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  1. I’ve come into this thread very late indeed. Many of my suggestions may have already been put forward, if not all of them, but here goes anyway: The ability to talk to a player outside of the media. Talk to them about their form, why they are left out of the team, what they can do to get back in etc. Equally I’d like a player to break down my door and complain to me in person or come in to the office to make requests, discuss their future and so on. Better communication and involvement from the team captains. Varied options here from team related issues to asking them to lead by example, rally the troops etc. Improved media in general. Less repetition, more flair in the use of language and a complete do away with repeated quotes and questions. No I’m not interested in signing player X, you should know this as I’ve now told you so seven times. Guttuso would make a good coach? Great, but I heard you the first eight times. Also with media how about making winning something a bit more of an event? I don’t want pretty pictures of cups and that sort of nonsense but something other than pleased/delighted at winning the title and to focus on future challenges. It would be nice if it felt like an achievement was recognised by both the board and the fans. Although there is a wonderful sound-pack available on the forums the game really should have more variety sound wise out of the box. Different atmospheres at different venues, different crowd noises based on size of support and location in the world. It’s probably the easiest thing SI could change/improve. Key area for me would be an improvement in AI managers. More individuality, more personality traits. This would include, but not limited to, the types of players a manager likes to sign. Some managers should prefer to bring in promising players, others go for stars, others still prefer to build a team of consistent battlers. Some sort of game memory wouldn’t hurt. It would be great if over time new rivalries were created and old, less regional ones fell away. Clubs need to be more realistic when trying to find new managers. In the games I’ve played when Sir Alex retires he’s been replaced by Steve Coppel and Bryan Robson when world class managers were waiting without a club. While I’m not totally against a 3D match engine some middle ground could be achieved. The player icons on the pitch tell you very little. It would be nice to see which foot a player is striking the ball with, when they are jumping, when they are jostling for position and when they are sliding in or going to ground. At the moment it looks like a bit of a blob orgy. A new graphical model would make all the difference in the world. Other than some of the more obvious match engine fixed that have been mentioned to death that about covers it for me.
  2. 100% agree Would also be helpful to know nature of injury to give you a more informed choice before replacing the player
  3. Some of the things I would like to see are: 1) The ability to talk to your players. Seems to me to be a fundamental part of the game still unexplored. It would be nice to explain why you are doing certain things. Such as, "Resting you for the big cup game coming up." and "Dropping you for poor form" or "One more poor game and you're dropped" Player reactions should vary relating to their mental stats. 2) Post match interviews. Simple set of options to allow you to get your point across to fans, the board and opposition managers. As well as a chance to praise / criticise the ref. Although I know that the ref aspect is difficult to implement legally. 3) Better interaction from the fans. Who do they rate at the club? Who do they feel is letting the side down? How happy were they when you rested your key players for the cup game and you got knocked out? 4) Better media. Media questions or comments should be there to put pressure on you. If you go on a run of five or six 1-0's or 0-0's they should start a campaign complaining that you are boring. If you go on a good run they should hype you up with exaggerations. They should target players in a similar fashion. Would be nice to be able to praise / criticise opposition players either before or after a game. 5) Make more of a fuss of winning things. Nothing over the top but some real credit wouldn't go a miss. It's a little depressing when you've gone through a long season, put in a lot of hours, nipped your rivals to the title and all you get is a quick splash page and a message from your board saying, "They are delighted at winning the league" 6) Better agents. More approaches from agents and more interference. If your a lower league team with a talented youngster it would be interesting for his agent to put pressure on him / you to move. Agents could drop hints to the media etc. 7) Regens to be better balanced. Better people than I have covered this on the forum. 8) Player memories / relationships. I'm no expert on programming but if you could get this into the game it would open up a world of possibilities. If you dropped a key player for a cup final he should remember it and based on his mental stats he would react to it in different ways. If you got thumped 5-0 at home next time you play that team it would be cool if your players recalled that hurt and again dependant on stats would react to that memory in a certain way. Example would be Crespo with a comment like "Wants revenge for Cup Final defeat against Liverpool"
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