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  1. they fixed the Swedish league in the new patch today..along with the fans on the forums..super.
  2. so you managed to fix the Swedish leagues...which I think is super...BUT you didn't fix the LIVE LEAGUE TABLE BUG...any ideas why not?
  3. why do you have to be like this? you seem to criticise every single post on this forum....maybe people vent there frustrations when they spend money on something where as you like fanning people...bravo
  4. this whole game is laughable..the forums are laughable..online play is laughable...
  5. so your saying all 9 of us have ***** tactics??
  6. no its not...ive played online for 2 years and its different.
  7. add ons?? wtf is this...is that like bolt ons? no clean pants.
  8. I had this last night for the first time in fm13 and fm14....nothing unusual was happening..9 people logged in...never seen it before...I had a browser and fm14 open with steam..that was it...there was much crash rage as it happened before I could save..i have to save after EVERY network fixture now just in case.
  9. Hi, Ive been playing a network game for the last 2 years over FM13 and FM14 however and growing deeply frustrated around the amount of difference between online play v CPU teams for some reason the CPU develops the ability to have super human goal keepers and the ability to have 2 shots on goal against your 40 and you can guess the scoreline so many bugs crashes makes me wonder who actually tests this game for you? whoever it is doesn't feedback correctly...are you actually testing this with 9-10 people online at a time? I doubt it.. you spill the same game out year after year and people are getting tired of it... Local Issue Global Issue.. the problem is theres nothing else close to it.. soritoutsi
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