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  1. THE FM GURU I will send u a private message dont look on those sites its been deleted...
  2. hi all i want to add a league table to the file "match of the day panel.xml" but im having no luck any ideas?? image hosting websites
  3. Have a look at post 10ish onwards in this thread, should cover it. - should contain the info for the action bar font issue as well.
  4. go to FM16-Skin-YACS2 panels and place tactics shortcut quick sub dialog.xml
  5. same needs a fix
  6. The Best Skin:applause:
  7. Hi michaeltmurrayuk got another one what's this panel called?' alt='Wayne_Rooney_Reports_Stats.png'> free screen capture software[/img]
  8. Cheers mate Yeah mate I did that I haven't changed nothing in the file "filter panel popup". Still does not lock using the lock button. Is it read from another file that might have be changed?
  9. Hi all anyone have problems with this filter panel popup staying locked? Any fix?
  10. Just trying to get rid off some bugs
  11. once again thank you michaeltmurrayuk
  12. skin resolution is 1920 x 1080
  13. made a few changes thoughts? Any thoughts will help with development