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    London Boy was my nickname when I lived in Berlin - I've playing since CM93

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    football, music, films, photography, travel
  1. Just read this. Really sad news. RIP Kriss
  2. I like to play with lots of leagues and players loaded. I haven't experienced any major issues on the late 2015 iMac.
  3. Great skin! Really enjoying using this one
  4. The skin's looking as great as ever Tom.
  5. Great work Jean-Luc! Darmstadt will definitely be a real challenge due to the financial limitations. I'm curious to see just what can be achieved with them
  6. Great work as ever Tom
  7. Looking brilliant as ever
  8. Great work VP - Thanks for all your hard work!
  9. Great skin as always, Tom! Another minor thing I've noticed is that when you click on the "View Job Advert" button under "Actions" on the squad screen, it doesn't respond
  10. This looks like a very interesting skin. A great choice of font too.
  11. Looks like a great signing - Could do with him in my current save
  12. I agree with duffy89, I would upgrade the facilities first and foremost. There should be a plenty of potential there
  13. AI managed Bayern just went unbeaten in the 1st season of my current save
  14. I agree with the others- The big scoreboard looks great
  15. Should be an interesting one - Good luck!