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  1. Hey guys, A few suggestions: 1. Player Height and weight These should be more dynamic and more influential. I don't know how many times I've had a 6 4 defender outjumped by a 5 7 winger just because they have similar jumping and heading stats. A 15 year old is not fully grown so his height should change as he gets older. Similarly, a player who is injured may put on weight or if a player is lazy and needs more long runs :-) Maybe a dietician could be hired?? 2. Player/board/manager interaction If I have 2 players that do not get on with each other, what can I do? Send one out on loan? Sell one? If the players would tell me what they do and do not like about each other then I could chat with them and try to help smooth out problems. These are deffo important management skills If a player has personal problems, why can't he chat with the manager and explain what is wrong. If necessary, the manager can then take some action - cure homesickness by bringing over the players family (at a cost to the club of course). Similarly, a lack of motivation can be resolved by telling the player that he'll be sold/released/fined if his application doesn't improve and complacency could be prevented if the players are told they'll end up in the reserves for not concentrating Players should come to me first with a problem. I hate reading that "rumours are circulating" that so and so is about to confront his manager. Surely we can use our own management style to decide if we want to talk to a player or ignore them, but they should definitely come to talk to us first Managers often chat after games. Maybe this could be implemented as a way of improving relations or setting up deals? Different events for the players to potentially improve/reduce team harmony: Local boat trip = +/- 10% moral at a cost of 100,000. Foreign training camp = +/- 40% moral at a cost of 2,000,000 Open day for fans = +/- 5% at a cost of 10k 3. Media Handling/PR management High profile players should be allowed to attend press conferences with the manager or on their own. If a player isn't good at handling the media, maybe they could be asked not to speak as often while a player who is good at working with the media can be of great benefit to the club. A PR manager could be hired to handle these situations and weekly reports could be sent to the manager. 4. A match day sequence ahead of big games. At the moment, there is nothing to differentiate a friendly from the world cup final. A simple animated sequence where the team arrives at the stadium/signs autographs/pre match line up/lap of honour if they win.....something to make a cup semi final or final more important than an intra-club friendly between the reserves and youth teams 5. Training Ground Manager should have some input. The board simply saying that they will improve training facilities isn't really enough. The facilities should be listed - indoor pitch, all weather running track, small/medium/large gym, small/medium/large medical centre, x-ray machine, AC Milan style oxygen tent!!! 6. Injuries At the moment a player can be treatred in only a couple of different ways - physio or specialist - and neither cost extra money. If a player is constantly getting minor injuries to his shoulder, preemptive surgery could be done during the close season to correct the problem. If a player goes to visit a specialist, why can't there be different levels at different costs? Local knee surgeon can get a player back to his best after 9 months but the cost will be 20k, best in europe will do it in 6 months but cost will be 50k, world leader will do it in 4 months but cost is 100k. treatments extra's should be included - x-ray is 100, MRI is 1000. Physio wants a better ultrasound machine, cost is 10k. Would make it tougher for small clubs but also more realistic. 7. Awards More glitz and glamour, better summaries, more information on candidates 8.
  2. Anybody ahve a working copy of this downloaded that they can zip and email on to me?? Cheers
  3. trying to Launch the FMRTE.exe, while I have a game running in FM09. I've all the files extracted to the same location but no joy as of yet
  4. Thanks for the reply above Jinner....but still having a problem.
  5. Hi Lads Having trouble initialising the FMRTE on my laptop. Each time I double click on the Icon to start up the editor I get the Window's pop-up telling me that an error has occurred and do I want to SEND a report to Microsoft. At the moment I'm runing FM 9.3.0 on a machine that has XP (SP3) and .Net Framework 3.5 on it. Any ideas??? Cheers
  6. Does this work on XP, SP2 with .net 3.5 installed??
  7. AND FINALLY: This is a personal crusade of mine and I doubt very much if SI, or anyone else, will care about it. I hark back to the days of the 3-foreigner rule. The Dutch trio of Milan Vs The German collective at Inter. Maradona, Alemao and Careca at Napoli - Hagi, Popescu and Lacatus at Brescia and the Hugo Sanchez days at Real Madrid when it was him and a few Argies battling it out for the 2/3 places in the match squad. I'd love to see this returned to the game as an option. There's nothing I hate more than playing FM for 20/30 seasons and every second player is Brazilian/Spanish/Mexican
  8. ADDITIONALLY: BOARD 1) There should be a way to chasten the board, privately or publicly, for accepting a bid for a player when you've rejected it. This could be a 3-strikes type policy where you warn them once, stronger warning the next time it happens and you tell them you'll resign on the third occasion. 2) There should be Board appointments (especially in Spain where this is very political) - re-electing chairman regularly instead of having one guy for life. This would lead to priorities changing and different personalities effecting the club differently. e.g. Chairman X is happy to give you money to buy the best players in the world whil his opponant, Chairman Y is more focussed on keeping the shareholders happy and may curtail spending. this way a manager would go through thick and thin with his chosen club, depending on the chairman.
  9. NEW Features for 2010: PLAYERS Particularly With Re-Gens: 1) Career ending injuries. I've played a few FM/CM games in my time andonly once can i remember a Top player retiring through injury. While this is obviously a tragedy (:-() it is a part of the game and leads on to another point further down about surgery. 2) "Social Problems" aka The El Hadj Diouf Effect 3) Players should be able to grow during the game. i.e. a 4ft tall, 8stone, 15 year old can end up being a 6ft 5', 15 stone monster by 21. 4) Ideal weight Vs Current Weight - effect of training staff 5) More detailed training ground relationships. Asst Manager reports on players. i.e. Player X and Player Y are good friends or Player A and Player B are gonna beat the **** out of each other. Manager should have the opportunity to resolve issues between players using team bonding sessions/counselling or some other method 6) If a player wins an award there should be an awards ceremony. The option to attend or not should be available and accompanied by a short sequence or other detail to make it more ceremonial. 7) TESTAMONIALS. Players should be awarded testamonials for long term service. Manager then has to choose whether to take part or not or whether to release players. STAFF CHANGES: 1) Ability to hire outside/NON-football staff like Dieticians or Sports Psychologists. 2)Having a physio recommend a new treatment to prevent injuries (depending on physio experience and skill), setting up an AC Milan style "fountain of Youth" i.e MilanLab to give players improved recovery times. 3) Manager have input into the ACTUAL training facilities when a n upgrade is being planned. i.e indoor gym for Northern Europe Vs outdoor facilities in southern countries. 4) Recommend the board set up an academy in foreign countries (not feeder club) FINANCES: 1) Scouts aren't free: There should be a cost for sending a scout to Antarctica on a scouting mission and this should be much greater than the cost of sending one to Norwich. Manager should be presented with a projected monthly cost when setting Scouting assignments 2) Players being sent for surgery This should also have an estimated cost associated with the advanced treatment. i.e. if Bury want to send a player off to have the very best treatment in the world, it should impact on their finances in a real way. Again the manager should be presented with an estimate 3) I like the post about a physio report during the match. Very useful Manager to Manager interaction: 1) Post match wine?? Alex Ferguson invites other managers for post match drinks where they speak about players etc. This could be added in a similar mould to the new Press Conference system allowing managers to build proper relationships. 2) Recommend a player to international managers. i.e if a player has dual nationality, recommend him to country X over country Y. 3) For youngsters that are uncapped by their non-EU nation but who have spent 3 years in Belgium, ask them to apply for an EU passport. If they have spent 5 years in England or Ireland and they qualify for a passport then same thing.... Same for players that have been capped by a non-EU country. Manager should be able to put pressure on a player to take up dual nationality in order to free up an extra squad place (like in Spain) External Forces: 1) Fan Troubles occur. Sometimes they are your own fans, sometimes they are not. But its something that happens so should be in the game. BIG MATCH BUILD-UP and Victory Celebrations 1) Big matches should be really BIG!! An FA Cup, Champions League or World Cup final is a very big deal for your club. I think that should your club make it to the latter stages of a competitio, that there should be short, possibly video, sequences that make a big deal of this. The shot could be of fans going to the staduim, your team on a bus, fluttering flags, It could be anything. But right now, its just another game and there's no real sense of achievement.... 2) Victory Celebrations I'd like to see you guys in SI come up with something special after your team wins a trophy. a) For a World Cup win we should have views of the players lifting the trophy and doping a lap of honour along with views of fans celebrating at home. This should be scaled back for a Champions leagus and again for FA Cup, League win or whatever. b) For a loss there be despair and a view of the opposition celebrating At the moment, we get nothing. After a while competition wins just get boring.
  10. 3 things I'd really like to see in the game: 1) After you win a major trophy there should be a short sequence (or a long one) showing the team celebrating at Wembley or Hampden, climbing the steps to receive the FA cup or standing in the middle of the field with the Champions league trophy....even having the players standing behind the sponsors logo with the Premiership trophy. I really think that a short message to say your team has won blah blah blah doesn't reward the time and effort. It becomes very boring to win a final, especially if you've won it 2 or three times with no extra recognition. 2) Players Weight and Height should change as they age and train. Most 15 year olds are not at their full height so why should they be in the game. Similarly, they should put on weight when they're injured or if they go to a club with poor training facilities and staff. There should be an indicator of their ideal weight (as expressed by a physio - bringing a value to having the best physio) and an indication of whether or not they are over weight. 3) I think there should be some form of personal life brought into the management forum. Players marital status, living situation and the like. The ability to tell individual player what is needed from them over the season and their reaction to it. More player - player relationships and interaction such as diffusing tensions, bonding sessions etc. Players requesting a day off to attend charity golf days or make public appearances. ---- All in all, the game is good on the field but bad off it. Media is shallow, player interaction is average at best and after ten or twenty seasons the only new thing that changes is who you beat in a final. Add a bit of life to it. All of the above suggestions would be easy to implement and would add a sense of occasion to big match days. I liked the suggestion about National Anthems before games and the Champions League anthem being played.....all of this adds to the occasion.
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