunction with the team shout. Interesting to note: We play down both flanks on a narrow. In FM2015, I also had this as my back up: free photo hosting Not sure if this working for FM2017, but it’s alright, the first attacking tactic seems to be doing alright. Check out my recent league results (with new tactic): Bare in my mind, I only began to train with this tactic with the draw with Tottenham. It doesn’t keep possession as well as it did in FM2015, but never mind. Have to get that removed with the board. The only signing I made was Cesc Fabregas. Looking to bring in some youngster next time to bleed into the team. Here’s the league table in my save game. All this fun just from a demo. image hosting services
  11. Thanks herne79, I will post some screenshots as soon as possible. Played one game since posting, lost 3-1 to Chelsea in the FA cup fourth round. Going to train team cohesion on high now to see if I can turn results around, as their has been a lot of business in the transfer window. Also, playing a semi fit Ings in fourth because he asked for first team football seemed to be a mistake.
  12. Right, I'll avoid posting endless seems of screenshots about my tactic I created for Football Manager 2016. First off, I haven't played Football Manager 2016 for a certain period of time now, but I thought seeing as I'm intent on playing again, I may as well share this tactic, a tactic I hope I can rework when FM2017 comes out. The tactic follows a pretty basic setup but at the same times goes against a lot of WWfan said in his groundbreaking posts about Structure and Fluidity. In older versions of FM, the idea was to give your team the most high amount of creativity and see what happens. Usually with a decent team in the Premier league or even sometimes the lower leagues with the right motivational tactics, the media use to comment, (X team) is playing out of their skin. A bit about me: When I played FM15 I created a tactic which worked brilliantly, despite having played FM since it's first release in 2005, I was still slightly surprised to find out that my new tactic in 2016 was now guaranteed to make me loose everything. It's all cool though. In older versions of FM, with max creative freedom, or as we know call it, vision, fluidity, roaming...etc a good team talk seemed to be "Go out and play your natural game", currently though I use a lot aggressive/passionate shouts. Anyway, I'm itching to play the game right now, so I'll just give you outline of the tactic and a bit of how it works, then hope someone else on the forums uses it. I can edit this post later with more information. Standard Mentality Very Fluid Structure (recommended by another forum member here, Ozil + 10 I believe) Decided on standard after realizing going control or attacking wouldn't actually affect the creativity to anymore. Four Shouts: Much Higher Defensive Line Closing Down Much More Be more expressive Work ball into box OR Shoot on Sight ... Personally I use Work Ball into box. Shoot on Sight is tempting with this creative tactic to see those long shots go. Personally I prefer work ball into the box. Originally at the start of season I had one shout: Be more expressive. The other shouts were included to increase possession stat, in which my team is doing average in, which is fine by me. Unfortunately, I only half way through the season, sitting top of the premier leagues with hounds very close by, reading to nick my top spot at anytime. I really should post this tactic with one full season complete, but I have an excuse: I've bought Football Manager at least for the past five years. Still haven't made it past one season. Sometimes when looking up football manager review online, you get that link which says Football Manager is more addictive than "crack". Well, it's no joke, although I'd like to mention I do not condone or endorse the use of any kind of drugs whatsoever, in relation to what I just said. Anyway, I wonder if anyone will use my tactic. More importantly, here is the positional setup: CF A AP A (wide) AP A AP A (wide) AP A AP A CWB A BPD D BPD D CWB A SK A There are no player instructions except the Sweeper Goalie which is Pass it Shorter, Distribute to Centre Backs and Take Short Kicks. I'll avoid talking about what looks like an obvious flaw in this formation setup. Defensively, this tactic can still be good with the right players, I have tendency to throw less advanced players on the pitch and I have a problems with injuries as well. First instinct after signing players in the January transfer window was to start a new game, now I'm going back to my save. I suffer from Panic buying. Like I said, I can give more information about this tactic at a later date (I mentioned I was first in the league ((my team is Liverpool)) ) For now though, I'm going to play some Football Manager. One more thing, Thanks to SI and anyone who helped develop this awesome game. Thanks to forum as well. Ckny. P.S I haven't thought any names for the tactic right now, it's just called 4-2-3-1 Creativo123 (I'll just change this) I also realize I haven't mentioned much information about how this tactic plays out in the ME. Well, one reason is that I haven't played in while. With work ball into box, should get a lot nice moves and goals coming from with in range. Sometimes the defense looks isolated, with no holding CM or even a role based on support. This doesn't stop the two CMs from helping out though. This is how I sum up now, in the friendlies at the start of the season, I was using gentle team talks, against AC Milan, I saw Lallana score an overhead kick from just on the edge of the box from across. I haven't seen to much of this since, adopting work ball into box and also go all out with passionate and aggressive team talks. I'll leave it at that. Thanks guys. 4-2-3-1 Creativo123_697A3441-A0E5-46A7-A9BA-09A7AA5A5CC1.fmf EDIT: It's actually three shouts. Because all the midfielders are set up, the tactic doesn't need Work ball into Box, which be overkill and affect the defensive line. Four shouts only if experimenting with Shoot on Sight. I wonder if anyone will try this tactic.
  13. Hi all, quick question, is it possible to delete save game files on FM2016? I don't believe uninstalling/reinstalling will fix the issue because I've played football manager on mobile 2014/15...Is it simply a matter of overwriting this with new save game files? I have four save game files.
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