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  1. No, I really didn't. But I do read about it on the forums every single version.
  2. What do you mean, not really? Not really what?
  3. Yeah, it's one of those "simulation" aspects of the game, but it's a terrible idea, imo. I'm glad it's never happened to me.
  4. By drawing players out of position. No, not necessarily roaming from position, unless you can make it work.
  5. Analog

    Your ideal squad size?

    I always go with a 1st eleven, a "2nd" eleven, then any number of youth players in and around there. 2-3 of my better youth players tend to get a lot of first team minutes.
  6. I really like it, not sure if I can say the best ever though. Had a lot of fun with FM11 (first FM) and FM14. It's easily the best since the tactics and training changes. It's really close and gives me hope for FM18 with the progress they've made. Hopefully SI don't rest on their laurels and they'll come good with the next iteration.
  7. Yes, if your mentality is high enough. Not necessarily "risky" though if you are playing Defensive-Fluid, but once you are at Standard or higher, then you'll notice it more.
  8. The person designing the sound is not going to be the same person developing the ME or other features. I don't get this argument. We should want the best game SI has to offer, and that includes sounds, whether you choose to use them or not.
  9. Basically this, yeah. This is 2017, the basic crowd sounds and reactions shouldn't be that hard to improve to even a slight degree. It's just something SI have paid no attention at all. I like playing on comprehensive and occasionally full match highlights, and it really adds something to have some kind of realistic crowd celebrations for match events, at least for me.
  10. Yeah, it can happen I guess, but I've also had it be the case that players no longer want to be transfer listed after some time. It all depends on how much time they have left on their current contract, and it's always annoying and risky. I also feel like giving them playing time seems to help out with the situation.
  11. It never affects anything if they get upset, unless they are at the end of their contract. They will always calm down eventually, and during that period is when you should discuss contract renewals if you are looking to do that. Otherwise, they moan for awhile and then get over it. It's annoying more than it is anything else.
  12. I get that it's not the most important part of the game, but it's one of the simpler things to improve in the game... triggered audio clips. Surprised it's been completely ignored for over a decade.
  13. I just really want to see them revamp how specific attributes are changed, and do away with the 'role' training. I shouldn't have to train wingers or attacking CM's as "complete forwards" just to get certain attributes focused on together at the same time, particularly when it also trains them to become familiar in that new position (which I believe uses up some CA?). It makes sense I guess for some positions, like BBM's training as BWM's for a few months to work on things like aggression or bravery, but why not allow for something like general role training and then allow for 3-5 specific attributes to focus on? That's one way to make the training more "hands on", and it used to be much more this way in the older days of FM. This way the user can mould players much more into the kinds that they need, and it'll keep them going back to the player development screen to be more involved in the training side of things.