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  1. looking forward to it. CFM was my favourite FM17 skin
  2. Another idea I have for the in-game editor is to be able set a player's status as retired. Maybe the same the same "retiring after current spell" as with the pre-game editor under "Edit Player's personal details" In addition, being able to set a player retirement date with the in-game editor would also be a good addition.
  3. When you add a new nationality in the in-game editor you can't make the new nationality the declared for nation. It would be good if there was an option to select or edit the nationalities. This would also be a good addition for cases where you need to swap someone's nationality e.g. If a player is French/Senegalese, you can't make Senegal the declared for nation using the in-game editor.
  4. It would be good to be able to set a contract type for players for future transfers in the pre-game editor e.g. full-time, part-time, amateur, non-contract etc There are players who sign on an amateur basis for a professional club (especially in Holland). Non-contracts are more common in e.g. non-league football in the UK.
  5. Great news! Looking forward to hear more about it.
  6. I know how to get around it. I just thought that my suggestion would help to simplify the process
  7. Another suggestion for the in-game editor is to be able to change the staff role for people who are already employed by a club. Maybe this could be added under "edit club contract details" ? For example, if Joe Bloggs is e.g. a head of youth development but you want to change him to an assistant manger.
  8. I have tried that but you can't add new columns with new information
  9. Another suggestion for the pre-game editor: Would it be possible to customise the view on the player screen under staff and players so you could see more details like you can do on the squad screen in the game itself e.g. contract expiry dates, place of birth etc?
  10. As far as the in-game editor is concerned, it would be a good new feature if you could set a staff role when you move him/her to a new club. For example, if you wanted to move Joe Bloggs to Watford - when you select "move to other club" on Joe Bloggs' profile, you would select Watford as the club and then have a drop down menu to select e.g. "Assistant Manager" as the role at Watford. If Joe Bloggs was loaded in the DB as just a coach, currently you would need to edit his staff roles under "edit staff details" first before you would be able to move him to a club with any other staff role than a coach.
  11. I use my editor file to keep the game DB up-to-date. Here are a few of my ideas/suggestions for the pre-game editor: 1. There are many transfers in real life where the player signs on e.g. a one-year deal with an option for an extra year e.g. in the link below. I'd like to have the option to add the additional year(s) to the contract clauses section of future transfers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36324363 "Barnsley have signed striker Stefan Payne from National League side Dover Athletic on an initial two-year deal with the option of an extra year" 2. Another one I'd like to see added is be future loan moves. 3. I'd like to see player retirement dates reintroduced. This used to be possible in previous versions of the editor. Ticking the "retiring after current spell" doesn't always work. 4. The ability to set staff as caretaker manager. This used to be possible in previous versions.
  12. Based on transfers & potential these would be my choices: Dortmund & Leipzig Sevilla & Villarreal Napoli
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