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  1. Very interesting managerial style vasilli07, looks like it's going great for you, well done mate! By the way - how do people manage to get away with getting rid of all their best players in the first season? Don't the board threaten you if you clear everyone out so quickly?
  2. I understand what you're saying, but I don't think that's entirely fair. Especially something like 'Prevent Short GK Dsitribution' - whether you play with only key highlights or you watch the whole game, (as I have tried both) the outcome is the same - my players would not prevent any form of GK distribution. As soon as the GK touched the ball, the strikers would wander off and do nothing. As far as the other issues mentioned in this post I haven't had chance to take a proper look at, but at the moment there definitely seems to be a lack of effectiveness in terms of some of the instructions you can give to your team as the manager.
  3. I also found this - feels like some of the instructions don't actually do anything. Another one that does literally nothing when I activate it is 'Prevent Short GK Distribution'. Tried all striker roles, different pace players etc. still no pressure on the opposition keeper. Weird.
  4. Great stuff, always enjoy playing a Milan game! Offers an interesting and unique challenge that's for sure. I'll be following this closely, best of luck
  5. Adriano was an absolute bleedin' nightmare for me on my Roma save a couple of years ago. Literally toxic, turned the whole squad against me. Luckily managed to get rid of him eventually, went on to win the Champions League when he left haha. Maybe his stats are different now though ? Who knows, just a heads up.
  6. Bournemouth also threatened to sack me despite when I took them over were in the relegation zone, and I ended the season losing in the Championship playoffs with them. They kept me on though and despite doing exactly the same next season they are delighted with me now.
  7. Very well written and hits the nail on the head in my opinion - experiencing a lot of the same issues. It's such a shame because I am actually still enjoying the game, but I know it could be so much better with a couple of tweaks. One thing I have noticed in particular is sometimes the players simply do not do what you ask of them. I understand that part of the fun of the game is trying to work out whats best for you, the players and the team, and that certain players interpretate tactical roles differently - but when you are on retain posession and you DC and MCs insist on hoofing the ball up field everytime they get near it is beyond me.
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