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  1. I saw a reply just now from a mod but that seems to be missing suddenly. To answer your question, and to clarify to others, No. I have never encountered any issues with any other games after the hardware upgrade.
  2. Honestly paranoid right now to even play FM15. Twice I played FM15, twice it happened, while FM15 is in the background! i5-4590, RX 480 8GB (16.9.1 Radeon), 8GB DDR3, 550W PSU, Windows 10 latest build/update I'll keep this short and simple. Please do read it and give me any ideas on how to fix it, or not have it anymore. I played FM2015 yesterday, and my GPU fans were fluctuating like crazy going from 2800RPM to 3100RPM irregularly, sometimes jumping up to 4000RPM and back down to 2800RPM. And then it just stops at 1200RPM and temps going from 50c all the way to 73c. At this time I alt+tab and open Trixx, and it was at this moment the Blue Screen showed up. Rebooted fine. Weird, so I tested it again just now. Again, same GPU fans fluctuating issue. This time however, it didn't stop to 1200RPM after a few hours. While playing FM, I always have Spotify on the background. I alt+tab to change my music, and suddenly it just went black and PC just shut itself down! No "shutting down..." screen. It's like someone just pulled the plug OR when you hold down the power button for 4-5 seconds. No burning smell too coming from PSU. Rebooted fine. Now, I'm scared to even play the game. Seriously, this never happened before even with other games that are more GPU and power hungry like GTA V, XCOM 2, Witcher 3 at high 1080p. FM15 with 2D? Death to PC lol. To note, I did made a hardware upgrade. I used to play FM15 on an i3 and 750 Ti, then I upgraded both to i5 and RX 480 and just tried it out. Could it be this? Is a simple re install the fix? Or could it be Radeon's driver is crap for the game? Or is the game making problems? Or is it hardware, PSU? OR could it just be a random power surge, or a brownout? I also checked Event Viewer, and somehow the shutdown was not logged! There's a critical Event 41 Kernel-Power which happened yesterday, so I believe that's the BSOD log. But none about the shutdown. What even?! Really paranoid hence the amount of questions. I would love to hear your input on this and possible fix, or whether I am doomed. Thanks all! TL;DR: PC shuts itself down (without any log in event viewer) after blue screen the previous day playing the same game, not sure software or hardware or just damn bad luck
  3. I dont mean the UI. Just the background. I prefer plain color instead of a photo. Somehow it makes me a bit dizzy/cross eyed lol Also is there a classic player selection type of interface when choosing players like in fm14?
  4. How about player instructions? I put my fullbacks usually close down more, tackle harder, pass risky, cross more & get further forward (unless i put them as defending) like is it best to put a lot of player instructions or just a few or nothing at all? Thanks!
  5. Basically the lose to the lousiest team in the league but win/pull a miracle against the biggest. How many TIs is enough btw? And how many instructions are good for PI? I usually put a lot of instruction for my fullbacks/wb.. If I put my LW to attack and my RW to support, wouldn't my team attack from left mostly and would seem predictable? Ah.. I see. What TIs would go well with this tactic? And isnt hassle opponents to give more pressure? Thanks for the link! Reading it right now
  6. Hi, was told that the tactics sub-forum would be my best bet for help. Right now my team is just so inconsistent! It'll win, and then the next match they'll lose. Or draw, or sometimes lead 2-0 and end of the match 2-3 instead! Also, my players give penalties a lot zz Can someone take a look what's wrong with my team? I got a pretty world class team I must say but IDK what's wrong with them! Is it the tactic? Inconsistent performance (ignore friendlies) http://i.imgur.com/EPgxNsD.png Tactic 1 http://i.imgur.com/99fZVNe.png Tactic 2 http://i.imgur.com/oAKzPJS.png Tactic 3 http://i.imgur.com/aj9DQjc.png Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, what should I look for in a striker for good consistent performance? All my strikers have been nothing but sh*t. Drogba and Gabriel Barbosa are the only two who does the job at times. Thanks
  7. Edited DB w/ Editor, not RTE (2015 transfers, injected some cash into club – CA BASTIA) From Ligue 2 to Ligue 1 (now) Right now the team is just so inconsistent! It'll win, and then the next match they'll lose. Or draw, or sometimes lead 2-0 and end of the match 2-3 instead! Also, my players give penalties a lot zz Can someone take a look what's wrong with my team? I got a pretty world class team I must say but IDK what's wrong with them! I doubt its the tactic, or maybe it is, but my tactic is pretty strong if I must say so myself. https://mega.co.nz/#!qIcDTB6T!xG-Lpyb81Ttu-YUAXBW0VxybQiKxubwbSmLlRkRtdtI BTW, can anyone teach me a thing or two about strikers and how should I find/get a great consistent striker that'll do the job every game – think of Costa @ Chelsea IRL. Because right now, strikers just don't seem to work! I just purchased Gabriel Barbosa so I'll see if he'll work or not, and Drogba works fine (new signing too). But previously I splashed the $$$ on Jordan Rhodes for 25m and he can't score for sh*t (sold him off for 12m to schalke – he has played 5+ matches and no goals lol). I also bought a few other strikers like Veton Berisha (5m works fine sometimes), Rodrigo Palacio (5m sometimes too), Andreas Cornelius (useless POS 6m), Adam Le Fondre (in my previous save games he was a goal machine! somehow he just sucked in this save.) Thanks all!
  8. bump since FM15 has been released. would appreciate info, TQ
  9. Calm, Assertive, Cautious, Passionate and Sarcastic! Would be great if you lost to a team that you're supposed to win and you just come in the room, "*claps* Great game lads!". Lol Btw, can someone explain Assertive, Cautious and Passionate? How do you speak passionately/assertively/cautiously? Is it the body language or the way its spoken? Is passionate = crying? Cautious = not confident? Assertive = very confident?
  10. No problem! And thanks for the notification tip, will check it out
  11. Same, or better? On FM14, I have UK(PL-Sky Bet 2)(playable), Germany(Bundesliga1-2)(unplayable), France(Ligue 1)(unplayable), Italy(Seria A-C), and Spain(BBVA-Adelante)(unplayable), and it gets me 4 and a half star worth of computer speed. Fast, but in FM15 will it be more optimized (get a 5 star) or pretty much the same? Another thing, sometimes I get random lags (5-15 seconds of beach ball) thanks to random international fixtures, even tho I only turn on for World Cup(Later Stages) lol, how do I disable this random fixtures so it doesn't come out whenever I continue? Like suddenly, it'll come out Iraq U21 vs Yemen U21 and some other random fixtures that I didnt subsribe to, but somehow it comes on and it slows down the loading process.
  12. If its the Intel HD 5000 then yeah. I'm using a MBP late 2012 model, it has Intel HD 4000. I use 2D graphics (tho 3D works fine, just prefer 2D), and the leagues I turn on are UK(PL-Sky Bet 2), Germany(Bundesliga1-2), France(Ligue 1), Italy(Seria A-C), and Spain(BBVA-Adelante), and it has like 4 and a half star computer speed. So yeah, it works really great. Lags(5-15 seconds of Mac's beach ball, nothing major) sometimes thanks to international fixtures, I dont know how to turn that off smh. As for the second question, if you pre-ordered w Steam then I dont believe you need to contact anyone.
  13. After watching the new features video, I'm interested in getting FM15 but just wondering whether I can continue my FM14 save, or can I copy my FM14 edited database and paste in FM15 to be used in FM15 (and continue from year 2016)? Or at the very least just copy the database of my created club and start back from square one? Thanks
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