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  1. Ok so from the top. i have 2 central defenders. One with a defence duty and one with a upbacker duty?(its the one that is not the stopper duty). Two fullbacks with offensive duty. One Regista(DM) with a support duty. Two central midfielders, one with a deep lying playmaker and one with a Forward playmaker. Then i have a left winger with offensive duty and a right winger(who is set as the attacker option of it) with an offensive duty. Then there is my attacker. I'm not 100% sure how best to use him. I shift a bit from poacher to forward attacker. i play a control and very fluid formation. Short passing play, use the wings(the one who tells them to basicly play the ball more to your wingers, play broader(the other one), Push higher up, Higher Tempo and then i've tried with some play up from defense and also to set my GK to play the ball short and to a defender because a lot of my goalkicks end at the opposing team(he has something like 30% passing after most matches and i want that to change)
  2. Ok stay on, i'l load up and give a complete set of instructions on my team
  3. This is exactly what i was looking for. I am playing a controll mentality though. I would hate to have to completely change my formation but i'l try it out in a few saves.
  4. I'm not saying its better then everything else, just that it has worked very well for me. I do think i was being very clear in my previous messages but fair enough. I'm not really sure what to do it them going full defense just nullfies my team. I can change it to less fluid but i dont think that will help against a tightly packed defense. I've tried giving my midfielders more chances at shooting from afar but with 14 and 15 in it they arent very succesfull and often just add to the lots of chances on goal but no goals statistic that i am having.
  5. Well i started as a second division team and i fought my way up into our premierleague and actually won it the first year i was in it. It was an over achievement but it wasnt luck, i was winning most matches comfortably(the danish leage isnt very good). I might add that i am using completely generated players as to not cheat myself to go search for the best talents online
  6. As you can see from my post count i dont come here to brag. i'm only here because my team compeltely broke down. I like to fiddle with things myself i start loosing, and i even load a previous savegame sometiems to try and fix things. But this time i cant find a single thing thats wrong and i dominate the matches. I just dont score and win them. If you have an explanation for that i would love to hear it. I'm not sure how i am supposed to take responsebility for this when i dont think its my tactics or formation that is the problem
  7. They actually get a lot of support from my DM(who has a support duty) and my 2 wing-defenders with an offensive duty And yes i do accuse many of trolling. I am a very straight forward person and that is why i dont often come to forums because they are filled with a lot of stuff like this. If people post in my thread i try to answer all of them even if i dont like their post much. Maybe i shouldnt, but thats just how i am
  8. Fair enough. People here all seem to think i am the one with the negative attitude towards peoples responses. I would like you all to actually look at my responses to the ones offering valid feedback(not your tactic sucks). I can see the community here is as protective of their trolls as a lot of other online communities is and i guess that is fair enough. Good luck and have fun, not that i actually tried to make it into a decent thread but only got troll responses.
  9. I would love to learn a way for me to improve of my team if someone could give me a valid response as to why suddenly mid season my team completely stops scoring goals. The answer (its your tactics) doesnt help me much as those tactics have flourished my team for 2 and a half seasons. More information. Well i am playing a danish 2nd division team in our main league now. I won the main league last year with a record breaking 72 points. I am as i said using the 41221 tactic with focus on wingers. My central defenders used to be a stopper and a (normal?) central defender, but the stopper seamed to be out of place to much so i changed it to be more defensive as both my defending wingers are on offensive to offer support in the attack. My teams approach is very attacking and fluid and i play a short passing game. I have a large focus on ball controll and offensive movement(i'm not 100% sure about the different words since i play the danish version)
  10. Try actually reading his posts, they are obviously trollbaiting, it wasnt anything to do with agreeing or not agreeing. Anyway if you have more questions about the actual thread i would be happy to answer you the same way you ask the question
  11. You keep on trollbaiting. Please leave my thread alone, its the last response i'l give you. I would like to keep the thread on topic
  12. if you dont want me to be uppity, dont start your post with "For him to be "trollbaiting", you'd have to be a troll, wouldn't you?"
  13. This is interesting. What a lot of people here forget is that i am actually dominating the matches. I have far more posession, and i have by far the most shots on goal. As i said i frequently have more then one 8/0/0 striker(8 shots, 0 on goal, 0 goals) from way beyond the penalty area. I have tried everything i can to make them shoot less from afar but nothing seems to work for me.
  14. No i wouldnt actually since i didnt take the bait and started flaming him. And yes, i'm not completely new to the game i am not just buying the most expensive player listed at left winger
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