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  1. Not a big deal but i guess i have to inform that. I am checking for french logos these days as i contribute to a website. Using the FFF website and a french custom database that goes deep till level 8 (not a single team or player created though) to see what is missing or what is in need of update i found something strange on the Regional 3 division in Paris - ile-de-France region. Indeed there is a team that plays in one of the 4 groups (also in 20-21 and 21-22 too) called Racing Club Argenteuil. Strange is that in the custom (and original too) database there is a team called Football Club Argenteuil. I searched through FFF and i found that they are different teams. RC althought is in higher level than FC is not present in the database while FC is in and it seems that this year will not have a senior team in any division (FFF says it plays in a Coupe du Matin championship). I guess the creators noticed that but they used FC instead of RC in that specific group for ease. Anyway it's not a big deal but maybe RC could be present in the upcoming 22 version of FM. below some screenshots i provide.
  2. check the italian fmfusion website, they have a 7level italian patch there
  3. check the fmfusion website. Italian fm fans forum where they have realistic italian system structure down to level 7
  4. @Daveincid you and @majesticeternity plus some great creators, they should hire you in SI permanent! Such a game changers all of you guys! Thanks is the least we can say! Since covid gives us too much free time to the most of us your db are a must and we enjoy it much!
  5. Anyone know anything of a possible return of @bossland and his amazing skin?
  6. I'm not a creator myself but what i know if there are two lower leagues for example with the same id then the game chooses the one with the bigger reputation and at some point i guess it will crash... I really like your idea though! I always imagined how great it would be to combine some great real life structures from different countries all together but it seems 1) impossible 2) to achieve that i guess all these creators somehow should combine their edit powers and create one db together (e.g meistertrainerforum (germany) manageronline(france) fmsite(spain) fmportugal (Portugal) danfromSI(england) fmfusion(italy) xavierlukhas(netherlands) fmgreece(greece) and so go on...)
  7. if i am not mistaken @krlenjushka makes a serbian but not yogoslavian (thats what i guess you look for) That guy i dont want to say his name that steals others work does create a yugoslavian and ussr files but i wouldn't reccomend them just because he has no respect for others. I hope you understand for whom i talk
  8. italian lower leagues here: https://www.fmfusion.it/showthread.php?tid=327 french lower leagues here: https://manageronline.fr/r1mo/
  9. Last year i read somewhere (can't find the article though now) that PSG took the decision and reached an aggreement with FFF (regarding its B'team that plays in N3 group IDF) that can't promoted to N2 even if it finishes 1st. I dont know if is indeed true but maybe the french speaking people may sort it out!
  10. Oh my god....stupid me!!! That was the problem....unbelievable!!! So embarrasing!!!! it seems accidentaly i clicked on it and thought it was a bug....Oh god!
  11. Nice work!!!!! Are the promotions/relegations work correctly in the lower regional divisions year by year? Is a common problem on lower league patches! Just asking though no intention to judge if it occurs here too!
  12. they release every year a lower league patch! is the best around the internet by far!! Not yet but im pretty sure they will have it available soon https://fmportugal.net/
  13. Probably... Im not a creator myself i just suggest you...what if you checke their db file in your editor and maybe understand how they do it....i guess
  14. Contact the guys from manageronline.fr except the fact that every year they produce a level8 patch for the french football system they somehow achieve to block teams moving to other regional divisions!!! They do a great job! Check their site mate! If you are lucky and talk with them I'm sure they will solve your issues
  15. Anyone knows any real life Hungarian football pyramid data file?
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