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    London Boy was my nickname when I lived in Berlin - I've playing since CM93

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    football, music, films, photography, travel
  1. Wilfried Finke (6005757) is back as chairman at Paderborn - he is unattached in the db.
  2. Tim Queckenstedt (Leverkusen, 91146981) joined Frankfurt last summer
  3. I took over at Würzburg and noticed a couple of issues: Lukas Fröde joined Würzburg in January but is still at Bremen. Predrag Uzelac (35021596) is a scout there. I'm guessing that Dieter Wirsching is no longer there? I couldn't find any articles to confirm this. Their goalkeeper coach Frank Gollwitzer is missing from the db.
  4. Carsten Gockel left his position as director of football at Münster back in October. Their new director of football will be Malte Metzelder (not in the DB)
  5. Salim Khelifi (Braunschweig, 98010746) - add his twin brother Alexandre Khelifi (98034927) to favourite staff
  6. Raoul Petretta (Basel, 98041022) was born in Rheinfelden
  7. Janni Serra (Dortmund, ID: 91150288) & Nikola Serra (Drochtersen/Assel, ID: 91172228) are brothers
  8. Ole Päffgen (Leverkusen, ID:91149512) joined Ratinger SV Germania 04/19 last summer. According to, he was born in Düsseldorf, his height is 183cm and he is right-footed The transfer is mentioned in this article:
  9. Ulrich Taffertshofer (Unterhaching, ID: 92026379 ) and Emanuel Taffertshofer (Würzburg, ID: 91124143) are brothers. Add them to their favourite people
  10. Hi Fire_03, That's strange. I had to add it in the editor as it was missing in the default db. I've also checked all my saves and they were not down as an affiliate. I added them in the editor as a normal affiliated club. I see that they are a sub-team in your screenshot. Maybe that's what's causing the issue?
  11. Dietmar Demuth (ID: 3611409) is the manager of Chemie Leipzig.
  12. Shouldn't FC Pasching/LASK Juniors be an affiliate club for LASK?
  13. David Hundertmark (ID: 91166118) joined FC Deisenhofen in August IRL - Just noticed him playing for Dukla Prague in my save. They signed him as a free agent.
  14. Dren Feka (Hamburg) ID 91131742 was born in Bad Oldesloe
  15. Thomas Hässler was appointed manager of Club Italia Berlin this Summer. However, that team aren't in the db.