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  1. any straya and kiwis out there reply below
  2. Player popup panel

    nice i love it
  3. Player popup panel

    mmmm panels\generic\popup information panel.xml
  4. Player popup panel

    Hi mate try panels\player\player overview popup panel.xml
  5. FM 18 Dark Skin Backrounds?

    sent ya a pm
  6. CLINCHED 17 V3

    sorry did some more match intros change files over
  7. CLINCHED 17 V3

    changed the inbox scout report update thoughts?
  8. CLINCHED 17 V3

    Sent you a PM Sent you a PM
  9. CLINCHED 17 V3

    you will be in the first group i will pm you the link soon
  10. CLINCHED 17 V3

    Thanks mate
  11. CLINCHED 17 V3

    If You wish to support my work through donations just click the paypal button. Every donation is much appreciated. Thanks in advance! PAYPAL paypal link working V5 New Titlebar with compass select Sidebar tweak New Club overview Tweak Staff profile Tweak Player profile New search screen New Affiliated screen New Staff popup screen New Player popup screen ETC ETC
  12. CLINCHED 17 V3

    hi mate place this in below Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\CLINCHED V3\panels\scoreboard_selector\match title bar score epl.xml its line 94 <widget class="text" id="Scor" alignment="centre" style="semi_bold" colour="grey 900" size="10" /> match title bar score epl.xml
  13. CLINCHED 17 V3

    Hi FM GURU I'm glad u like new update v4 Yep I added a paypal link in first post thanks heaps