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  1. This is just a thing with FM, especially with "beats offside trap" strikers, been in the game for years. Mousset is always offside for me, even playing as a F9. Gets really old but he still bags goals though. Had 30 goals and 5 assists in 36 appearances last season.
  2. You get out of this game what you put in, so to speak. It's unfair to the AI if you use certain 3-striker formations, but it's also unfair to the AI if you are using wonderkid shortlists, known bargain shortlists (including staff), etc. Really it's the same even when you choose your manager reputation and attributes. To a very high degree the game works as intended and the type of experience you have with it is up to you.
  3. Yeah I was just thinking... man, I have to start all over now with learning how to maximize training. I like that these changes are bringing back some of the mystery and voodoo to FM.
  4. @RBKalle I respect your opinion and how you want to play the game, but for sure on point one I can't agree that what you've said is unequivocally true, simply because everything I've read about the training has been far more than "menial" to me. I focus on youth saves every year with FM and try to build a tactic and then fill it with players that I've moulded to fit it from within the academy. Surely you can see how these new features are exciting for someone like me, at least on the surface? Obviously I still need to get in some actual time playing the game before I can make a judgment either way. Also, who said they didn't also try to improve those things? They are just listing major changes at this point. Also, bugs are part of coding. They work every single year with a deadline, and they do their best to implement whatever they can to improve the game as much as possible, while still providing adequate time for testing. It's not easy to get that balance right. Personally, I am doubtful that training is going to work exactly as expected simply because it takes several seasons to see the longterm results under careful training setups. I hope SI will surprise me and show that they've really put in a lot of time toward testing, and also toward really using custom regimens in those tests. The rest of your second point is a bit cynical, tbh. Point three, well you said it's still fine, despite you not liking it. You have to consider that the rest of us out here also like to play the game in our own preferred ways. SI are doing what they can to provide diversity of experience and approaches to their games, for people just like you and me - who seem to enjoy playing the game in slightly different ways. Your very last point doesn't sound realistic. Think this through just a bit... disable? Disable what... training altogether? Transfers? How can you realistically disable a part of the game? Delegation is basically doing that without actually "disabling" things.
  5. Why such a big deal to you when you can delegate all kinds of stuff in FM? I handle all press conferences, but I realize that if I don't want to, I NEVER have to deal with that part of the game and my save will still be just fine. The same goes for the new training. They've already said you can delegate it, so for users who really want to go deeper and focus on academy saves, it's great. If you don't want to bother with it, then it's no big deal really.
  6. By 1:20 into the video, there is literally a clip with arrows showing positioning. More diagrams at 1:47, 17:54...
  7. This is all above and beyond the expectations I had for FM19. Hopefully it plays out as deeply as it all looks to be. I'm personally more excited for this FM than ever.
  8. Looks great. Still hard to tell exactly how it all works, but having the option to train for specific duties seems like what I've been wanting in the game for awhile.
  9. Yeah, I've heard they are reworking the training module and if that's true then I can't wait. I just hope the new stuff works and is not buggy.
  10. Oh, yeah I swear I have only ever had that happen maybe 5 times in all my time playing FM. I usually either right-click the tutor's name from the squad screen and then select of the players from that list, or I click on the youth player's profile and select a suitable tutor from there. While all tutors might not be perfectly ideal, if they have higher determination then I will usually go ahead with the tutoring because it also seems to slightly increase development of mental attributes, and in any case I want players with about 15 determination across the board in my team if I can. edit: I mean, no I don't select just any tutor with higher determination, but if they are say balanced or fairly determined, etc. then I'll still do it.
  11. I've been keeping an eye on it, and I'd say it's not a massive difference, but does perhaps seem lower for determination. But with that said, I've done nothing but play a youth save in my limited time with FM18 and I was surprised by a few personality changes, so I don't know. When I started to think it had slowed down, sometimes personalities changed that I also thought would take a lot longer. Yeah, but I actually like this part. I feel like mentoring is a bit deeper than a simple squad mate relationship, so it makes sense to me that only certain personalities would have a lot of success with it. What do you mean by denial of tutees?
  12. Yeah, Phil Neville always taking the ****.
  13. This is what I've been looking for. Nice read. Going to try this out, although I don't really have a suitable target man.
  14. I just look at it as a part of their personality. Maybe if they were ambitious they wanted to learn a PPM or something, but they didn't so they were "unhappy", but they still learned regardless.
  15. I never listen to them. In a recent game mine said we should play short passing, then suggested more direct passing within the span of maybe 5 minutes at most in game.
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