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  1. Thanks, I am struggling to see what this has added to the game and what affects the rating though and an explanation of the rating, I am currently a 6 so what does that mean? Is it a scale of 1-10 or 1-20 and what would a higher score mean? Thanks Chris
  2. It is really bad, every other day there seems to be a couple of sackings, next season I will try and keep a tally as an experiment. There is also some strange appointments, Ryan Giggs has been appointed and already sacked as Spurs manager within 4 seasons. Not sure what settings are programmed into the game for manager appointments but so many of the appointments are unrealistic, probably the only part of the game that I do find to be unrealistic.
  3. I have two thoughts / questions on this. Only once in two seasons have I been able to discipline a player after a game (for a red card), I never seem to have the option to discipline for poor performance or unprofessional behaviour. I also dislike how the player interaction works for positive player interaction. When you selective positive, then select the reason the assistant often comments 'player will respond to public pressure', well it's not good to praise the player if they respond best to public pressure so really the assistant should tell you this on the first screen and then you can select negative discipline to act as the public pressure rather than only finding this out after you have gone through two screens for positive interaction. This all leads into my next point about the discipline attribute in the manager profile, mine has stayed at 9 for two seasons (once it went to 10 after I was able to discipline for a sending off) but as I seem unable to ever select negative discipline how can I improve this attribute to 20. Thanks Chris
  4. Yep I have had the same problem and was actually going to start a thread about it today. I did comment about this in the 2016 version as there is a very high turnover of managers and I hoped it would not be the same in the 2017 version but I have had Wenger and Guardiola quit within 2 months of the start of the season plus Koeman just left and there have been 1 or 2 others as well in the Premier Division. I could understand 1 or 2 in January maybe but certainly not from the very top teams.
  5. Just wondering if that is something that ever happens as whenever I play a Prem team in the league or FA cup they generally seem to be full strength rather than a weaker or mixed strength team. Thanks Chris
  6. Hi, have not played for a week or so but now I am unable to start my game as it thinks I have purchased form an unofficial source which is not the case. It says to email Sega but all a bit odd. Any ideas? Thanks Chris
  7. Hi, is there any reason as to why a coach will/will not pass an exam or is it completely random? Is there a set time as well before they can retake? Thanks Chris
  8. In my opinion the whole manager situation is very strange in the game, with so many odd appointments (for example Shaun Dyche who was managing Chelsea which was fine but left them to join a random German team) I am in 2030 and Rooney is manager of Switzerland......I would be happy if players did not always become managers but were available to hire as coaches for my club and managers came from a pool of new names.
  9. To be able to have player interaction with onloan players to try and improve their moral
  10. To be able to filter scouts to only look for players on a certain wage and with a certain value as sometimes some of the suggestions are far too expensive.
  11. Hi, is it possible to get the coaching report of a player when they are in your national squad so that you can select the penalty, corner and free kick takers? Does not seem to be available but I might be missing it. I am managing in the lower leagues so do not have any of my own club players in the national team so I have no idea who has the necessary attributes for the set pieces. Thanks Chris
  12. Is there a way I can attach a picture to illustrate this, cannot seem to at the moment Thanks Chris
  13. Hi, can someone explain the reasoning behind this and the best way to resolves the players dislike of their current training regime. I do try and change it for them but it very rarely works and I find the only solution is to give them a new contract which immediately resolves the problem. ideally I would prefer to know what training they would like to do and the level of intensity rather than giving them a new contract just to stop them winging. Thanks Chris
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