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  1. It's not really a surprise - Goalkeeper decision making was very bad last year. Getting pretty with graphics and motion capture isn't go to fix this.. Time better spent elsewhere I feel. I appreciate the efforts of trying to make the ME look better on a superficial level, but it really fails to mean anything if the game play suffers for it..
  2. There seems to be quite a few cases of epic high scoring just out of the blue - I've had a lot of 7-0s, - Chelsea beat Valencia 9-1 - 7 Goals from crosses ofc - Man UtD beat Shaktar 10-0 - Juventus beat Bayern 8-1 - These are just what I remember. It's not your tactics, it happens in AI matches a lot too.
  3. With regards to AI squad building.. Is there a practical Joke SI are playing with Man utd? The first thing they did on my save was to buy Ricardo Rodriguez - Another left back, after having bought 3 in the summer, than as if to ride home how much they apparently need more left backs, they put a bid in for my left back at the end of the season. O_O
  4. Honestly I fully understand this, and I respect and commend you in finding a way to minimize the damage from crosses.. I've created a tactic that works for me too. This does create an issue in and of itself though, in that you're needed to set up in specific ways to combat a ME bias. Which kind of destroys the point of a Football Management simulation.. The ME is kind of like seeing the fruits of labor coming to fruition. No one wants to be stuck with just a few choices, being forced to buy certain types of players, or tactically setting up the same way each time..
  5. So because it's not an Issue for you, it obviously isn't a problem.. Despite a massive recurring theme in the 47 pages of the Beta thread, continued in this thread, and threads being made in the tactics Forum???????? You're delusional.. I play in the Bundesliga, which I won season 1, am currently top of season 2. My fullbacks all have work rates above 15, their pace and acc. stats are all above 16 - The same goes for my wingers. They are also set to close down more, both TI and PIs, fullbacks and wingers, and the wingers are set to mark opposition wingers via opp. instructions. Nothing wrong with my tactics, my possession rates and attempts and clear cut chances are always superior. My centre backs are also very good. However, I concede almost all of my goals from crosses/set pieces..
  6. I don't think you understand the issue.. It's crossing effectiveness vs the ability to either stop those crosses coming in, and your center backs being able to pick up players attacking the cross.. ..and the sheer amount of crosses the opponents use.. lol - I play diamond with no wingers and my full backs stay back...Crossing not a problem guys.......
  7. Pray? Destroy your computer? In all seriousness though, if you haven't noticed a common theme is that crossing is OP, they can't be stopped, and they can't be defended in the strictest sense. Full backs won't close down and stop them coming in, and your center backs will lose the attackers. Best to do your defending further up the pitch. What I've done for example, although it in no way actually stops crossing being effective is to play a very high press, and a defensive system that relies forcing the opponent to sit deeper and have less options going forward enabling me to recycle possession as they struggle to get enough players forward. I play at an very fast tempo moving the ball around quickly, not giving time for the opposition to press me back, and win the ball furthur up the pitch You can't really stop crossing being effective though..
  8. Fair play - I tried a bunch of options but he really wants to leave - I could offer him a new contract to almost force him to stay, but I'm Gladbach and my budget isn't great, besides If he wants to leave the current Bundesliga Champs, then so be it, don't want such nonsense in my dressing room thank you ^^ - Gah, all my players are being lured away, just had to sell Granit Xhaka T_T
  9. Some actual feedback/questions... What's the news on improved player interaction? I ask because I just had Max Kruse come to me saying he thinks he'll be a more important player for Bayern Munich than he is for me.. He's currently a Key Player for me, and will have to contend with the likes of Lewandowski, Muller, Mario Gotze and Volland at Munich.. Hardly seems legit EDIT: Ninja'd By dsch
  10. Remember to put strikers at fullbacks and wingers for max efficiency
  11. I imagine it matters to a lot of people, considering it's a supposed simulation that break immersion to easily
  12. Everyone knows negative feedback no matter how constructive get's deleted if it doesn't come with at least double the amount of praise. A feedback thread that fears feedback, seems legit. Maybe there is a direct correlation to all the criticism that get's removed and how much this game has regressed? Everyone knows FM15 in it's current state is bad, bad by FM standards, let alone modern gaming standards. What's worse is that a lot of the current issues have persisted and only regressed since FM14. This is not good, how ever you want to spin it.. Stop being passive aggressive, it's really ugly..
  13. Fair enough I can at least write what I've got.... Goalkeeper: Unsure if it's going to stay this way, but it's worked so far, and my possession stats this season are really good.. - Distribute to flanks - Take short Kicks - Distribute Quickly Center Backs: - Pass it shorter Fullbacks: -Pass it shorter -Stay wider -Run wide with ball Wide Midfielders: - Pass it shorter - Shoot Less Often - Close down More - Sit Narrower - Cut Inside with Ball DLP: - Close down more - More Direct Passes BWM: - Pass it Shorter Feel free to tinker what you like obviously.. Just a note, my Gladbach players all have extremely high work rates, professional attitudes, high stamnia and natural fitness and good teamwork.. I imagine this all helps in maintaining a high press, and fast tempo..
  14. If you tell me what you want and how to do it, sure...A bit of a noob when it comes to this site and how to do things..
  15. I figured it out...Without really knowing how.. I was playing this season 1 Season 2 - I've know tweaked slightly and am playing this: Not many changes as you can see. Currently undefeated in the league after 12 games, and am 4 wins out of 4 in my Champions League Group consisting of Chelesa, Valencia and Dinamo.. I'd like to be smart and say by pushing the ball winning midfielder up into central mid from defensive mid has him pushing slightly higher up the pitch, reducing the gap between midfield and the more attacking players. Thus, becoming due to the nature of the role, a more proactive counter strategy, than a more reactive counter strat than what I was achieving before.. Maybe also makes it harder for opponents sitting deeper to find a way out, and with Kruse playing AF now instead of DLF, put's extra pressure on the defense, again playing a more proactive style.. But I don't know, I could be way off..
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