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  1. Is it normal that changing the rendering mode seems to have sped up the game considerably? The interface lags a little now but the processing speed seems to be significantly faster... I didn't think changing rendering mode could have effects like this...
  2. Hi, when I start the game, instead of playing the intro, the loading screen etc. the screen starts flashing at a seizure-inducing speed and then it jumps right to the Main Menu. The only way to stop this (that I know of) is pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, which minimizes the game and let it load and switch back with Alt+Tab in a minute or two. Also, when it finally loads the main menu screen, sometimes it says "GPU rendered" in red letters in the corner of the screen. And sometimes it doesn't. Don't know if it's relevant or not. I uploaded a short video of it happening: The game works fine otherwise. This problem is new - my FM10 through 14 start up normally. Thanks.
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