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  1. Finished my first season with saint Anthony’s win the quadruple only lost 2 games out of 47 one my first league game against newmains and the semi final of the west of Scotland 3-1 against Clydebank 😭 josh Wilson former Cowdenbeath player was my top goal scorer with 78 goals in 45 games ross Archibald second top with not to had 44 goals plan on getting the ants to the top of the juniors then leave for a lowland league , highland league or south of Scotland league team and try take them to the spl
  2. First trophy as manager of the ants done what my dad never did lol get by the quarter final of league cup 🙂 mon the ants
  3. Hey just downloaded this just now I have started as st.anthonys now can live the dream i really wanted to growing up from ball boy to player to manager just like my dad unfortunately a stopped at ball boy to committe member as my football skills where poor haha mon the ants can’t wait for my first govan derby
  4. Been reading all your saves all day in work going to join the challenge tonite and hopefully have a team set up for Saturday morning . Only ever managed to get annan from scotland to the spl but never in England hopefully pick up some tips in here along the way
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