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  1. Thanks you very much Bartrix - much appreciated!
  2. Probably a bit of a NOOB question here but ... Can the base documents folder be changed from my overly full C: drive to my D: drive and the game still picks up skins, logos, facepacks etc? Had a quick look in preferences and cannot find anything in there to change the origin / destination folder. Really need to trim my C: drive down - a lot and moving all the files from FM18 would help, but if they are compatible with FM19 then I can just cut 'n' paste, but would prefer to have them on a different drive altogether. TIA Norm
  3. When starting a game as unemployed, I think it would be a good idea if you could specify which club you are interested in managing, i.e. Norwich or whatever. The current system of top division / higher division or whatever or by reputation is all well and good, but say I wanted to manage Sunderland, my local team. Well they are not really a higher division club, and despite my own bias, I doubt if they could be classed as a higher reputation club at present. So if I could make the choice to manage Sunderland, again for example, then it would either be straight away, outing Jack Ross from his position or keeping a close eye on the game to watch for the availability of the position. BUT, if the option to apply to manage Sunderland was included in the initial set up, then I think it would be a boost to people who like to play their own club, which I reckon is over 60% of the people playing the game. (nothing to back that last statement up, just general observations of twitch / youtube etc) Go forth and prosper Norm
  4. When starting an "unemployed game" and going on holiday - the option to wait until a particular job becomes available rather than the scattergun approach used now of top division, higher reputation etc. That way if I wanted to become the successor to ... Claudio Ranieri at Leicester for example I can just do it with a simple click than have to wait through all the clubs in the division - and even worse if it's a lower division team I want to manage.
  5. Just a general question here. I have the full version of FM16 (of course) fully registered through steam and all that, and I run it on my laptop running windows 10. Now, my mobile is a Lumia 950, also running Windows 10. I also have an android tablet (Samsung tab2 10.1). Is there a way that I can get the game on my mobile / tablet and would I have to pay for it again?
  6. I didn't have to reinstall - just took off from where I was on my save game. Started a new save as well with no problems.
  7. No problems here with FM and 10. I have just read that some people suffer a bit of lagging which they have 'cured' by switching to windowed mode
  8. Slightly better with 10, though it does lag a little bit if I have other programs running alongside, e.g. mediamonkey or reader. Will try running in windowed to see if it improves.
  9. Make your tactics adapt to your players, not the the way round. Keep a really tight rein on the finances - things can spiral out of control before you realise. This segues into Don't make impulse or panic buys. Identify YOURSELF the players what will fit into your tactic the best. As stated above - staff at this level leave a lot to be desired. Get as good a physio as you can - as you have already identified, the pitches deteriorate in the winter which in turn leads to a greater chance of injury. A good physio will get the players back to training faster than a poor one.
  10. Don't know if this has been mentioned before but I have two suggestions. 1) When starting, or becoming unemployed, to have the ability to go on holiday until the manager's position at 'club x' becomes available - maybe at 2, 3 or four clubs. 2) I mentioned this last year - but when a penalty is awarded, to see a replay of the incident that the ref blew up for could be useful to determine if the defenders action warrants nothing or a warning or fine by the club. Norman
  11. When a penalty is awarded, how about an option to have a replay showing what caused the penalty as well as the spot kick itself, currently all we see is the penalty.
  12. When you get a penalty, either for or against you, instead of the replay showing just the spot kick, how about being able to see the events leading up to the penalty award. This may influence whether or not you appeal any red cards. Could also show the lead-up to a red card as well for the same reason.
  13. Just ordered using 'bmoose' and got 10% off 25.88 euro which according to google works out to £21.94 - happy enough with that - provided they only take one payment that is ;-\
  14. Crewe Alexandra have always had a good reputation for producing quality young players.
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