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  1. Football Manager Wiki

    Would it make sense to add The Hut (http://www.llamaland.co.uk/phpBB3/) too to the Wiki as a fansite or would that not match the criteria? Nevertheless, I want to congratulate you a lot to the wiki, you're doing a great job.
  2. Adding to that, I'd wish for an option to move to a bigger stadium for certain games (cupgames, derby games, etc.)
  3. [FM10] The Kids of Today

    So Nobby, I'd say you have to start over - better now before you're too far in. Shows even more that the files in question need to be well tested. Did you all make them yourself or were they part of the SI supplied files? Btw, maybe you can try and find out if there is a way of regionalisation - I have the feeling I read somewhere that someone had spent ages on proper regionalisation. Key point: Testing, testing, testing, before you get playing.
  4. [FM10] The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro: Revisited

    The book was fun but lots of the factual stuff in there is/was wrong - for example the part about the African from Frankfurt. McGinniss refers to Eintracht Frankfurt, when it was a different (lower league) club from Frankfurt instead.
  5. [FM10] The Kids of Today

    Bah, Remco and I just haven't started our careers yet thanks to us not having the damn game yet
  6. [FM10] The Kids of Today

    Hmm, interesting - the promoted teams in the lowest tiers seem quite realistic.
  7. [FM10] Have football, will travel

    That will only be a problem when FM11 runs out, and you have to edit all the topics without the prefix to include the [FM10]
  8. [FM10] The Kids of Today

    What are attendances, transfers and wages like in the enabled leagues, and how are these teams doing in the changed F.A. cup? Any feelings of unbalancing the game so far?
  9. [FM10] The Kids of Today

    Was the holidaying in the save you play or in a previous (testing) save, Nobby?
  10. Any guies for low tier teams?

    It's Lower League, not Lowest league.
  11. I won't say a lot to it other than: 8 of the 15 players with the highest PA (all > 190) are his. Some players have been signed without scouting. There's not a single player in the squad with a PA < 169. 75% of his reserves are players with PAs > 160. Nobody cares about his 'success'. If it's a fine savegame, he can have all the success he wants. Claims of jealousy are stupid. Make your own picture about it instead of making up conspiracy theories about a thing you have no idea about.
  12. These forums

    FrazT, software often tends to be a very complex system with many interconnections. If you replace a big software system with a different system, problems will arise, even if they are very similar (for instance an update of the forum software) In some companies, upgrading software to a newer version means a lot of work by different people and can easily cause costs in a 6-digit-number and last for several months. Now of course, upgrading the forum might be easier, but still, what might it affect? A complete prune of old threads because they are not compatible? Loss of certain features that people like but don't exist in the new version anymore? Impact on server infrastructure and/or hardware requirements? A forum does not really generate revenue. It mainly causes costs. Still, SI offer a good one to their fans and supporters as a means for discussion and community purpose. But please understand, that the forum is not the main concern for a company that implements games. (And does a really good job at that).
  13. These forums

    I believe, iajafer already cleared up many of the misunderstandings that often come up in regards of the LLM subforum. Nevertheless, I will try to explain a couple things in a different manner. Several posters seem to think that they are not permitted to post in the LLM forum. Well, this is only partially true. A forum has a community aspect. It has a life on its own, and what else represents this life than the users and thus members of this community? And as you all know, a community has to have a certain likemindedness. A common interest, a common goal, a common thought, or whatever. The (regular) members of OTF for example share that they like to talk about anything and have fun. For some people it's banter, for others it's useless drivel. Everybody has a different perception, depending on his (or her) preferences. So, the LLM forum is a bit more specific in the definition of what the members share. Like it was often said, it's not about just picking a team in a lower league and playing FM. It's about enjoying the game in a specific manner. If you like to use the editor to change things, or if you enjoy to read about others tactical discoveries and see if they work, instead of trying it yourself, you still can post in the LLM-Forum. But the question is: why would you? It's a question of respect from one member to others. The place has written on top of it that it is supposed to be a place of people who enjoy to play the game without the need for certain things. If you do not share these thoughts (and some members here certainly don't, or else they wouldn't contradict the purpose of LLM so much), of course posting there would cause unrest amongst the other members. So, it's not simply "posting there" that is forbidden for people. It's instigating unrest, that is closely watched and occasionally dealt with by closing topics, suggesting that you better try your luck in a different place, or even warnings/cardings. There is no reason why a person that does not play the game in the "way of LLM" should not be allowed to post decently ín that forum. Actually, even Graeme Kelly posted there occasionally, which might seem weird, given the stance towards editing in the LLM forum. But he always respected what the place about, and more often than not, interesting discussions emerged. So, to summarize: the LLM forum is about a certain thing. If you do not like this thing, why would you want to post there? Just to prove a point? Just to make others mad? Just because you want to change things? Or just because you feel left-out? Nobody would question why only women are permitted into female toilets. I believe, the law doesn't really forbid men to enter these places but still it's in a way forbidden.