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  1. @Freddie Sands Hi Freddie. I saw you had posted in a few other MLS related threads - I don’t suppose you know or could find out the answer for the question above? Any help appreciated
  2. In Football Manager 2019, can I use Targeted Allocation Money to turn a Designated Player into a non-DP, and if so do I have to buy a new DP at the same time? (Per the real life MLS rules) Probably one for whoever coded all of the transfer system!
  3. Thanks for responding! I’m playing ‘19, only in pre-season but no problems so far. I’ll confirm whether the draft occurs in cases anyone is interested, although it might take me a while to get there
  4. Hi all. I am going to use this database to play MLS only. I was wondering if anyone had played through a few seasons and can confirm that there are no major issues? Also, at one point the expansion draft was not occurring for the first couple of seasons. Was this fixed? Thanks @Uncle_Samfor what I’m sure will be a great file!
  5. Season 2020 - Belarusian First League - Energetik-BGU Minsk Akin to previous saves, my first act following a good old fashioned sacking is always to panic-apply to jobs in strange countries. Eventually Energetik-BGU Minsk bought into my inflated dreams and empty promises. The Belarusian First League, not to be confused with the Belarusian Highest League, is the second tier of football in the country, and Energetik sat in 8th place when I took over. I encountered a few issues, namely a Kazakh midfielder protesting that he wasn't getting any game time even though the First League does not permit foreign players, and also the need to have two players aged under 20 on the pitch at any one time. We briefly flirted with 3rd, although nowhere near the promotion places (first and second), before falling back down to 8th at the end of the season. My next season rests mostly on some talented teenagers who could give me an edge over any opponents forced to play terrible youth prospects. Also, it snows a lot in Minsk. 2018/19 - English Vanarama North - Bradford Park Avenue - 13th (of 22) 2019/20 - English Vanarama North - Bradford Park Avenue - 20th (of 22) Rel|Skd 2020 - Belarusian First League - Energetik-BGU Minsk - 8th (of 15)
  6. Here is the next body of work in an enthralling series of Football Manager careers, following on from FM15’s An Eastern Bloc Party, FM16’s The Sack Race, and FM18’s Rearranging Deckchairs on the Titanic. This time I hope to get sacked less frequently than the other times. Season 2018/19 - English Vanarama National League North - Bradford Park Avenue Attracted by nothing more than a nostalgic sounding name, Bradford Park Avenue are my starting point. The board have expectations of a respectable league finish and so when I deliver them 13th place they are remain completely indifferent to me. The best thing that happened this season was that I signed a player called Romario Vieira Nan. In reality my Nan is quite forgetful and not a great holding midfielder, but then she isn’t named after two of the greatest players of all time. Conversely, Romario Vieira Nan also isn’t a great holding midfielder - I’m not sure what his excuse is. I finished the season with four wins on the bounce playing 3-5-2, and set about all of my summer transfer business with that in mind. Season 2019/20 - English Vanarama National League North - Bradford Park Avenue It was a busy summer for Bradford Park Avenue because my players all wanted extraordinary pay increases for their average performances in the previous season. Many left and many joined, all set to dominate the league with my new 3-5-2. We were bottom by October, and remained there throughout the rest of the year. The 3-5-2 was ditched despite having no full backs to play, but to no avail. Bottom at Christmas. Bottom on New Years Day. January came and went, as did February. It wasn’t until March that the chairman, noting we were bottom, issued an ultimatum to me; start winning some games. Incredibly we did. On the final day of the season we needed to better Boston United’s result to survive. They quickly went 2-0 down, so it was all on us. Unfortunately with five minutes left we also found ourselves 2-0 down. Everyone went forward in search of goals, and in very dramatic fashion we scored in the 89th and 91st minutes to recover a point. Jubilant scenes on Ropo’s sofa! Except when I clicked on latest scores to confirm the good news, I saw that Boston United had not only bagged a 93rd minute consolation, but also then scored through a 95th minute own goal. Ah.
  7. I’ve found pausing the 2D match engine to see what positions the opposition is taking up to be the best way to get better results, personally. Gradually I think I am learning how to deal with different formations, to give me a better chance of winning. If they have one or two deeper midfielders then I try to play down the wings. If they are attacking with wingers further forward I defend wider. If they are defending deep I drop in a CDM to pick up their clearances and try to pin them back. I’m currently 9th in the Vanarama North, in my first season, so doing about as well as expected. The difficulty level feels good this year.
  8. Thanks, if anyone has got into season three with the MLS loaded and can tell me if Nashville or Miami are added that would be appreciated.
  9. In FM19, is the MLS coded to expand in the next few years? I think there are three new teams due to join the league over the next two seasons in real life. Thanks.
  10. What I meant was - there are plenty of African players with European second nationalities, playing in Africa, who do not need a work permit in England due to their dual nationality. I believe the work permit rule is generally based around whether a player has played in 70% of his national team’s last 10/12 games (might have changed since I heard this). Good luck!
  11. I would suggest looking for regens in French speaking African countries as sometimes they will have France as a second nationality. I was once granted a WP for a Caribbean teenage defender whilst in the lower leagues who was a beast, but he was probably already playing at international level.
  12. The comparisons to the 90s/00s Leeds have made this really interesting, so I’ll be reading onwards. Keep it up please!
  13. Managing Cambridge might have been a more natural career progression, however... 2019/20 - Hapoel Petach-Tikva (Israeli National League) Given that the only relevant experience I now had was getting sacked by Oxford City, I was very surprised to wangle a job at Hapoel Petach-Tikva in the Israeli second tier. The board expected us to be in the promotion hunt, and in fact with only loan signings and a couple of free transfers we spent much of the season at the top of the table. Eventually we were overtaken by Maccabi Natanya, who also beat us in a cup final, but still managed to hold second place and win promotion. With about five games to go I was linked heavily with the vacant post at Maccabi Tel-Aviv, second place in the Premier division, so I applied and agreed to jump ship at the end of the season. Somehow I've gone from being sacked by a National League South side to the Europa League qualifiers in about a year. Funny game. Shalom Petach-Tikva! 2017/18 - Oxford City (National League South) - 17th 2018/19 - Oxford City (National League South) - Sacked 2019/20 - Hapoel Petach-Tikva (Israeli National League) - 2nd (Promoted)
  14. Best not get relegated Noikeee, that foreign player limit drops to three and there’s a wage cap for new contracts, unless the rules have changed! ✌🏻
  15. Thanks all. 2018/19 - Oxford City (National League South) How the mighty have fallen. Glorified keepy-uppy merchant and coveted bench-warmer at Billericay Town, Jeremy Lynch, wouldn't even return my calls last season. Yet less than a year later here he is at lowly Oxford City, fetching espressos for me whenever I please. He trudges dejectedly back inside after I spit out his coffee for the umpteenth time and tell him to make it again. "Are you trying to get released, Jeremy?" I would call after him. "Sorry, boss" he would reply. If only the chairman knew how much we were spending on Tassimo pods. Unfortunately the chairman, Brian Cox, did not need to know how much we were spending on Tassimo pods, because getting drubbed by teams from market towns on a weekly basis - sometimes even twice a week - was an adequate excuse to get rid of me. The final straw may have been the 13 match winless run, or perhaps it was my insistance that the Prof. should increase my wage budget (I spent the last of it loaning 41-year-old Michael Brown from Halifax). Regardless my position became untenable and I left in late February, with City six points above the relegation spots. 2017/18 - Oxford City (National League South) - 17th 2018/19 - Oxford City (National League South) - Sacked
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