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  1. Hi, I have been playing the same 4-3-3 formation for around 10 seasons and have had multiple relationship lines develop between goalkeeper, defence and midfield but not a single relationship line has developed between midfield and attack which I find a bit strange? Any reason this might be? Thanks Chris
  2. Sorry if I am missing something but i cannot see it is possible to praise or discipline my on loan players? Is this possible to do? Thanks Chris
  3. Hi, have not played for a week or so but now I am unable to start my game as it thinks I have purchased form an unofficial source which is not the case. It says to email Sega but all a bit odd. Any ideas? Thanks Chris
  4. To be able to have player interaction with onloan players to try and improve their moral
  5. To be able to filter scouts to only look for players on a certain wage and with a certain value as sometimes some of the suggestions are far too expensive.
  6. Hi, Is it possible that match reports can be tweaked in the future so that they reflect events in the match itself. For example, the report will say the fans were bored or it was a dull game etc but does not mention that my team had a player sent off, an injury, own goal etc which is why we did not win the game. If the report could reflect the events in the game I think that would be an improvement rather than a general report. Thanks Chris
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