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  1. Loan Length on Android

    When looking at the player in question's contract page in their profile, click 'View' at the bottom of the screen and from there you can view the player's loan contract. This page will tell you the start and end date of the loan.
  2. Recent iPhone update

    Hi Enthon. Would you please elaborate on what you mean by 'you cannot drag and drop the players anymore in the detailed team selection' as when in the detailed view of the club squad screen dragging and dropping players appears to be working fine at our end. I take it that the screen you are referring to is your club squad screen, having changed the view from Overview to Detailed? And just to confirm, is it on iPhone or iPad that you're having this problem?
  3. When managing Bilbao, if you set the 'Only Interested Players' filter to yes (it should be set to yes by default) in Player search, that will set the player search to filter out only Basque players while still working as a filter to include only players that would be appropiately interested in signing for the club.
  4. If you select the player on his main profile page you should see the club he is loaned to above the box for Nationality. If you go to the player's contract screen his Loan Status should be On Loan. As I mentioned in my previous post, you can recall the player should you so wish by clicking on him, selecting the 'Action' button and then pressing 'Recall.'
  5. Hi Sy13. Kennedy Adjei looks to be on loan (indicated by his name being yellow.) The red symbol you refer to means that he is unavailable for selection. You can recall Adjei from his loan by clicking on him, selecting the 'Action' button and then pressing 'Recall.' As for the fixtures kicking off at 10 PM, the '10' you're getting confused with is actually the year you are in (2010.) The game doesn't specify the exact time at which a game kicks off but PM means it is an afternoon fixture while EVE means it is an evening fixture.
  6. Bosman Ruling

    If you search for players who are on an expiring contract, you'll be shown a list of players whose contracts expire within a year. Different leagues have different rules relating to at what point you are allowed to sign players with an expiring contract and that's why you'll find that you can sign some before others. If playing in England and you intend to poach a player from another English club you'll have to wait until a month before that player's contract expires before you can make your approach. For most other leagues the rule is that you can sign players who have a contract that expires within six months. I think it's fair for a player's wage demands to drop (within reason) when they become a free agent. They're going to be a little more desparate to join a new club if they're unemployed. I'll have a look at this to make sure the wage drops aren't too drastic when a player becomes a free agent. I'll also take a look at players rejecting a contract from your club and joining another for less wages but do bare in mind that money isn't everything to a player and so it's not entirely unreasonable for a club of a higher reputation than your own to get a player you were after even if they offer less money.
  7. It will affect your transfer budget if you have a transfer budget but in Lambert's case (where his transfer budget is £0) he's still losing money because it will still come out of his overall balance, so it's a dangerous method to use. Should have made that more clear.
  8. The fee you are required to pay a player to release them of their contract prematurely does not come out of your transfer budget, it comes out of your overall balance (a figure you cannot see though you can get an idea from what your club's financial state is in your club's finances screen.) So I wouldn't use this method too freely if I were you, spending too much money releasing players who have a considerable amount of time left to run on their contracts is a quick fire why to put your club in the red.
  9. Goal from own box bug

    We are aware of this issue and it has been logged in our database to hopefully be fixed in the not too distant future.
  10. Start unemployed?

    Hi Stan_Of_Toon. Assuming you was on holiday for those three seasons, did you have 'apply for manager position at higher reputation clubs ticked?' I've started three unemployed games in the A-League now and have found a job fairly quickly with each of those attempts. Attempt 1 - I was offered a job by Adelaide United FC on 18 November 2010. While on holiday I had also applied for the vacant managerial position at Perth Glory and an offer from them followed almost immediately after I rejected the advances of Adelaide. Attempt 2 - Offered a job by Brisbane Roar on 2 November 2010 Attempt 3 - Offered a job by Melbourne Heart FC on 3 December 2010
  11. Right, there is a workaround for this that could help for now - if you're on holiday when the transfers are supposed to complete they will go through as normal. So I'd recommend going on holiday for a week a few days before the July transfer window opens. That way you should be able to continue your May 2013 save FMHplayer and sign Teixeira and Sanogo at the end of the season as you intended.
  12. Glad you're enjoying it. As for the next update, I can't say for sure when that'll be out nor whether a fix for this particular issue will make it into the next update in time I'm afraid. Last word from Marc on the update was... And as for whether it will fix the transfers in your current save I'm afraid I can't say for sure on that either at this stage. Sorry to not be of much help.
  13. Thanks guys. We've managed to reproduce this here and have now logged the issue in our database to hopefully be fixed in a future update. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.
  14. FMHi 11 Reserves

    A player you have transfer listed will remain transfer listed if you demote that player to the reserve squad, if that's what you're asking. However, currently the player will have to be in the first team squad for you to change a player's transfer status. Any changes you make will though stick if you decide to demote that player to the reserve squad.
  15. FMHi - Too Hard to Transfer

    I find that transfer listing and offering a player out to other clubs (at a reasonable price) rather than just doing one or the other always helps in getting rid of a player you don't want. Also, if the media link one of the players you are attempting to offload to another club, confirming that rumour will usually lead to a bid being made from the interested club. What sort of prices are you attempting to offload the players at in relation to their transfer values? I tend to find that offering a player out at about 60-70% of a player's transfer value will usually catch the interest of other clubs. I might offer a player out at a bit less if recently they have only been playing a very marginal role in the team or haven't been playing at all well. Contrastly I'll be expecting a bit more if I'm getting rid of an in form star player.