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  1. Nope, no contradiction. I am saying that there is no limit set by human. But yes, there is basically random inderect limit (time), which is set by game, different every time, because player might get injured, might retire, might go to club where he wont play and etc.
  2. It is not the same. There is no limit. Limit is only time until player starts declining. And player in current system with 95/98 CA/PA could grow to, for example, 110 with new system and good conditions. So systems are not the same. Old system - player not growing. New system - player may grow or may not.
  3. Not even close. Don't seem you understand the idea.
  4. Wow, so many people can't grasp such basic idea, i am impressed! Very nice proposal, thought about something similar many times. But SI won't implement that ever, because they might lose lots of conservative players.
  5. You can reply to everyone with just one message though, dont need to spam, you need to click "multiquote" button and everything marked will be added to your response.
  6. You know, there is still quite a few playing fm13.. and fm12.. and fm11. You got the point.
  7. I might be doin something wrong.. Although, this one goal we scored was goal of the month, lol. Super random strike from like 30m
  8. I might be wrong, though, just felt like he meant exactly this! Also, it is not my point of view, i prefer 2d anyway
  9. I think he might mean that engine is hugely outdated and looks looks like 10 year old one.
  10. I did holiday for 10 years too, Lincoln turn semi pro after ~6 seasons and 3kk estimated value.
  11. Did anyone become semi-pro at least? I played 4 seasons and even biggest team "Lincoln" is still amateur, they participate in CL every season, adn have like $2.5kk at balance i suppose. I got only 400k at balance, since i started in second div.
  12. Royal Olympic Club de Charleroi-Marchienne SUCH DOGES MUCH CHALLENGE! (My englando is very bad, i'm sorry, i'll do my best) Never did any challenges before, but did manage low league clubs a lot! It will be my first try, i decided to take belgium club, and when i saw emblem of this team i instantly understood - thats what i need! Links: Profile Info Squad Honours and achievements 1946/1947 - 2nd Place Belgium Pro League (Ere Afdeling) I'm not sure that i will post every season progression here, because i'm doing the same at russian forum and it is hard to switch languages every time you do screeshot, but we'll see. VERY WOW MANY TITLES
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