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  1. Thanks. I will try downloading it again with the 1.1 update.
  2. Much appreciated. Thank you very much I do prefer the interior picture. Thanks again! Edit: I did copy the file and overwrite the old config..but it still shows the exterior picture when i click on any team.
  3. If I want to make appear the interior of the stadium rather then the exterior on the club screen. How do I do that?
  4. I downloaded the pack from sortitoutsi from a link posted by someone. I have no idea who's is it can't believe after using this for so many versions of FM, now I can't get it to work and nobody seems to have the same problem and can't help... I thought that the "stadium" word in the config file could mean that i need to creat a folder with that name in "graphics" but it didn't work
  5. Thanks for the reply Tom. .) And what do I need to do to make them work? Change the config file or? And if yes...how? how do i know which number of pic is for which club, I can't possibly go through them all and recognize all of them.
  6. The problem is that I have the superpack. How will I know which pics go for the premier and which for serie a and etc... the pics that i have go from 600.png and so on Do you have the same pics or? config file goes like this: <list id="maps"> <!-- Generated by FM Graphics Configurator, by HMan --> <record from="100032" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/100032/stadium"/> and so on... could you upload your config file or something? Edit: Ok i have made an interesting discovery. I have pasted an old folder from a previous version of FM. the folder is called "competitions" and i have placed it in graphics folder of FM. and in there there are competition backgrounds for the premier, bundesliga and so on. now in the game when i click to load the prem standings the picture actually shows and for bundesliga too..but not for serie a not for ligue 1 and not for La Liga and the picture for these league are there. the interesting thing is that if i switch from the bundesliga standings and click on any club..the picture remains the same (the bundesliga logo ) I don't get it... I noticed that in the config file for example the serie a is not mentioned like this: <record from="english premiership" to="graphics/pictures/comp/11/background"/> but if I want to add it..how do i know which number goes after "comp" like "11" is for the premiership?? Can you help Tom?
  7. I used your skin before Tom. And I know it works. I am missing something. but I can't remember what! Other then the stadium pics and clear cache, and reload skin. What else?
  8. No. fm14|graphics\backgrounds not skins|steklo|backgrounds but in the game i am shown the default pics in that folder. what do I need to do other then what i have already done? getting quite frustrated here...
  9. So I have loaded Steklo skin in FM. I have pasted the stadium Superpack in the graphics\backgrounds folder I went n the game did the "clear cache" and "reload skin" part. All i see in the game as my background is a grey screen. It don't work. Any idea why?
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