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  1. Playing as Dortmund. Bayern makes big bid for Reus in winter transfer window. Dialog indicates, that he wants to talk with Bayern, but when I accept the bid, he becomes upset (+ most of the squad)
  2. It a recreation of the tactic of the Danish NT + a number of Danish teams, which play with the same formation from youth level and up. It's a classic 4 backs, 2 MCs and an offence with AML, AMC, AMR and a lone striker.
  3. Nice save, that: http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/anders-lindegaards-wonder-double-save-manchester-united-u21s-2-tottenham-u21s-1/
  4. What a huge loss. First and foremost for his family and friends, but also for the entire FM-community, who have lost a member who made a deep impact with his football wisdom and analytical skills. RIP
  5. I almost always play with the default skin and no customizations, but I must say that you've got me salivating with those screenshots. I might just abandon my "conservative" approach and try this in action. It really looks great.
  6. Scout reports on own players: Scouting own players You should be able to get at least the same details for your own players that a scout can provide on a complete stranger.
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