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  1. Re: the problem with players determination at the start of a game. Does randomising players as in ticking the use fake player box solve the issue? I have to say it is a good effort in terms of the game and obviously much work has gone into it but some of the issues are so central to how the game functions that it is very hard to become immersed in the game while they remain issues as it detracts from core parts of the experience mainly youth development through the determination problem and tactics through the various ME issues. I'm not really enjoying it because of that but as alway
  2. Has the issue where players don't retire and 99 year olds are floating around in the game in later years been fixed in 19.1 by any chance? @Miles Jacobson @Neil Brock
  3. There should be a certain amount of players that are just untutorable in that they remain undisciplined and unambitious and tempermental no matter what.
  4. Andre Gray, Troy Deeney, Richarlison and Abdoulaye Doucoure are beasts in FM18 when deployed properly Rajkovic in goal is a quality shot stopper again in this version
  5. Going to buy a desktop off a local custom maker Intel i7 2.9ghz 8core 16 gb ram 128 ssd & extra hdd room For under €1000 Sellinf my current laptop on ; its HP, 2 years old, i7 quad core 2.4ghz and 8gb of ram with an Nvidia graphics card in it - hoping to fetch about €500 as it’s a pretty solid machine to be honest and I’ve kept it very well only used for college and FM - does anyone know how to estimate sale value of a used laptop or best place to sell? Cant wait to try FM 18 on this !!
  6. +1 Origi, he is unbelievable in this game
  7. Hi guys, I am starting a new season as Sunderland but am going to play it with a bit of a twist. I am going to try and exploit the other team in every game rather than setting out a deliberate style of play myself. I have a few questions to pose to everyone, especially to @Cleon @Rashidi and anyone else who is very into the tactical creation and analysis within the game. 1. Do you have any specific tips to adapt tactics to play against certain formations? 2. Do you have any advice about how to predict how a team will play based on manager profile? 3. Does anyone e
  8. Hi, I was just looking for clarification as to how you fulfil some promises when selling players and offering contracts. 1. Buy replacement player - Does the player have to have a certain squad status/position or can you decide that a certain player is a replacement. 2. Strengthen squad - again the same, are there certain stipulations in terms of squad status/reputation that need to be met to be determined as having strengthened the squad. 3. Improve coaching team - again what passes as having strengthened the coaching team? Any others that people are unsure of and how
  9. Started up what must be my third Southampton save and currently, 4 games and 4 draws in... Kept same squad as original with only additions James Bree and Ademola Lookman along with Memphis Depay on loan... 4-1-4-1 formation
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