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  1. Firstly, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section so if a moderator could kindly move it to relevant section, I would appreciate it. So I've recently started a new save having created a club using the pre-game editor. As far as I know, there aren't any issues with the save file nor my graphical files. Getting to the problems I'm facing in FM19 with regards a created club: 1. Changing an existing club to become a new club, doesn't completely work. I've tried several times, but the name remains which didn't happen at all on FM18. For example, I've tried changing the name of Ashton United to a new club name but whenever I start a new save with the database, it always appears as Ashton United. 2. Although not a major flaw as I've dealt with it in FM18, changing an existing club to seem like a new club doesn't remove the records in game even though it has been done so through the pre-game editor. For example, the most league appearances and most league goals remains in the records tab of the save file. 3. Creating a new club from scratch using the pre-game editor worked fine. However, the logo can't seem to be changed. I've tried several unique IDs, done all the obvious options but to no avail. I used the same logo for FM18 and managed to change it, though it was with an existing club but I don't think that it should matter too much in my opinion. To sum up, LOGO REMAINS DEFAULT. 4. Using the in-game editor, and turning off the option to use licensed kits - or leaving it on anyway - could not remove the sponsor from the kit. Full disclosure, I didn't alter the kits when I was using the pre-game editor and it was because I thought I could alter it using the in-game editor. To sum up, SPONSOR ON KITS REMAIN. 5. An issue not related to the topic but one I've noticed recently after the most recent update, the columns on the tactics tab - other tabs have this problem too but I'm using the tactics tab for obvious reasons - always seem to be misaligned. I have an average rating tab all the way to the right but every time after adjusting, it flies further towards the right. To sum up, COLUMNS ALWAYS MISALIGN. If someone could offer advice regarding oblems, it would be much appreciated, especially on problem 3 as it is the one that bothers me most.
  2. With the option for use auto save type when saving manually ticked, it still doesn't create a new previous file like it used to. I thought that option was implemented in case games got corrupted and so, we could return to a previous save file. Now that option doesn't exist anymore. Much preferred it the way it used to be.
  3. Greatly appreciate the suggestion, Neil. Haven't been able to play much and yet to try it in the afternoon when the weather is scorching here but early signs show that it's improved. I had to reduce the render quality to very low and all other graphic settings to the lowest possible, which has resulted in a decrease in temperature by around 10 degrees although with the odd spike every now and then back up to the 85-90 degrees region. I'm, however, curious in the underlying cause of menu lag, especially when viewing squad or tactics. Many people with much better processors, much higher RAM or amazing graphics cards all seem to have the same problem.
  4. I'm too having performance issues even in the menus which fluctuates from time to time. I have SpeedFan installed and compared to FM17, on FM18 my laptop overheats up to at least 20 degrees more at close to 90 degrees. A big part of it could be that since there was a setting on FM17 where we could change the rendering mode, I had it on software, so it made things faster. I'd like to know what has happened to that setting or feature and why it was removed or yet to be implemented. I'm using Avast antivirus and have never had performance issues to this extent. I've attached my dxdiag but if the problem is with my laptop, I find it unacceptable as FM was never a program that required top end processing or graphics and it should never, especially since at the end of the day, it is solely a simulation program. And if there's nothing I can do to improve it then I'd be very disappointed. DxDiag.txt
  5. I will add both. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Thanks for the feedback on this issue.
  6. I see, so I guess I got unlucky with that save then. But I excluded FM in my antivirus though ?
  7. I just so happened to save over it before I realized this issue, so I don't have a backup save. But if I remember correctly, it seemed to be fine just a few weeks ago in game. Could you explain how it got corrupted ? First time this has happened even though I've had my antivirus on the whole time, other saves weren't affected.
  8. Yes, Avast. Antivirus was running but FM was excluded. No scans were made while the game was running.
  9. http://postimg.org/image/5vs2u72fb/ http://postimg.org/image/i7uz7oq9z/ http://postimg.org/image/n7sffmvwn/ As you can see, there must be something wrong. I fear it's my save that's the problem because my other saves aren't like this.
  10. Indeed I was referring to the tactic you devised. I'm currently using support wingers in a possession tactic so far and it seems to be alright.
  11. Cleon, what are your thoughts on using wingers on support duty in this system ?
  12. Control with the thought of going with a flexible team shape.
  13. Because I have tried my home tactics in away matches and it didn't help. Home matches, in my opinion, should be more expressive while away matches should be more cautious yet the results I got away from home were abysmal. And I mentioned in my OP, I would make few changes against stronger sides.
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