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  1. Gundo quick question, i saw in the Editors -Hideout a file for welsh league to lvl 5 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/233393-FM11-Welsh-League-s-to-Level-5 . would this be allowed to use it in your'e challenge to make it more interesting and maybe more challenging?
  2. Would like to start this challenge this year with the dynamic league rep. I believe the logos from fm10 will be working in fm11 . I got the C&T carbon logos does anyone know if there is an update on the league and competition logos for C&T, because i think in the english leagues have been renamed from coca cola to some other sponsor and would like to have these updated. On another note Gundo will you be making a new thread for fm11 ?
  3. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    has the rep for the teams changed in 10.3 ? and also do we need a new ddt file for 10.3
  4. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Quick question : Is the rep for the team " Kingstonian " realy 150 ? if so then it should provide the biggest challenge. So far the lowest i managed to reload was Banbury and Kingstonian Can please someone confirm that because i would like to start a good tough challenge.
  5. Quick question before i decide to join this challenge. Do i need to tick the box wich says " Add key staff " ? Second question is " Do i need to download and install the leagues provided in the link , even so if i decide to play a team from the vanilla version ? Thx
  6. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Hi guys lurking around and got myself Fm 2010 a few days ago, but played the competition like 2-3 years ago. I got 2 questions , i like a good challenge and try to get the lowest rep team. Is Kingstonian realy the lowest rep team or is it a typo ? Second question is , where can i get the badges and logos for these teams newly promoted. I remember few years ago someone made these for the challenge. Thanks for any response
  7. I can't see a problem with that since all of those players should be scoutable. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Thx for clearing this up , so far i have only like looked whos not needed in certain reserve teams in coca cola league 1 and 2 and their youth teams .
  8. So basically i can go through each reserve team or first team in England and invite players from their squad to join a Trial ? I like to stick to rules and i like the LLM rules but with only 5 players in my squad at the beginning of the season i have to do something. BTW i have gone rid of my parent club since its not allowed to have one or feeder club in the same nation, will get a feeder one from overseas later in the game hopefully.
  9. Hi , just got the game and and i'm interested in joining this challange. For the record i never played any FM game before so i got some questions. 1.) i holidayed to the 19'th choose Chipenham , but now i have only like 6 players wich have a contract and the rest of the players is greyed out. Question is , how do i get rid of them or do i just give them contracts? 2.) am i allowed to use the button player search then use Well known players in youre region and transfer listed or do i need to wait till i have a scout whos then getting me some new players ? Thx thats all i think i need to know for now .