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  1. 1 - I would like the sponsors to be more helpful. Some sponsors in Brazil don´t pay an anual cash to the team only... They can pay 50% salaries of the highest earning player, (Like Panasonic did with Neymar at Santos) or pay for a certain stadium update (Like Brahma did with Botafogo at Engenhão). 2 - I would like the managers to be able to choose sponsors. Yeah, sometimes monthly help is more useful than a full deposit at the start of the season. 3 - Managers should be able to create reserve teams. When starting with a small team, you just have the First Team and the U19 or U20. It´s more than enough to the lower leagues, but once you reach the premier or the serie A, reserve teams are important to organize schedules, training, "not-so-young-players"... 4 - Managers should be able to set the tickets price. I hate not be allowed to set an unreal ticket price for final games, or just donate all the money of a friendly match to charity... (you know, to raise the club´s popularity).
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