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  1. That's one theory.
  2. I've never had one. Are they always in your own intake, or do you have to search the world players list?
  3. Sure about that? Sub a striker in as goalie and see if the result doesn't change.
  4. Would be a great way to stir up conspiracy theory to hoax it like that, wouldn't it?
  5. What are your temps? I have the same setup and while it does use the fan, mine doesn't get into dangerous temps.
  6. Just under 100K
  7. It's because while at the loan team he will be on their training schedule (general training), and you won't be able to specialize his development as much with individual focus areas.
  8. Learned a ton from those threads.
  9. Wow. Classic stuff.
  10. The roles you mentioned do come with hard coded instructions though, and other behaviours under the hood. It's the same as the manager telling his "False 9" to drop deeper and roam more, etc.
  11. @Los_Culés I think one of the issues here is that I don't think that some of the attributes are really as specific as we all really want them to be. Teamwork, Work Rate, Bravery, Aggression... I think people would be very hard-pressed to try and point out specific examples of "here's a player that clearly has low Bravery, because of x-situation". I mean, if you are looking at a Target Man for example, who doesn't go for a ball, which of Bravery, Aggression, Anticipation, or Work Rate is the cause of that? The reality is that the match engine is a lot more hard-coded than we want to admit, otherwise Positioning, Anticipation, Concentration, Marking, etc. would see the fullbacks and other defenders behaving differently than they currently do. A lot of play in FM is forced and sequential.
  12. Overall, your system is fairly conservative, so 1. With two FB(S) and a DM(D) the BPD shouldn't be an issue. 2. You could change the DM to a DLP, but you'll have to see what kinds of runs and movement you're getting in your system and you already have the playmaker in front of him. 3. Same thing goes for pass into space. Who's running into the space? I use that shout more often when the opposition is pressing heavily or holding a very high line where I have players who can run in behind them. 4. I don't think you have too much space between FB and wide men because you have the two CM's on support, so they can link the play. I think Tete also has "play simple passes"? A couple of other things. I'm pretty sure that Bazoer starts out with the PPM "play simple passes", so you might want to do something about that if you want more playmaking behavior from him, and iirc Klaassen has "move into channels" and "gets into opposition area/further forward", also something to keep in mind. I think your midfield duo may be fine as it is as a result, but you'll have to see what kind of movement and space you are creating around the area. I've also never liked Fischer in the game. He seems to score scrappy goals somehow but I hate how he plays and he is often wasteful with possession. Looking at who is scoring your goals and avg ratings though, the system seems to be working out ok and seems to fit your description?
  13. I just sold two youth players, both 17 years old, and both showed a value of 150K. I had opening offers from both Napoli and Benfica respectively for each player of about 90K, and these offers were in the final week of the window, and on transfer deadline day. I didn't really want to sell either just yet, because they were both good enough to get the odd start in the next season, so I approached the offers by asking way over what their value said they were worth, and I also made it non-negotiable. In the end, I received 3M for the first player and 4M for the second player.
  14. It actually can help if you set your fullbacks to close down less. When the deeper overlaps happen toward the byline, it's usually because your FB has left his position to track the winger toward a more central position, and the opposition FB/WB then bombs on. If you can delay that event, then you have a better chance of lowering the percentages against you. I've also experimented with using defensive wingers to try and get them to track back a little further. You can set them to get further forward and shoot more often, etc., so that you don't lose as much of an attacking threat. It's tough to get good marking though when you have a wide midfielder setup like an inside forward. The man marking isn't always required, but I find it necessary against certain teams playing 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2. It's really effective against teams with no wingers, and especially if you have a DM in that situation.
  15. There was a lot of discussion about it when the game first released, and SI did their best to patch it, but they said there was only so much they could do to adjust the defending without breaking the ME, essentially. Using your wide players to mark opposition fullbacks helps a lot. Also, watching matches in full for the first 20 minutes or so will really show you how the opposition is going to come at you and how your tactic is faring against their defence as well. I have my FB's set to close down less, wide men to mark opposition FB's, midfield duo to close down more, and occasionally use OI to tight mark and close down the opposition striker. It works well for me. Using a DM also helps a ton in this game because the two CM's in a flat midfield tend not to be high enough to disrupt play, hence why I have them closing down more. edit: I should say also that I'm playing 4-4-1-1 right now. When I use 4-1-4-1 the defending is a lot easier.