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  1. Based on the roles, is it possible to play both IW/S or IW/A on both sides ?
  2. Hi all, As per the title, how do some of you approach away games differently to away games ? I've had experiences of absolutely beating mid table teams comfortably in home games but struggling for chances and goals in away games against the same opposition. I use the same tactic away as I do at home against such teams, which in my opinion, should theoretically work as it did in home games. Another question would be how do some of you approach big games away from home ? Something I've struggled with so far on this year's FM.
  3. That's encouraging.. I'll stick with it for now but maybe I'll just look to start from scratch again. Thanks anyway.
  4. Switched to a half back, toned down the instructions and have seen some improvement with my team having most of the possession in most games. Have also switched to an advanced forward and have been getting good results from him lately, scoring plenty of goals. Inverted wingers were not working as crossing was a problem so switched to Inside forwards. However, the problem persists albeit with slight improvement. In most games, either the left AMR performs and the right doesn't or the right AMR performs and the left doesn't. Just can't seem to get consistency from both wingers in a sa
  5. I have used a half back in previous saves and previous FMs with success before so would like to know your thoughts on midfield selection with or without a halfback in order to have more defensive solidity and reducing conceding CCCs. If other positions / instructions require change as well, then would love to know your thoughts as well. Meanwhile, I will tone the tactic down and play a few games. I've had good results in the past using narrow attacking width so I will try it out again. Thanks.
  6. I've never really thought of a particular style of play. Perhaps an attacking system centred around possession, but wouldn't be hung up on it as long as chances are created. Main problems I've had have been getting the wingers to perform consistently and not getting as much goals and assists from the midfield 2 as I would like. Have also been conceding fair few CCCs through long balls over defense so have been experimenting with standard defensive line when used to be higher. Home form isn't so much a problem but on my current save, not been getting the tactic to work properly
  7. Would appreciate some help on the tactic I've been using on FM2020. Keep in mind it isn’t really the preset Vertical Tiki Taka, just what I’ve called it as it’s what I’ve tweaked and used on past FMs. No player instructions but have fiddled around with "HOLD POSITION" for the DM (S). Player roles have been fiddled around with in the past, notably using a HB and Anchorman. CM(S) have been DLP(S) and BBM in the past. AP(A) have been Mezzala(S) and (A) in the past. Didn't get much luck with AF so changed to DLF(A). Prefer CDs on defend but have used BPDs both roles in the
  8. With the option for use auto save type when saving manually ticked, it still doesn't create a new previous file like it used to. I thought that option was implemented in case games got corrupted and so, we could return to a previous save file. Now that option doesn't exist anymore. Much preferred it the way it used to be.
  9. Greatly appreciate the suggestion, Neil. Haven't been able to play much and yet to try it in the afternoon when the weather is scorching here but early signs show that it's improved. I had to reduce the render quality to very low and all other graphic settings to the lowest possible, which has resulted in a decrease in temperature by around 10 degrees although with the odd spike every now and then back up to the 85-90 degrees region. I'm, however, curious in the underlying cause of menu lag, especially when viewing squad or tactics. Many people with much better processors, much higher RAM
  10. I'm too having performance issues even in the menus which fluctuates from time to time. I have SpeedFan installed and compared to FM17, on FM18 my laptop overheats up to at least 20 degrees more at close to 90 degrees. A big part of it could be that since there was a setting on FM17 where we could change the rendering mode, I had it on software, so it made things faster. I'd like to know what has happened to that setting or feature and why it was removed or yet to be implemented. I'm using Avast antivirus and have never had performance issues to this extent. I've attached my dxdiag but if
  11. I will add both. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Thanks for the feedback on this issue.
  12. I see, so I guess I got unlucky with that save then. But I excluded FM in my antivirus though ?
  13. I just so happened to save over it before I realized this issue, so I don't have a backup save. But if I remember correctly, it seemed to be fine just a few weeks ago in game. Could you explain how it got corrupted ? First time this has happened even though I've had my antivirus on the whole time, other saves weren't affected.
  14. Yes, Avast. Antivirus was running but FM was excluded. No scans were made while the game was running.
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