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  1. Nice to see more people starting as Blackpool. I have just lost my first league game in the 2nd season (0:4 to Liverpool), but am still leading the table with P19, W14, D4, L1. I'm also starting to lose patience with Crainey (Turan injured for 5 months) as he is giving away possession far too easily. Have just got to January and have bidded 10m for Diego Renan. Also qualified to the kockout rounds of the euro league, drawed H. Tel-Aviv in the first round.
  2. Good luck Arsenal_fc. I have just lost my first game of the second season at home against Lazio in euro league. I have still 7 points from 4 games and have reasonable chances to qualify though. Still unbeaten in the league, 14 games played W10 D4 L0. Already making plans for January, agreed to sign Aurier for 4m so probably letting Woodgate go if someone is interested as he hasn't got a game in a long time, also Basham hasn't played a single a game this season so could let him go as well.
  3. Try Turan as a left back, he is better than Crainey in my save and I have them both, picked him up for about 2m. Also M. Diarra is doing wonders in my midfield, he was available for free in the beginning of the second season, might not be in your save. I have Burdisso as well and he is quite inconsistent compared to Wheater, so you might want to look him up as well.
  4. I have had fantastic september / october of the 2nd season, have notched up 7 straight wins in the league and am now leading the table with 10 games played (W8 D2 L0). Most of the top teams have lost quite a few points already as well with chelsea and man c already over 10 points away. I'm also doing well in euro league with W2 D1 L0 in my group. Wins against Dnipro away and Sevilla at home, draw with Lazio away (Cambpell missed a 94th minute penalty). My next games Lazio (EC) / Arsenal / Man U The best thing about all this is that my team is dominating the games (even the likes against liverpool, chelsea, sevilla) and usually winning comfortably. I have currently settled with following first team: GK: Smithies DR: Walker DL: Turan DC: Wheater / Sullivan (regen) MR: Campbell ML: Vaughan MC: M. Diarra / Fofana ST: Wickham / Guarch Harewood / Paloschi both have long term injuries. I'm not happy with my DR options so might get Aurier in january (available for 4m), also Burdisso has been dissapointing after couple of good games so thinking of bringing in Shawcross (Stoke want 13m for him). My overall best signingns so far have been Smithies, Wheater, Fofana.
  5. September of the 2nd season has went well, have managed 3 straight wins in the league and am 2nd now with 6 games played just two points off Arsenal. Got a comfortable win away at Dnipro in euro league and lost in league cup to Middlesbrough (played only reservers). Next up Sevilla / Chelsea / Sunderland.
  6. Good to see more people playing as Blackpool here.. I have just reached september in my 2nd season, the transfer window closed with me still having £28m to spend which pretty much means that i didn't find many players I thought could enhance the team. This is my team for the 2nd season: GK: Smithies / Butland (loan) DR: Walker (loan) / US regen DL: Crainey / Turan DC: Wheater / G. Burdisso / Woodgate DMC: M. Diarra (free) / Fofana / Basham MC: Cairney / Pacheco MR: Cambpell / Kharzi ML: Vaughan / Labyad ST: Harewood / Paloschi (4,4m) / Wicham / Guarch So only players I brought in since my last update were Diarra who was available for free and Paloschi for 4,4 who was sort of a panic buy in the end of transfer window as Harewood got injured for 3 months and I needed to bring one more striker in. My first target was Macheda but couldnt afford his wages. I'm through to the group stage of euro league, have drawn Sevilla, Lazio and Dnipro. Currently 8th in the league with 3 games played W1 D2 L0, haven't scored any goals since Harewood got injured. Hopefully Paloschi can step up.
  7. Hadn't had much time to play lately, just managed to play my first friendly of the second season. Drawed Polonia Warssawa in the 3rd qualifying round of Euro league. This is my current team: GK: Smithies / Butland (on loan) DR: Baptiste / Walker (on loan) DL: Crainey / no backup currently DC: Wheater / Woodgate (free) / young Burdisso (1,1m) / Cathcart DMC: Fofana / Basham MC: Cairney (3m) / Pacheco (1m) MR: Grandin / young Morocco winger from some french club, dont remember the name (free) ML: Labyad / Vaughan ST: Harewood / Cambpell / Wickham / Guarch Adam went to Sunderland for 3,6m (was complaining about the wages), Ljungberg went to Betis for 800k (wasn't happy with his contribution). Couldnt get Galvan as he went to Stuttgart instead. Rangers have bid 1,7m for Cathcart so might sell him. Grandin might leave as well as his is not interested in renewing his contract (has one year left). Have 25 million left to spend but dont really have anyone to spend it on. Wilshere / Ramsey are interested but they cost 25 million each and not sure I want to spend that much for one player, also Macheda / Bebe / Varane are rated highly by my scouts but all of them are more than 20 million.
  8. Yeah the transfer budget for the second season is decent, I got £30m for top half finish, the only problem is that anybody I am interested in signing is not interested in discussing terms. Well done in getting Paolo Henrique, unfortunately he has already moved to some russian club in my save and not interested in moving. I need a DL (have only Cairney) and DC (let Keinan go) for next season for sure. Had a look at Gallas but he wanted 90k wages. Will take a look at Woodgate as well. Currently have bidded 3m for Cairney, 3m for Galvan (Mexican striker), 1m for Pacheco (Mexican midfielder). All of them have 4 - 4,5 stars from my scouts.
  9. The stadium is being expanded to 20 000 seats and training facilities are being upgraded as well. Sold Sylvestre to Monaco for 1,5m and Eardley to Ipswich for 1,3m. Have a agreed a 800k deal to buy the US centre back regen who I loaned in the end of January. Has done quite well and my staff rate him has an only player in my team with 5 star potential. He's amazing physically (all above 15) but lacks in couple of key attributes (heading 6, marking 5 etc).
  10. I'm not using any particular tactic, use a base 4-4-2, very fluid, attacking, more roaming, zonal marking, more closing down, aggressive tackling, more creative freedom, short passing. Logic tells me that this tactic should't work and I should play rigid, stick to position, direct passing etc as Blackpool has one of the weakest teams in the league, but the team can usually hold up the ball reasonably well even against top teams with this setup and this gives opposition much less time to attack me. Before each game I see what my backroom staff has to say (what kind of defensive line - usually play high, tempo - usually very slow, width - usually very narrow) to play and modify accordingly. Still most of my goals are coming from counters, opposition loses ball, harewood / cambpell / grandin runs away from defence and centers or shoots. I always use assistant suggested team talks and never do any media. Bolton is one of my favourite teams to play, I always beat them by 3-4 goals for some reason but most of my success came down to three players: Harewood - 32 goals in all competitions Wheater - very solid, good in the air Smithies - his stats are not that great, but he got 3 young player of the month awards and was in top 3 every single month of the season Have still last game to play against Newcastle but this doesn't decide anything as have finished 7th. Liverpool won the league, Arsenal took the FA cup, I won the league cup. West Ham, Birmingham, Wigan relegated. Looking to strenghten during the summer and hopefully have a shot at the top 4 next season. I didn't get any extra funds in January although I asked 3 times, hopefully will get a decent budget for the summer as have around £25m in the bank.
  11. I am getting close to the end of my first season. Have pretty much guaranteed the 7th place finish with 4 games to go as Man C is 6th in front of me 8 points away and Blackburn is 8th 10 points away. Pretty happy with the league performance for the first season. Have also guaranteed euro league qualification with winning the league cup. Had an easy ride until the semis where beat bolton 9:1 on aggregate and had Liverpool who fielded half first team half reserves in the final. Was pretty even game and won it on penalties. Got to quarters of FA cup where lost to Chelsea. Ljungberg was my only first team signing in January, has been pretty dissapointing. Picked up a DC regen with amazing physical stats from some US club on loan as well, looking to make his move permanent if i can get funds from the board.
  12. I was actually brought down to earth during yesterdays session, not sure what happened but my whole team just lost the spirit. I started by beating Stoke away 1:0 in a game which I deserved to lose, then lost away to Wolves 0:1 in a game I didnt have a single CCC. Wolves were second from bottom at this point. Then I had Arsenal which I lost 0:1 again and then Chelsea totally dominated me and lost 1:4. Currently still in 7th position, lost a lot of ground to teams in front of me and Everton is just two points off now in 8th. 21 games played, 35 points with W11, D2, L8. Next up have FA cup 3rd round away at Crystral Palace (23rd in Championship with half the team injured and still marked favourite against me in game odds?) and first leg of league cup semi final with Bolton. Am in January now so managed to sell Martin for 500k to Lorient and gave Evatt away for free to Middlesbrough. Brought in Ljungberg for free as Vaughan broke his leg and is out until end of the season.
  13. Thanks Luffe_81. Good result against City. I'm really enjoying the game at the moment. Since the last update I lost away to Everton, drawed with Man C at home, then beat Reading in league cup quarter final and got Bolton in semis, then won against Blackburn away and West Ham at home. So currently 6th in the league with 32 points and 17 games played: W10 D2 L5. Next up Stoke and Wolves away and then Arsenal at home. I am looking to strenghten in January but as I have zero funds and am over the wage budget and no teams are bidding for the players I would like to get rid of looks like this is not going to happen. There are quite a few transfer listed players who would do well (Bassong, Kaboul, Jenas, Santa Cruz, Park, Maxwell) but their wages are all too much for me and none of them has any intention to join Blackpool anyway.
  14. I am still 5th after 13 games : W8 D1 L4 Lost to Spurs at home, then beat Fulham away and Villa at home. Have Everton and Man C next. Adam signed a new contract (14k per week) and had couple of good games at last. Looking to get rid of Evatt and Carney but no takers. Also Gilks and Martin want to leave to get first team football. My current team: GK: Smithies (700k) / Kingson / Gilks DR: Baptiste / Spence (loan) DL: Crainey / Souprayen (loan) DC: Wheater (6M) / Cathcart / Keinan / Evatt DMC: Basham / Fofana (300k) MC: Sylvestre / Adam / Labyad (2M) / Martin AMR: Grandin / Fletcher AML: Vaughan / Campbell ST: Harewood / Wickham (3M) / Gauch (800k)
  15. I just had time to play one game yesterday, beat WBA 3:1 away and moved 5th. I'm 5 points off the top placed Tottenham now with 10 games played and have them next at home. I haven't found the tactical consistency yet, I think I haven't started two games with the exact same tactic yet and every game I find something I am not happy with. I played around with limited defender role as well but I couldn't get it working as they kept smashing the ball away (to opposition) much more often than in regular defender roles. I started the season with 4-4-2 but the last few games I have played 4-3-3 (with two wingers as inside forwards) as I have had only one fit striker available.
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