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  1. Anyone been playing with OM on the 17.3 database? Got £25m transfer budget for 2nd season, £30m for the third. Not exactly a sugar daddy.
  2. I can't remember how long I've been playing with Annual, but I would imagine that most people would actually find it pretty simple to get used to a new system though. For instance, I know £5.2m pa is £100,000pw, and £10.4m pa is £200,000 pw, so I can very quickly get a sense of how a player's wage demands translate to the real world (if it even matters). Part of the reason I asked is that I still find it weird that in the UK Premier League footballer's wages are usually quoted per week (Just seen for instance that The Ox was offered £180,000pw to renew at Arsenal). Is this an historical thing? A working class thing? (I used to get paid weekly when I worked in a factory), something to do with the old maximum wage? An F1 driver's contract, or a basketball player's contract is talked about as £Xm per year, and we know that they, like footballers, sign contracts for a set number of years/seasons, we all know they don't earn £180,000 for clocking in and out of their shifts every week!
  3. [FM17] *Actually* Good Freekick Takers?

    Lemar, Patrick Roberts and above all Sebastian Giovinco.
  4. AI Manager Appointments

    Kenny Jackett replacing Poch at Spurs is probably the weirdest one I've seen. I know he's done some work with their youth teams irl, but Kenny Jackett?! Been a few weird appointments for major international sides too. I know international jobs aren't what they used to be, but even so... Saw Moyes replacing Fergie at Man U in a pre-2013 version of the game too, how unrealistic!
  5. I always see people on here, or guides to the game, or FM youtubers talking about "£Xpw left in their wage budget", or "so-and-so wants £Xpw", and I know in the wider football world people generally talk about how much a player is on per week, but I can't be the only one who has my wage budget set to annual? I look at all my finances on an annual basis (sponsorship, TV money, prize money, wage expenditure etc.), plus my transfer budget is annual, so what use is knowing that I have £137,489pw left in my wage budget? I'm just curious how many people set it to something different?
  6. Nice username. Your system looks like a bit of a mish-mash of styles to me. Your intention says counter, your formation says attacking, and some of your instructions say possession. If you want to play counter, then simplify down to a core intention/approach. As @Teabs says, counter-attacking basically means drawing as many of your opponent's players as possible into your own half, so that you can get the ball quickly into the space behind their defence when it opens up. Looking at the current best-known proponents of this system: Leicester and Atletico Madrid sit deep, defend in numbers and hit the pacy forward to exploit the space. Obviously there are nuances, but your tactical decisions should be based on your one sentence philosophy. As it stands, I'd expect to see your three attacking players staying high up on the right hand side, forcing the opposition's defence to stay back when they're in possession. Then when you get the ball back your short GK distribution and Play out of Defence instructions will see your players taking their time to move the ball upfield giving the oppo plenty of time to regain their defensive shape.
  7. I'm seeing the CB's and Midfielders dispossessing the opposition forwards a lot, perhaps more so than other systems I've played. Playing with an aggressive, compressed midfield when out of possession seems to be restricting the opposition's ability to exploit our high line. Having two smart, physical CB's is also helping. I also put the opposition defence on always closing down, and sometimes get my wide forwards to man-mark the oppo FB's. Some teams have managed to get a ball over the top but woeful finishing has meant that only Juve in our first league defeat of the season (1-0, no prizes for guessing the goalscorer) have managed to punish it. I lost Jorghino to a 2-month injury and I've not been playing his replacements as a Regista. This has coincided with a run of narrow wins (and the Juve defeat), rather than big wins, suggesting that the Regista may be a key part of the system. I am seeing my players hold onto the ball a lot though. The team still seems rather static, rather than the perpetual motion machine of Napoli's pass and move. Still plenty of room for experimentation.
  8. Haven't quite got them playing Sarriball yet, but the outcome has been pretty effective nonetheless. In terms of @Jakob8b's suggestion of three fundamental's, they're probably the things to experiment with next. Roam from Positions - 5 of my front 6 have this hard-coded to their role, so would selecting it as a TI encourage too much of a free-for-all if added on top? Dribble Less - Don't have this selected, mainly due to the results above. Playing against better teams might encourage more experiments though. Tried playing with Dribble More in pre-season and the team played very direct, the front 3 attacking space at pace without waiting for the midfield. Shorter Passing - Have this selected, but haven't tried Retain Possession yet. Seems like a nice balance but haven't yet got them playing Sarri's rapid back and forwards passing. Training multiple players to add Plays One-Twos PPM. Currently dominating possession and chances though. Anyway, this is the system at the moment (although Allan plays BBM, rather than CM). I'm not entirely sure how we've kept 8 clean sheets in 10 games, seeing as my CB's have pretty much no cover (Jorginho also has Get Further Forward as a PI). It seems to work though, or at least I haven't come across a team able to exploit it yet. Goals come from all over, 9 from the first choice midfield trio, and Giovinco is my Mertens with 9 in 7. A 7pt lead and +25 GD after 8 league games feels like I've stumbled across a game-breaker though! Wheels will no doubt come off shortly.
  9. Re-reading your posts, I'm still not completely sure what kind of style you're trying to create. You talk about: but then say: Contradictions when developing something is fine, it usually takes time to find clarity in the execution of an idea, so I'm not having go, just trying to understand/help. I get that you want to play quick-passing football, but possession football doesn't have to mean slow, van Gaal's Man Utd played slow possession football with very little off the ball movement, but Sarri's Napoli play possession football at a high tempo with quick passing and lots of off the ball movement. Obviously all teams need to deal with all four phases of the game, but a team's style is dictated by the combination of what they do in each of these phases. I think deciding what you want your team to do in each phase will help you figure out how exactly to set your team up. For instance, both Ranieri's Leicester and Klopp's Liverpool put a lot of emphasis on the Attacking Transition phase, looking to exploit the opposition's lack of defensive shape when they lose the ball and the space that creates. However, they treat the other phases in completely different ways. Whereas Leicester spend the Defensive Transition phase (i.e. the moments after they lost the ball) getting back into their defensive shape in order to defend in numbers and draw the opposition into Leicester's half, thus leaving space up the field to be exploited by long passes and Vardy's pace, Liverpool spend the Defensive Transition phase attempting to win the ball back immediately, moving further away from their own goal as they counter-press, rather than retreating towards it. If you are trying to create something similar to Sarri's Napoli, then in terms of FM's TC, I'm not so sure that roles and duties are key to implementing that particular style. Obviously you'll want as many of your players as possible to have the kind of attributes your Playmakers have (First Touch, Passing, Technique, Anticipation, Decisions, Flair, Off The Ball, Teamwork, Vision) if you're going to play a quick-passing style. Then with your TI's and PI's and PPM's you should probably experiment with things like Dribble Less, Roam From Position, Plays One-Twos; and avoid things like Hold Position, Runs with Ball Often, Pass Into Space, and Dwells On Ball.
  10. Your opening paragraph @jc577 made me think of an article I read the other week about Napoli under Sarri, and how they use rapid short passing and constant off the ball movement (amongst other things) to draw the opposition out of their defensive shape. One thing they tend to avoid doing is dribbling, partly because statistically dribbles have a lower success rate than passes, and partly because the ball can move far quicker when passed than it can when at the feet of a player running with the ball. Maybe that's relevant for you or maybe not. It's an interesting article nevertheless that talks about plenty of other related things and might spark some further ideas. http://outsideoftheboot.com/2017/07/30/breaking-down-maurizio-sarri-tactics/
  11. Would be great to get the option to assign tutors yourself, mainly because I keep getting regens with 17-19 Determination who are paired up with senior players only for their DET to plummet to match their tutor's.
  12. Tactical creative block

    On Icardi specifically, I'd suggest that as long as he's played in a team that's strong mentally, you can ignore his deficiencies. While his Aggression and Workmate are low, his Finishing, First Touch, Technique, Composure, Anticipation, Decisions, Off The Ball and Determination are all strong to excellent. He might not be "the complete striker", but he's not far off. I used him as an AF-A alongside a CF-S, and had no complaints. Of course if you're looking for a player to offer something different that's one thing, but as a goalscorer, there's few in the world/game who are better.
  13. Cant score in the second half

    Isn't this pretty normal? Both in FM and irl? At 4-0, the game is over (unless you're watching Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal), and a massive drop in intensity and commitment from both teams is surely to be expected. I'd say a 2nd half consolation goal from the losing team is most likely at this point - again both in FM and irl - as they're the only team with something to fight for (regaining a little of their pride).
  14. As you say, it's definitely more complex than just dragging a defender away to create space. An instruction given to a player (in FM or irl) is rarely a straightforward cause and effect because it always depends on the context of how the two teams are playing and how the opposition adjusts, or doesn't adjust to any change. So the effect of getting a player to Move Into Channels can be varied; finding space, creating space, creating an overload etc. depending on how the opposition reacts. I think this is just a cultural terminology issue, because the two phrases are saying exactly the same thing: move into/exploit, the channels/half-spaces (although I would say that "exploit" is more ambiguous, as it doesn't specify whether it includes just moving into the space, or passing into it too - but that's not super important here). In English football "the channels" are generally known as the spaces between the CB and FB (or in behind an advanced FB), so a striker will often be said to be "running the channels" or "working the channels", i.e. moving into the old Inside Right/Inside Left position in order to exploit the space there, or drag a defender with him. English football hipsters (such as myself I guess) have started adopting the German "half-space", but I'd imagine if you come from a different football culture, SI's English-origin references and terminology may not be all that obvious.
  15. Are people still getting large transfer budgets on the latest database? McCourt has been pumping in money whenever the balance has dropped below c£18m (£45m in total during the first season), but the transfer budget was only £25m in summer 2017.