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  1. I've definitely noticed it's too easy to hold onto players. I'm Norwich, in my 4th season. Last season we qualified for the Champions' League after finishing 9th then 6th. I have young, English/HG players winning international caps like Godfrey, Aarons and Lewis, a 21 y/o striker who just scored 23 in 32 league apps and nobody has bid on them at all. IRL I'd be losing players.
  2. The work done on goalkeepers is really appreciated - they no longer lose rating points for conceding goals they could do nothing about and regularly get 8+ ratings, which almost never happened unless they saved a pen or two before. Just beat Watford 4-3 and Ben Foster deservedly got a 9 and MOTM for making 20 saves, many of which were brilliant (and the ME improvements here are fantastic, the saves look spectacular). I'm hoping once the 1 v 1 issue is fixed keeper ratings won't take a massive beating, though. About 13 of those Foster saves are from one on ones
  3. once one-on-ones, cross-field passes and reticence to cross are fixed I think this'll be the best FM yet. Really builds on 19 which was a great game. Unfortunately the 3 mentioned things make matchdays an intensely frustrating and unrealistic experience but I'm sure they'll be fixed for release.
  4. Played a season on this as Norwich. The prize money/TV money in Div 3 and 4 isn't enough to sustain the size and budgets of a lot of the clubs in those leagues.
  5. How does Dadachov develop? Excellent stats for a 17 year old
  6. This wasn't the case on FM15 was it? It would just save as 'untitled game'
  7. I gave it a 4. The 24 teams thing seemed a good idea to me at the time, it made qualification more interesting with more teams having something to play for and lead to some interesting teams qualifying, especially good for the Home Nations, I had 3 teams to cheer on. 24 teams also lead to Wales getting to a semi and Iceland getting to the quarters (unless they topped their qualifying group) and those 2 things were the highlight of the tournament so it had a lot of positives. Unfortunately, it also meant 3rd-placed teams in groups of 4 qualified for the knockout phases, one without winning a single group game, that was poor and lead to matches where teams were unwilling to take much risk, which meant a lot of low-quality matches on display. It also meant a lot more games which were of no interest because they featured two nations I didn't care about like Switzerland and Romania or whatever.
  8. Any big clubs in need of a goalie? Rui Patricio has been really good this tournament.
  9. Cracking strike. Can't wait to watch Ronaldo pretend to be happy.
  10. They were very lucky to get away with being so **** in the groups and fortunate to have the easiest run to the finals (both their group and subsequent opponents) of any team but you play what's in front of you and they are there on merit.
  11. I don't think a team will have ever have got to a final playing worse than Portugal if it grabs a win here. Unbelievable they're still here.
  12. Wales have been much better than Portugal this tournament.
  13. If Portugal win the tournament I hope they do it without winning the semis or final in 90 mins either.
  14. I like the idea of an English manager, though I'm not tied to it. It's the English National Team after all, if we have a manager good enough they should be prioritised but we shouldn't sacrifice too much quality in favour of nationality
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