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  1. I love Flash Gordon: a truly great cheesy movie, up there with Big Trouble In Little China for cheddary brilliance. I think I fell in love with Princess Aura and the guy who played Zarkov was excellently exaggerated. Who was they guy who played Ming, he was epic? He played that role faultlessly, a proper regal villain.
  2. Goonies and Gremlins (particularly) bring back a lot of memories for me as well, as does Rocky 3 and Temple Of Doom. Man, I feel old.
  3. I saw ET when I was 8, maybe that's why I'm fonder of it than you. I remember trying not to cry in the cinema and then blubbing my eyes out when my little sister suddenly burst into tears. But then I've guess always been that kind of guy, into fairy tales, high fantasy and metaphor. That's probably why I love AI so much, the whole needy re-telling of the Pinocchio story.
  4. AI is one of my all time fav films but then I do seem to be in the minority. ET is arguable one of the best kids movies ever made. No point explaining why close Encounters is so good if you already don't think so. No accounting for taste I guess. Agree on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull though, a real let down.
  5. Aye, they are awesome. So stylish. But then I love pretty much all of Tarantino's stuff. The scripts for Pulp Fiction/True Romance are just amazing, Jackie Brown is a really under rated movie and Inglorious is magnificently OTT.
  6. I have no respect for your reviews since you gave Thor such a bad score
  7. Nah, the Hulk is a great character if explored properly. He was (at the time) the modern Frankenstein's monster. He was a metaphor for what happens when we repress our emotions and the unhealthy consequences that come with it. It was later that they turned him into a gentle giant wanting only to be left alone. When the Hulk was done right he was a mean, arrogant and thuggish brute who put up a front to hide his 'weaker' human emotions. All good stuff. As for the movies I think they both missed the point tbf. The point of super-heroes is that they can do stuff normal people can't: fly, turn in
  8. I think the problem with both the Hulk movies is that they have a CGI Hulk. They went for the over-sized monster thing in both movies and it just didn't work. What's wrong with getting a bodybuilder in and painting him green?
  9. I think you kind of nailed the chronology there. The film I'm really curious to see is Captain America because I've never really been a fan of him as a comic book character so it will be interesting to see how they portray him, be it the 'All American American' or a more worldly symbolic type.
  10. Can't really do a Marvel based Thor film without covering his need for humility but I do see your point. But It's hard to see how they could do any real character development in what is essentially a action adventure. Oddly though this is a bit of a trend with the Marvel characters. Thor, Spider-man and Iron Man are much more interesting imo before they have their epiphanies. As is the Hulk in the early comics who's more of a thug rather than a dumb brute who just wants to be left alone.
  11. I do feel that it may be a bit too fantastical for a part of the mainstream audience but considering the subject matter I think Branagh did a fair job. Like you I don't really rate him as a director. Plot wise I also agree. It felt very crammed and some of the ideas are under-developed. Still, this could have been an utter disaster but what we've ended up with imo is a decent movie that hits the spot for fanboys like me. Having said that this is loosely based on Northern European myths and we live in a Northern European country. Surely, some of the themes, characters and settings resonate, at
  12. Went to see Thor this afternoon. Impossible to be objective about this film as Thor has been my favorite comic book character since I was 12 years old (Hence the Thunder God username). It's no masterpiece but I really enjoyed it. They got the balance between the ridiculous aspects and the human story down reasonably well. Hopkins is top draw as Odin and the cast do pretty well overall. For me though it was just such a kick to see Thor on the big screen. Asgard was fantastic, it looked amazing and the Destroyer was reasonably convincing as a cgi war-machine. They tie in all the Avengers stuff
  13. I spoke to Vodafone and they have offered me a free HTC Sensation if I stay with them. Only draw back is the phone is not out for a while yet. The guy said - may be sales patter of course - that this would be a top Android phone with 4gb and an inclusive memory card adding an extra 8gb. I said I'd get back to them and he's promised to note the offer on my account. Any good?
  14. Okay some quick advice here please. I currently have a Blackberry Bold as a phone and an ITouch 64g (given to me as a gift) for my music, games, vids etc. Now I'm free to upgrade my mobile (and have no desire for another Blackberry) so do I go for an IPhone 4 or an Android such as the Galaxy? Since I already have the Touch is their any benefit in getting an IPhone other than it's ability to make calls? The agony of choice! Tell me what to do!
  15. Just love this. Have been listening to Supercollider today; excellent track also.
  16. Kick Ass was great. Cage was good in that imo.
  17. Watched Source Code yesterday. It was okay, but I found the lead guy Jake Gyllenhaal really annoying. Plus, I hate all that "one soldier to another" stuff. The plot was decent though and I can't say I was bored. Some clever plot twists along the way. Overall a solid 7/10 for me. Also saw HOP with my kid. Nothing to say about really. My kid, who's seven, thought it was funny though, which was the point of going in the first place.
  18. Off to see HOP this week. My kid is keen to see it. I am less so.
  19. Had a free afternoon and went and saw Sucker Punch. I loved this. As someone already mentioned it’s like watching an X Box game on the big screen. For me though that was one of the things I liked about it. It was a violently visceral piece of filmmaking, full of extraordinary set pieces, stunning energy and reckless ambition. This is where I think Zack Snyder is at his best: coming up with elaborate combat sequences that are both cool and original. That’s his art. Michael Bay could actually learn a thing from Snyder about how to make a sci-fi fight scene the audience can actually follow. (I d
  20. This was my main issue with it also. I wasn't bothered by his accent. It's not great but as you say not the worst. Most characters of note have either symbolic traits or iconic symbols attached to them but I think you hit the nail on the head when you said this could have been some random bowman without any ties to the iconography of Robin Hood. Plus for me the script was really weak. I can't speak on the second half as I gave up on it.
  21. Caught up on a few movies recently. Black Swan: Loved this. It was an immense piece of film-making. Superb performances and an intelligent script. I am a tad biased though as my own work tends to be preoccupied with duality and metamorphosis. Plus I have a bit of a thing for Natalie Portman (until she does her crying face). Excellent stuff though. Drive Angry: Utter rubbish but enjoyed it. Just a really silly movie that’s way OTT but I wasn’t bored at all and had a good laugh. Buried: Not my sort of thing. Just couldn’t get into it. Found the central premise weak and tbh was just irritated
  22. Funnily enough those were all the things I loved about it. My kid loved it too but like any six year old boy pretended he was bored/not affected during the sad/cute stuff. A teenage girl sitting about six seats from us started crying near the end only to have the **** taken out of her by her mate, heh! Good film imo, worth it for the 3D lantern sequence alone.
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