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  1. DoB's for missing Nykøbing players. Additions/corrections in bold italics
  2. Some more DOB's for missing Næsby players. Additions in bold italics
  3. Fair enough, got some DoB's on the two from B93 as well. I will try to dig into the second nationality of these two as well, as the U19 coach says they have that. Additions/corrections in bold italic. Do you want to keep receiving data additions/corrections in this forum for the winter update, or should that be elsewhere?
  4. Got in touch with some clubs and got some missing date of births. Additions marked with bold italic in the quotes. Will add more when the remaining clubs answers.
  5. Freitag is from 2002 according to this link: https://brondby.com/masterclass/trupper/u19/ But still no actual date.
  6. Cool, did you see my other additions? Found some more going through the fixture from the weekend and added in the post afterwards.
  7. Updates for Danish 2nd Division after the weekend fixtures AB: Filip Mellbin, GK, U19 had a call-up for the 1st Team this weekend. BK Frem: As of Saturday, Mathias Thrane (ID:27067377) is a BK Frem player, as he went straight into the starting XI. Source: https://bkfrem.dk/taalmodighed-betalte-sig-for-ubesejrede-frem-holbaek-nedlagt-i-aarets-sidste-hjemmekamp/ FA 2000: Valdemar Nielsen (Valdemar Johannes Nielsen), GK, U19 had a call-up for the 1st Team this weekend. Hillerød: Frederik Hansen (Frederik Høyer Hansen), GK was called up from the B Team to be on the bench for the 1st
  8. Just talked to a board member of Vanløse IF in the Danish 2nd division. Mark Christoffersen (ID:27130864) are still registred as a player for Vanløse, he's just on a leave until 31/12/2020 to take care of some injuries.
  9. Philip Gejl is both represented in his old club OB U19 (ID:27153130) and his new club Randers U19 (ID: 2000018986). They should be merged. Same goes for Mathias Balle thats both in his old club AaB II (ID:27161190) and his new club Ikast FC (FC Midtjylland B) (ID:2000041066).
  10. Marius Lindh is set to be unavailable until 31/12, but he has been fielded multiple times this season so far. I think he should be available then? s
  11. Some changes for the Danish 2nd Division backroom staffs: B93: Peter Hasselgreen (ID:1057) is no longer assistant manager, as Emil Dyre (ID:934300) has stepped into that position. Source: https://b93prof.dk/traenerstab/ BK Frem: Mikkel Graack (ID:27159919) is a (student) doctor according to the source. Johnny Vilstrup (ID:91) is a physio according to the source. Emeka Andersen (ID:2106) is also a GK coach for AB Tårnby (and HIK). How do you handle personnel that actually works in different clubs at the same time? Source: https://bkfrem.dk/foerste-hold/ Brabrand: Jimmi Nie
  12. In my walkthrough of the teams in the Danish 2nd Division I've found some more missing players that all have been called up for the 1st team this season and at least been on the bench in fixtures: (Source: Danish Football Association) Key: Name (Full name), birth date, position, normal squad level - (comment) B93: Tammer Bany, ?, CF, U19 Benicio Pená (Benicio Christian Pená), ?, GK, U19 Brabrand: Michael Søbye (Michael Søbye Eye), ?, GK, B Team Christian Tjell, 10.03.1997, GK, B Team - (Free Agent in FM21) Thomas Lodberg (Thomas Gammelby Lodberg), 22.04.1998 , CM, B Team - (Fre
  13. I've found 2 Christoffer Kørschen at Brabrand IF. Seems those should be merged. His birth date is correct in line 1 (6th March 1995), but his name is correct in line 2 (Kørschen). Interesting that both the birth date, height and weight is different though.
  14. I'm testing out Danish 2nd Division (Tier 3). Fixtures and team division between the groups are incorrect. From Group 1 should the following teams be swapped with Group 2: AB Tårnby with B93 Slagelse with BK Frem All leagues and cup and fixtures down to 4th tier can be found here on the webpage of The Danish Football Association: https://dbu.dk/resultater/raekkesoeg/?unionid=1&divisionid=1&genderid=0&season=0 Tier 1: 3F Superliga Grundspil 2020/21 Tier 2: 1. division 2020/21 Tier 3: 2. division 2020/21 Tier 4: Herre-DS Cup: Sydbank Pokalen 2020/21 I k
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