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  1. Hi Guys,It's been a while since I posted, so not sure if this has been talked about before. Apologies if it has and I haven't noticed.With us still in lockdown, I've decided to start my first journeyman save on FM20.Please can someone guide me on the issue of... If I disable 'First Window Transfer Activity' is that just for the league I'm playing in, so once that transfer window is shut, the next time it opens, so do all the other league windows or does every leagues transfer window stay shut until its passed its first one. For example, by starting in Finland, their window opens much early than the English window, so once the Finnish window closes (the first one that teams can't buy in), do all the other leagues windows open whether their first one has passed or not, or do all the first transfer windows stay closed (so no team can buy players) and open at the next point, so in England it'll be January that teams can start purchasing players.Hope that all makes sense, I appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer.Stay safe. Andy
  2. Good read and well done on your progress. The goalkeeper you've signed, Amadeusz, is my goalkeeper at the club I manage. Very talented indeed.
  3. Really enjoy your stories. Keep up the good work. Tempted to start my own journey once the final update is out.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm currently enjoying a save in Slovenia and have qualified for the Europa League in my 1st season. Due to my ground being too small, I'm going to be playing my games at the national stadium. I've noticed that I ground share with another team, who own the stadium. There's no information showing that I move into a new stadium or go back to my old stadium. I've looked to see if there's an option to request to build a stadium, though I don't have enough funds yet, I wanted to see if it's something that can happen in future, but I don't have an option to ask to build a stadium. The team I am is NK Radomilje. Can anyone tell me if I could have the option to build a new stadium in the future, depending on success and money? Or will I not be able to do it. We don't fill the stadium yet, but surely there should be an option to select to build a stadium. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  5. Hi Guys, Looking to start a long term, one club save. Here are the two options I'm looking for suggestions for... 1) A sleeping giant that isn't in England/Italy/France/Germany. Prefer a team in a smaller/lesser known country if possible, but open to ideas. 2) Or a club that can be built up and has potential to challenge the top teams in the nation and then developed to be a leading force in Europe/World. E.g maybe a team similar to Eibar in La Liga. Don't want to start in top division if possible. Prefer not to manage in the top 3/4 nations. Look forward to your suggestions. Cheers.
  6. SQUAD OVERVIEW: The squad does lack experience, but does make up for it with a number of talented youngsters. Whether that will help us break into the top six and the playoffs at the end of the season, only time will tell. If I'm honest, to even achieve anywhere near that sort of finish, I'll have to look to bring in free transfer or loan signings to help and hope I can find a formation that will allow us to be competitive throughout the season. Andrei Rauta (CB) Andrei is our most promising player and at his young age, a lot will be expected of him at the heart of our defence. With the right training and game experience, we could have a very good player on our books. Cornel Cainari (AMC) At 26 years old, Cornel is one of our most experienced players, so I'll be expecting him to lead by example and help our younger players. I'll also be hoping he will come up with some vital goals and assists, as he'll be playing just behind the striker. Valentin Buhacianu (AF) Every club need a goal scorer and I hope Valentin is ours. It's been made clear that the fans rate him highly, as they are concerned his contract runs out at the end of the season. So I'll be looking to make sure we can keep him here beyond his current deal. TACTICS: My favoured tactic is the 4231 and I'll be looking to implement this formation during pre-season and hope to be able to excite our fans, with some enjoyable attacking displays. If my preferred tactic is too much for the squad at the moment, I'll revert to a 4411 formation, where I'll look to hit the opposition on the counter and hope to achieve that by dominating possession and being well organised.
  7. Thanks mate. I was there a little longer, but it's part and parcel of the process unfortunately.
  8. Thank you mate. I hope you enjoy.
  9. ACS BUCOVINA POJORATA: I've taken charge of Romanian side ACS Bucovina Pojorata. They currently play in the Romanian Liga II and compete in Seria I. FACILITIES: We currently play our home games at Stadionul Pojorata. The capacity is 520 and is all seater, which can be seen in the picture. It's quite a picturesque setting, with hills surrounding all four sides of the stadium, but to be a successful football side, we will need to make some big improvements over the coming seasons. We have poor training facilities, so I will have to look at using the transfer market to bring in players to help increase competition for places. Or if we can get an affiliated club, where we can do some loan deals that would be a huge help, while we set about building the playing squad. The pitch is in good condition, so hopefully I can stamp my playing style on the squad during training and we can play some attractive football in the upcoming season. CLUB BACKGROUND: We are a fairly new club, having only been formed in 2013, so it's no surprise that we don't have any silverware in the trophy cabinet. In fact everything is pretty poor, so it will be down to me to try and bring some success to the club, so we can bring in large sums of money to begin rebuilding from top to bottom. FINANCES: As expected the finances aren't brilliant. This is an area that I'll need to in the short term and the only way to do it, will be to get promoted to the top division. If I can sign or develop a couple of players, I may have to look to sell them if the finances get too bad. The key will be to attempt to get European football, which will be the big help. LIGA II ODDS: Things don't seem to get any easier, as we are priced at 500/1 to gain promotion and with our nearest challenger at 50/1, it could be a long challenging season ahead. We'll play each team twice before the league splits into a playoff, where teams will be battling it out for promotion, with an extra ten games to be played. In the bottom half it's a layout, where teams will be playing the extra games looking to avoid relegation. It's good that the match day squads are encouraged to have home grown talent or players from Romania in their 18 man squad, which hopefully can benefit the national side. ****************************** Thanks for reading and let's begin...
  10. INTRODUCTION: In this save I will be playing as myself, with the main goal of becoming one of the most successful managers on the game during my career. I intend on trying to achieve this, by managing in some of the lesser played countries on the game and will attempt to build and develop teams or a team, depending on how attached I become with a side, to domestic and hopefully European success during my career. If an opportunity arises for me to manage a national team, then I will consider taking charge and again try and bring success to the country I've been appointed too. Finally, if a job offer is presented to me and is from a fallen giant, whether that be in real life or in the game, I will look at the proposal and decide if it's worth accepting, but basically I'm keen to build a legacy with a lesser known team and hopefully turn them into a super club to challenge the usual suspects. MY BACKGROUND: I spent most of my early years up on Plymouth Hoe (pictured), kicking a football around with my dad, brother and friends at every opportunity that presented itself, normally when mum wanted to spend hours shopping in town on a Saturday. After a kick around in the late morning, we would then make our way to Home Park to watch Argyle play in the afternoon, before heading home and having a takeaway dinner. The frequent football sessions I attended, nearly every day after school, had started to pay off, as when I turned eight years old, I was spotted by a Plymouth Argyle scout and invited to join their school of excellence. I was with Argyle for another seven years and was signed to their YTS programme, where there were opportunities to sign pro forms, providing you impressed the coaches. Unfortunately towards my 16th birthday, I picked up a nasty ankle injury, which put paid to any dream I had of being offered a contract. With the professional football dream heartbreak behind me, my family and I had moved up to Hampshire, where we now live. Though I never had the opportunity to play at the highest level again, I did play for some top local sides at a semi-professional level until I was about twenty-seven, which I enjoyed and achieved the odd bit of success. With my passion for playing beginning to dwindle, I set about gaining my coaching badges, with a view to forging a career in coaching and hopefully help young players fulfil their dreams of playing at a good level. This brings me to the present day, where I work as a football development manager at a secondary school, as well as the coaching company that works in partnership with the school. My other job is, that I am currently manager of a team in step 6 of the National League System. As I don't like adding leagues, I have decided to begin my managerial career at one of the lowest ranked teams from one of the countries I've loaded and will start there, rather than unemployed. I have set myself with the National A license, so there's scope for me to improve and as a semi-professional footballer. ****************************** I have posted stories on another site before, but having read many stories here and seen the positive comments and likes that they receive I felt I would feel right at home sharing my venture with you. I hope you enjoy my first story that I've posted on here and I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments as I embark on my managerial journey...
  11. I've started a save in Slovakia, as a trial run. I'm just trying to figure out how to post pictures, then I'll look to do a story on here.
  12. Yes I have looked in more detail to it, but Galabovo is situated in the Stara Zagora Province which has over 330,000 inhabitants, so I will be hoping to get more than 8,600 over time coming to watch us. I'm by no means expecting to build a 200,000 seater stadium, but maybe a 40-50k stadium in the future depending on the success I have. Appreciate the reply. Thanks.
  13. I did post it there accidentally, but then realised it is a question about managing in Bulgaria and not a story, as I haven't even started the save yet. So have asked a moderator to close the other one in the stories section. Hopefully I'll get some help in here if people can offer the advice I've asked for. Thanks, Andy
  14. Hi All, Following the brilliant responses I had to my thread 'Building a Legacy in a Small Nation', I've decided to look to develop a club in Bulgaria and attempt to turn them into a super club. I'm keen to start at the bottom and that means in the Bulgarian 'B' group. One of my aims is too build a big stadium and hope to get it named after myself, if it's possible. The clubs I'm looking at are Botev Galabovo and Sozopol. Botev Galabovo are the team I'd like to start with as they are 150-1 to win promotion. I've looked on the editor and it says the inhabitants range is between 5001-10000 with an attraction rating of 0. Does the inhabitants range mean that I'll never be able to have a stadium bigger than 10,000? If anyone has any help on what the inhabitants range means and if it has an effect on a stadium being built, that would be great. Also, any other advice or tips for me managing in Bulgaria will be really appreciated. Many Thanks, Andy
  15. Sorry, I think I've posted this in the wrong section. Can a moderator kindly delete this thread as I've reposted it in the general discussions section. Many Thanks, Andy
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