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  1. Yes, FB will still overlap. Also, with FB you can use player instructions to get them to play more like a wingback. Also, just fyi a WB(D) will also still overlap, just not as much.
  2. How long has that been in the game? (since which version of FM)
  3. When you use overlaps/underlaps it makes your more central players who have the ball lower their mentality in order to wait for the overlap/underlap. Something to keep in mind. Doesn't really make sense to focus play through the middle, and then lower their mentalities, does it? Pretty sure that focus play through middle might also lower the mentality of your wide players. If that's the case, can you see how your overall mentality in match could be awkward? Pass into space should only be used when it makes sense. Never start with that by default. Why would you choose that option if
  4. The wingers swap, the CM(A) has roaming. Tbh everybody but the CM(D) roams via player instructions, then I also have the team instruction. I'm replacing the IWB(D) for IWB(A) this season, probably be too risky, so I'll have to compromise or restructure the tactic. The fluid setting draws back the attacking duties just a bit, brings more players in for possession and defending, and also my team is very fast in every position. But also once I score I'll drop the CWB to WB(S) or FB(S) depending on the opposition. I make a lot of changes in matches. Rare that the tactic finishes like it's sh
  5. Treq does well for me. Set up my tactic to utilize it this season.
  6. As hard as it is to release the game in its standard state, bug-free, I'd much rather them focus on making what we do have as exceptional as possible, which is clearly a challenging task. Again, I don't think people realize how hard it is to get it all right, and adding difficulty levels to a game that simulates to infinity just adds another monumental task to what they are already dealing with.
  7. I haven't really used AP in the wide area before, but he has "holds position" afaik. But if the Mezzala moves over there I could see the AP shifting in. You're right though, because if that does happen then the WB will overlap far more frequenly.
  8. Mezzala and AP are getting in each other's way. Play him on the other side and he will come in behind the winger. He acts a bit like a playmaker anyway so right now you have two that are on top of each other on one side of the pitch.
  9. I guess that's fine in theory to have an option to make the board more strict, etc., but also I don't think you guys realize how much work that would be for the developers. It's hard enough to get the base game right, now you want to change the knock on effects of everything that exists in the game, and expect all that to work out with no bugs. It's like having to make an entirely different version of the game. Also, I don't know, it would just put me off to have "difficulty" settings in the game. It would feel too arcade'y for me, but that's just me.
  10. Sounds stupidly simple, but it's a game. You are supposed to be able to be successful with any team. Why play with San Marino if you can NEVER achieve anything with them, because it's uber realistic? There's no fun in that, literally just a waste of time. Who wants to invest hours in their lives into a digital game and get nowhere? Not me. If you get your way with fitness you would ruin LLM saves for countless players. Is changing tactics REALLY that risky in real life? FM is actually just like real life. Why can a player like Saka play left wing, but also play left back? Bec
  11. What am I missing here? I don't really understand what the screenshot comparisons are showing.
  12. Worst ever? They added so much in the past two years to the game though with training revamps and all of other non-match engine stuff. I haven't even played 19 or 20 but I've watched a lot of those games, and for me all of that stuff really adds up to the overall experience of the game.
  13. Are you getting crowded on the left side? BBM will move into the same area as the IF(S), and possibly the AP(S). Your right winger will be looking higher up the pitch, so you could just move the BBM to the right side. You can even see that the half space there is slightly orange. He would fill in that slot. It would also make sense to swap him over because you have an attacking fullback on the left side, so the BWM(D) would help to cover the space in behind him.
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