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  1. Thanks for everybody for the tips. I forgot to mention that my right winger indeed has "cuts inside from right" trait, so he often naturally ends up towards the center. I think I could explicitly set him as inverted winger on support, though. As for the "play for set pieces", my right winger keeps banging direct free kicks in just for fun, so I want to encourage that as much as possible. We're also quite dangerous from corners. One thought I got is that I very rarely see my CMa doing anything in the game, so that's something I definitely need to focus on. He has a natural flair of solid 1, so that might have something to do with it. I played couple of games with DLFa, and the result was kinda what you would except. He participated less in the build up, but actually seemed to find the ball in the box, so that's very positive. On the IFa, I agree that the player in that role looks pretty selfish, and more often than not just keeps hitting the side net from small angle. Maybe I should try him on support.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm trying to play defensively solid, possession-based tactic (as encouraged by the team's board) but I'm having a lot of trouble creating chances and, well, any kinds of goals except from the set pieces. We are defensively pretty solid, but after half of the season gone we are bottom of the league on "chances created" and slowly slipping into relegation battle (media prediction puts us right about mid-table). Most common results for us seem to be 0 - 0, or losing 0 - 1 against better teams, often conceding from set pieces. Here's our current tactic. Any tips on how I could improve our attack while still playing possession football? Our results seem to suggest we're playing too defensively, but I'm not sure how to increase risk on this kind of system. Or this may also just be the quality of my players, as we seem to be doing ok against very weak teams with this tactic, but struggle against our own level oppositions (or better).
  3. Hi. It seems I just can't understand what I would need to do in order to win games. Is my tactics wrong? Are my players bad? I have no idea, but I could really use some pointers on why my manager career sucks. I'm playing with Brighton in English Championship, board expectation was 'respectable position', I have now won one of my last nine games, lost six. Fixtures. Most of my games end like this or this. My tactics look like this. Is there something wrong? I have tried pretty much every pass/possession style on "instructions" but with no help. If there's some other information that would be helpful, please tell me.
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