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  1. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  2. I disagree (although i've only just finished my first game on 10.3.0) as i just won 6-0 against Cardiff as Crawley with a striker scoring 4 goals
  3. Just wondering whether the increase in the average PA of regens will come into effect on the new regens coming through in future seasons on my current game or will i have to start a new game with 10.3.0 from the start?
  4. I went for my tea and when i came back it was still going on and when we missed the 3rd chance to win it id just assumed the match engine was stuck in a loop or something a bit crazy
  5. Not compaining since i eventually won 16-15 on penaltys but it seems a bit unrealistic that we would go through 20 players each (5 missed from them, 4 for me). Anyone had anymore then that?
  6. i have in every version which is why i think that when SI were going to introduce this it should at minimum have been in a new game as so far i think every new patch has changed the match engine which is pretty stupid itself as IMO the match engine should only be changed in new games otherwise a tactic that was completely fine one game could be amazingly bad when patched up. Only match engine bugs should be fixed mid-season
  7. yes it will make a small difference but not really one to the result as you need a completely different mentallity apparently
  8. I will do that in a minute but i'm almost certain that a team in the top 6, or possibly even top half will have lost 80% of their away games. Sorry just an off topic quick question, is there any way to start the view as 2D classic view instead of 2D classic view? thanks
  9. Yes but they are bottom of the league and i would doubt get steamrolled away to each other, ie. teams of similar ability. And i know there is a difference between home and away and generally teams will play better at home then away, but if you are playing teams of similar ability/lower ability than yours then you would normally be at least competitive in the match whereas it seems you don't stand a chance in most games away from home that you would expect to do decent/well in.
  10. no i don't mean a tactic should last for your entire career without change, or even a complete season. It's just that there shouldn't be such a sharp contrast between home stats and away stats with the same tactic. As i said in my last post, when Man Utd or even Villa and Everton are playing away they rarely play different to how they play at home and they consistantly get good results home and away
  11. I don't think this is right at all, when was the last time you have seen a top 4 team be dominated by a lower team in every away game. I can accept that occasionaly this happens IRL but i think this "feature" has been implemented too extremely and should be toned down in effectiveness as teams like Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool don't have to change tactics IRL to be competitiveness in a match (though i know Liverpool have stuggled against lower teams they have not been dominated at all). It seems the match engine takes tactics into account too much and not player ability enough (if that made sense?)
  12. no i'm not talking about supertactics, i know that if you beat Stoke one week then you shouldn't expect to beat Man Utd the next but its sort of the other way round that if you dominated Man Utd one week at home then you would probably expect to beat Stoke away whereas in FM it seems it is easier to beat Man Utd at home then Stoke away which shouldn't really be the case
  13. Sorry if i wasn't being completely clear but part of my point is that one week i'm playing Man City, a similar club in terms of reputation now although better player, and i will comfortably win 3-1 at home while dominating but the next week i'll play Ipswich away and loose 2-0 while having only 3 shots and being totally outplayed. I just don't think that there should be such a contrast between your home form and your away form as generally (i know there are a few exceptions) if a team is in form, like Aston Villa earlier in the season (IRL) then they will play the same at home as away and be successful but to do this in FM your form counts for nothing and it seems like your team or the game has no concept of form as this is more important then if you are playing home or away
  14. I have tried playing with 2 different tactics away, and have been completely steamrolled with both of them, i tried a balancing tactic and this just meant the game ended 0-0 with me having no shots, and when i tried the counter attacking tactic or the last 2 games i have lost 2-0 and 3-0 to low teams. My problem really seems to be creating chances though as i have only scored a few goals away from home and conceding doesn't really seem to be a problem.
  15. First, for those of you who don't know (or haven't experienced this somehow), since the 9.3.0 patch SI have tweaked the tactics system so that you can't really use one tactic throughout the season. Therefore this means that at home you are probably still experiencing the same results as before however, away it is a lot harder to gain a positive result with the same tactic if you aren't one of the bigger teams in your league. This creates a situation where you can split the league into 2 very different views: home and away. At home you will still have good results if you got them before the new patch however it is nearly impossible (imo) to win consistantly and convincingly away. Here's an example to try to back up my point: With my Everton team i finished 2nd in season one with patch 9.2.0, but since the new season i have patched up, and even though my home form has been slightly dissapointing, my away form has been terrible: (9.2.0 Season) http://img522.imageshack.us/my.php?image=03152009161044.jpg As you can see i won 15 games out of 19 at home whereas i won 12 out of 19 away, which is pretty decent for a 6th place predicted team (9.3.0 Season) http://img201.imageshack.us/my.php?image=03152009161235.jpg Now you can see that at home i have won 7 out of 10, however now away i have only won 1 out of 9 I'm not the only one either as a search in the forums will tell you. So please vote and tell SI whether you think this is a positive, neutral or negative feature they have included