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  1. I'm nowhere near as convinced as most that he's going.
  2. Yes, the Glazers have been great viewed from certain perspectives. But the most important perspective is surely that of the hardcore fans, who are being bled dry.
  3. Only because you couldn't get more than £10m for him.
  4. Deloitte's latest report says that people aren't looking to turn a profit with clubs, just to be able to sell them on for more. Hopefully that's what Uncle Malc's doing and we'll get a decent owner next.
  5. JOS was seemingly very close to coming on to take a penner on wednesday... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I love Anderson even more now
  6. I just saw on SSN that Ole's now our full-time reserve team manager. No idea if that's old news, but I hadn't seen it.
  7. Maybe it's 5m+Messi?
  8. That's a pretty poor price, I'd say. Hopefully there's loads of add-ons.
  9. Haha as if O'Shea's not making the bench.
  10. What do you reckon about Giggs? There's no way we can afford to carry him, so do you think Fergie will see sense?
  11. I'm probably the only one who'll say this, and nobody will agree, but I think Wes Brown should be in at centre back. His performances against Barca were absolutely superb and I think Hargreaves is the better right back. Would be very harsh on Vidic, though. Basically I want us to line up like this: van der Sar Hargreaves Brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra Fletcher Scholes Carrick Anderson Park Ronaldo Tevez Rooney Pretty sure we won't be allowed to though
  12. I'm absolutely furious that Evans and Pique are apparently up for grabs and O'Shea's not going.
  13. I'm turning SSN off now, can't take it any more.