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  1. I’ve won 3 league cups, 2 fa cups, 1 PL and 1 UCL with Brighton and only icon with Brighton
  2. So I’ve been saving for a new stadium for a few years now. I’ve got around 400 mill balance and 370 in the transfer kitty. Still the option to ask the board for an expansion or new stadium doesn’t come up? I’m brighton btw at the amex stadium which was made in 2011, I’m in 2029 now.
  3. I have won Europa league prem and Fa cup in the last 2 years
  4. Cornelia Fernandes. Bought him at like 14 or 16 can’t remember was world class by 18 and Portugal captain by 21
  5. My balance is only 150 hiwever there was always the option in past fms but they’d be rejected. There isn’t even an option now
  6. How do I check if my stadium is filled out.
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