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  1. Nowhere, the UK leaves the EU in-game on 1st Jan so gaining citizenship elsewhere is of no help, except maybe Ireland I guess, which retains free-movement with the UK. You'll have to loan them out until they fulfil other work-permit criteria, e.g. caps.
  2. Apologies if he's already been posted, but this Syrian striker looks absolutely brilliant and can be had for £3m ish first window. He's 31 so not a long-term solution, but could do a job for any team. Starts at Al-Ahli in Saudi Arabia.
  3. It's obviously specific to tactics. Switch to a gegenpress and watch yourself miraculously smash everyone.
  4. I would add I got taken over by tycoon, so I had very good money to spend in the window (about £90m after sales). I put together a really good team that I thought would finish top half, maybe push for Europe with a bit of luck and good management, but yeah, nearly winning the league was ridiculous - I actually lost to Man City in game 37, handing them the title (I'd have won it if I won that game) and instead of being disappointed I was relieved. This is an example of the type of team I was able to put out. So yeah, I shouldn't have been scrapping for survival but also shouldn't have b
  5. I finished 2nd with Norwich after promotion - I'm not bragging, it's ridiculous. A 4-2-3-1 gegenpress with attacking mentality taking a newly promoted club to 2nd with an average Champ striker banging in a goal a game is stupid. Not to mention, not a single bid or bit of interest in him or my other top performing players. The AI knows they are ****.
  6. I'd agree they aren't overpowered with AI managers, but no matter what I do my strikers bang in a goal a game
  7. I agree with others that the game is too easy. I used a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress tactic, with attacking mentality. Playing as Norwich I got promoted with 100 points (ok, not entirely unrealistic with good signings and management) and with Adam Idah, in real-life a talented prospect but not quite starting XI material, and in-game a player with no attribute about 15, scoring a goal every 80 minutes. First season in the Prem and I don't adjust my tactics at all, apart from in 2 games early season against top clubs where I played with a holding midfielder and balanced mentality. Abandoned this as
  8. I think they are fantastic. My brain still wants the old one 'cos it's addicted to benching anyone below 91% but that's based on nothing but superstition - once these new ones become second nature I think it's a big improvement in gameplay.
  9. haha yeah, I have a thing for training anyone with tacking over 12, passing over 15 and jumping over 12 into a centre back, so my CMs always end up being tiny. If Peeters was taller I'd 100% be wasting all his skills by playing him as a CB. He'll end up with 20 for passing I think and I've always wanted to know what would happen if your best playmaker was also your centre back.
  10. A few from me from my Millwall save which is now in 2027. First up is this guy, who I signed from Feyornoord and retrained as a centre back. He's handy cover at left back, but his attributes looked a lot better suited to a CB despite having no rating there when I bought him (for £80m!) Then there's my midfield duo - one is more all-action (Colin) whilst Peeters sits deep breaking up play and pinging 80 yard passes all over the place. Really pleased with these as I got them both very young and brought them on And last but not least, my GK, who I hope will end
  11. I've definitely noticed it's too easy to hold onto players. I'm Norwich, in my 4th season. Last season we qualified for the Champions' League after finishing 9th then 6th. I have young, English/HG players winning international caps like Godfrey, Aarons and Lewis, a 21 y/o striker who just scored 23 in 32 league apps and nobody has bid on them at all. IRL I'd be losing players.
  12. The work done on goalkeepers is really appreciated - they no longer lose rating points for conceding goals they could do nothing about and regularly get 8+ ratings, which almost never happened unless they saved a pen or two before. Just beat Watford 4-3 and Ben Foster deservedly got a 9 and MOTM for making 20 saves, many of which were brilliant (and the ME improvements here are fantastic, the saves look spectacular). I'm hoping once the 1 v 1 issue is fixed keeper ratings won't take a massive beating, though. About 13 of those Foster saves are from one on ones
  13. once one-on-ones, cross-field passes and reticence to cross are fixed I think this'll be the best FM yet. Really builds on 19 which was a great game. Unfortunately the 3 mentioned things make matchdays an intensely frustrating and unrealistic experience but I'm sure they'll be fixed for release.
  14. Can't use this as I get a serious error when I click on a player profile
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