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  1. Is there any database I can download at all whilst I’m waiting for this to play because there is a level 10 one in the workshop but tried to play in bostik north division with Maldon & tiptree and there was no league for me to play in just friendlies and cup competitions also I tried with Haringey in bostik premier and only league champions get promoted where it should be play offs
  2. Anybody got any ideas or tips for good players to sign on free agents playing with Haringey Borough Bostik prem only can give £20 max wage on contracts to players tried releasing few contracted players but still won’t give me funds
  3. When you start new game only have dans database ticked no other should work, inbox me your number I’ll guide u through it
  4. This happened to me when I edited myself on the editor, when you go on to editor you must test rules are valid then save it worked for me
  5. No mate no other files tried it again still the same outcome add me on Facebook mate Tommy Fielder be a lot easier
  6. Hi guys I have downloaded dans file no problems but have followed the instructions for this logo database and when I start a new game the badges do not appear can anybody help me out step by step where I’m going wrong
  7. @danbhtfc can you add the Hertfordshire senior county league to level 11 if possible cheers son
  8. Is there any databases I can play at say level 10 I’ve downloaded one off workshop but it’s very inaccurate with vanarama clubs playing in the Vase , all cups are wrong any half decent databases
  9. So dan u say tomorrow hopeful release any chance before 6am as I’m working and doing **** all on laptop
  10. Never been so eager for a release can’t wait to take Buckhurst Hill from the Essex Olympian to an opening day fixture away at old Trafford
  11. Is this database including logos into it and if I can help I might myself add county cups if possible
  12. Are u adding all the leagues at every level or just some for the lower ones
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