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  1. Cheers, started the save with English dates which meant German pre season was nearly over so I guess that threw me a bit. Never had this problem before!
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this so possibly a stupid question: Am I doing something wrong with my training/coaches or is the REALLY slow tactical familiarity a bug? 13 weeks of tactical training and it's only just gone up to competent, and it's killing me in the league since A) my players are playing like strangers who've never seen a ball before & B) I'm almost certain the AI won't be having the same problem so I'm at a massive disadvantage Tactics coach is 3* which isn't terrible. I'm really at a loss at what to do.
  3. Yeah, my original thinking was that players of a lesser ability would possibly need more instructions in order to play in the way that I wanted them to. But I'll review what I'm doing and see if I can remove any of the unnecessary ones from my system. Thanks for your help too, this thread has been extremely useful!
  4. Thanks for the reply, Llama. I've taken on board your advice regarding the midfield three, I do quite like this setup, it's reasonably similar to one I used last season, except I had a False 9 leading the line. http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb109/paradoxtheory2007/2014-01-14_00001.jpg The CM has Get Further Forward as a PI, so I'm hoping that he'll try and get forward into good areas to support the front three, and maybe chip in with a goal or two. Incidentally, since I dropped Griffiths ( a bold move given his goals) I've found that my play has been generally improved, with a higher r
  5. Well, this is definitely the most helpful page I've found so far. It's even inspired a long time lurker like myself to create an account. I'm currently playing a 4-1-2-2-1 formation with a Rigid Fluidity and Control as my default mentality. My side is set out as follows: Complete Forward (A) Inside Forward (S) Inside Forward (S) Adv Playmaker (A) DLP - (D) Regista - (S) CWB (A) CD (D) BPD (D) CWB (A) Sweeper Keeper – (D) Team Instructions: Retain Possession, Shorter Passin
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