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  1. Thank you both, the video was really useful but I hadn’t picked up the manageable teams option in the game status, so both replies appreciated. I do appear to be running a bit faster now!
  2. My terrible old laptop is struggling to handle my current save game, as I am now six or so seasons in. Is there any chance that someone from SI would be able to reduce the file size somehow, if I were to upload it? Tips for ways to reduce the file size in game also appreciated - I have set some leagues to become unplayable once the season ends which may help. Thanks!
  3. 2024 Deportivo Independiente Medellín (Colombian Primera A) When a former murder capital comes calling, you hear them out. Plus I couldn’t resist an opportunity to use the ‘Football is a universal language’ press conference answer. Despite having an open application to be manager of divisional rivals Millionairos (no idea what that translates as), Medellín are more than happy to take a punt on me. And with a mammoth $15M to spend on transfers I am equally pleased to sign up. For context our highest earners when I join are on $5k a week, so we really do have spending power.
  4. 2023 FC Dallas (Major League Soccer) When I first started in Texas my transfer policy was simple; sign young, talented South Americans who I could develop and sell on to Europe. The profit would be reinvested in our youth facilities to allow us to farm better academy products, and spent on more young, talented South Americans. I was starting to worry that my failure to sell on any of my recruits so far was a painful testament to my bad judgement, having only managed to ship out a centre half to Mexico so far. Fortunately things start to change this year - Liverpool activate my
  5. Nothing in particular. Once I got bedded in with Dallas I did want to win the North American Champions League but unfortunately the game had other ideas! 2022 FC Dallas (Major League Soccer) Having won MLS Cup last season I should be competing in the North American Champions League this year. However the game decides to place some semi-pro sides in the draw instead of us - the narrative I am going with is a fallout between MLS and CONCACAF over prize money has stopped us competing. Let’s hope it’s resolved next season. Domestically we continue to place a heavy focus on deve
  6. 2021 FC Dallas (Major League Soccer) By now we have some pretty good prospects coming through, and my tight control of the wage budget has built up a surplus of cash which our owner, a Mr D. Clark, agrees can be used to further improve our youth set up. Of the squad I inherited, much of which is still in place, there are a number of academy graduates who hold down first team spots and I am keen to build on that. However I can’t help but splash a little cash - one of our best defenders agreed a move back to his native Switzerland at the end of last season, and I make the difficul
  7. 2020 FC Dallas (Major League Soccer) Throughout last season I had several scouts in South America. When they weren’t fiddling their expenses and lying on beaches with their talkywhackers out, they watched football matches in the hope of finding me a hidden gem. Eventually I got a report about a young Colombian inverted winger - ‘sign at all costs’ it said. Fortunately, but for no clear reason, MLS stumped up half of his $1.1m fee, and so ‘all costs’ turned out to be not much at all. I also splashed out just over $3m on a highly coveted Brazilian forward. We opened the season at
  8. Here is the next body of work in an enthralling series of Football Manager careers, following on from FM15's An Eastern Bloc Party, FM16's The Sack Race, and some other threads that aren't worth reading. 2019 FC Dallas (Major League Soccer) Soccer: it’s football, but not as you know it. One of my first emails received is a lengthy explanation of trading rules, drafts, salary caps, Monopoly money and waving... or waivers, who cares? I file it away for a rainy day, and then I am immediately forced to read it when I realise I am too scared to click anywhere. I waive (release)
  9. @Freddie Sands Hi Freddie. I saw you had posted in a few other MLS related threads - I don’t suppose you know or could find out the answer for the question above? Any help appreciated
  10. In Football Manager 2019, can I use Targeted Allocation Money to turn a Designated Player into a non-DP, and if so do I have to buy a new DP at the same time? (Per the real life MLS rules) Probably one for whoever coded all of the transfer system!
  11. Thanks for responding! I’m playing ‘19, only in pre-season but no problems so far. I’ll confirm whether the draft occurs in cases anyone is interested, although it might take me a while to get there
  12. Hi all. I am going to use this database to play MLS only. I was wondering if anyone had played through a few seasons and can confirm that there are no major issues? Also, at one point the expansion draft was not occurring for the first couple of seasons. Was this fixed? Thanks @Uncle_Samfor what I’m sure will be a great file!
  13. Season 2020 - Belarusian First League - Energetik-BGU Minsk Akin to previous saves, my first act following a good old fashioned sacking is always to panic-apply to jobs in strange countries. Eventually Energetik-BGU Minsk bought into my inflated dreams and empty promises. The Belarusian First League, not to be confused with the Belarusian Highest League, is the second tier of football in the country, and Energetik sat in 8th place when I took over. I encountered a few issues, namely a Kazakh midfielder protesting that he wasn't getting any game time even though the First League does
  14. Here is the next body of work in an enthralling series of Football Manager careers, following on from FM15’s An Eastern Bloc Party, FM16’s The Sack Race, and FM18’s Rearranging Deckchairs on the Titanic. This time I hope to get sacked less frequently than the other times. Season 2018/19 - English Vanarama National League North - Bradford Park Avenue Attracted by nothing more than a nostalgic sounding name, Bradford Park Avenue are my starting point. The board have expectations of a respectable league finish and so when I deliver them 13th place they are remain completely indifferent
  15. I’ve found pausing the 2D match engine to see what positions the opposition is taking up to be the best way to get better results, personally. Gradually I think I am learning how to deal with different formations, to give me a better chance of winning. If they have one or two deeper midfielders then I try to play down the wings. If they are attacking with wingers further forward I defend wider. If they are defending deep I drop in a CDM to pick up their clearances and try to pin them back. I’m currently 9th in the Vanarama North, in my first season, so doing about as well as expect
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